19 November 2012

Hustling (2011–2012)

huslinf ccHustling (2011–2012)

Director: Sebastian La Cause
Writer: Sebastian La Cause (creator) 
Genre: TV Series, Web series
Country: USA
Year: 2011-2012

Stars: Sebastian La Cause, Daphne Rubin-Vega and Stephen Guarino

Web site: http://www.hustling.tv/

husling-ppRyan Crosby je 40-godišnji porno glumac koji odluči da nešto promjeni u svom životu. Pošto mu se čitav život vrti oko seksa, nezna odakle da počne. U pauzama kada ne ide od klijenta do klijenta kojima servisira svoje seksualne usluge voli da kuva. I to mu ide jednako dobro kao i seks....
U našem jezuku nema nekog tačnog prevoda za hustelra. Najčešće upotrebljavamo riječ Žigolo ili Eskort. U svakom slučaju eskorti su često dobro došla zabava za mnoge pedere i parove, a kao zanimanje je sve popularnije medju mladjim dobro gradjenim likovima koji u tome vide dobru zabavu uz koju se još može i dobro zaraditi. Naravno dok im jednog dana neželjeno ne dođe iz kite u dupe pa pretrpe ponešto što se ne može platiti. Pogledajte primjer iz kratkog filma "306"

From first-time director and producer Sebastian La Cause comes Hustling, An Original Web Series.  Hustling, an eight part series that follows Ryan Crosby, a forty year old sex worker wanting more from life, was  created by La Cause with the help of some of his talented friends.
seb"This series is a means of creative expression and was made with no budget   Any expenses that incurred were paid for out of my own pocket.  I learned as I went and did a lot of the stuff myself. Far from perfect and sound issues aside--my awesome sound mixer could only do so much with what I gave him--this was about "doing" and learning and evolving as an artist and a as a human being. I hope you enjoy the story-telling and Ryan's journey of self-worth and discovery."~Sebastian La Cause 
Since working as an adult film star and escort since his early twenties, Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, has had a pretty easy life when you think about it.  But what happens when you hit forty and the clients aren't calling as much as they used to and doing porn has well...lost its appeal.  Suddenly you begin to see things a bit clearer and you begin to ask yourself questions.  What am I doing with my life?  Is there something else I can do?  What am I passionate about?  You realize that you need to make a change.  But how do you move forward from the life you no longer want.
hustlinf-pAfter an awkward meeting with a career counselor, who tries to extract information about his job history, Ryan heads home and the weight of his situation hits him hard.  He's broke with nothing lined up.  He retreats to the only place that gives him peace, the kitchen.  But as much joy as he gets from cooking, he is blind to the fact that this could be his salvation. and he lacks the confidence and self-worth to believe in himself in an area that breaches the walls of his comfort zone: sex.  Something that seems so clear will never see the light until you can awaken from your own inner darkness.  So Ryan falls back into what he knows, porn.  Not until he meets a make-up artist on set, who challenges him to "see" does he only begin to realize what he is capable of and what is possible for him, both personally and professionally.


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