06 July 2013

Trunks (2011)

Trunks (2011)
Director: David Hewitt
Writer: Kevin Money
Genre: Short movie
Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 12 min
Year: 2011
Stars: Frazer Douglas, Kiki Kendrick, Alex Magliaro

Steve je jedan od onih "str8" likova što jedno misle, drugo rade, a treće pričaju. Dok je u bazenu ispod vode osjeća se kao gay i privlače ga muškarci, međutim izvan bazena je str8. Hoće li i na koji način objasniti svojoj djevojci da je izvan bazena isto ono što i u bazenu pogledajte.

Trunks (short film) from David Hewitt on Vimeo.
Steve knows he’s straight, but under the water at his local swimming pool he feels gay. Will he tell his ex-girlfriend the whole truth?
One of the themes in the film explores the difference of truth between what Steve says and what Steve actually does. This layer is amplified when Steve is talking to his ex-girlfriend about the amazing incident that changed in him. She is the one person he doesn’t want to tell, but at the same time she is the only person he can tell. I hope the chosen story form of dividing the visuals and audio helps to illustrate the various layers in Steve and Ruth’s story. The aim was to give the audience a more complex understanding of what Steve is actually feeling inside and what this change in his identity means to him.
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