31 December 2008

Repost - Les Amants Criminels aka Criminal Lovers (1999)

Les Amants Criminels aka Criminal Lovers (1999)

Ovaj repost sam napravio jer nam je naš prijatelj Pannonianman napravio prevod za njega. Na žalost još uvjek nisam našao linkove za verziju filma bez španskog prijevoda ugrađenom u njega. A nesumljam da če mo i to pronaći.

Subtitle na našem jeziku možete skinuti OVDE
Vaš Orvel

Listajući kolekciju filmova, odlučio sam da vam za danas ponudim francuski film, Les Amants Criminels aka Criminal Lovers (1999) u kojem jednu od glavnih uloga igra Miki Manojlović! Bilo mi interesantno vidijeti kako jedan naš glumac igra lika koji obljubljuje ljepuškastog Luca.
U filmu Luc i Alice, nakon što su izvršili ubistvo i pljačku biježe od policije i nailaze na jednu kolibu u nekoj šumi u kojjoj živi šumar (Miki M.)
Šumar ih zatvara u podrum kao da se radi o najobičnijim životinjama. Gadljivo ignoriše Alice, a svu pažnju posvećuje Lucu, sa kojim priča, hrani ga, kupa ga i na kraju obljubljuje.
Pri svemu tome Luc pokušava da oslobodi Alice i pobijegne.
Da ne otkrivam sve , film možete skinuti i pogledati sami! U donjem fajlu će te naći titl na engleskom. Nezgodno je jedino to što je film titlovan na španskom pa ide titl preko titla, ali sve jedno čitljivo je.

Ovaj film se i pored homoerotskih scena između Luca i Šumara , nemože svrstati i gay film!
Inače film je pokupio gomilu nagrada na raznim festivalima. ( L.A. Outfest, Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema, Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film, Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival )

Director: François Ozon
Writers: François Ozon (dialogue), François Ozon (poem)
Release Date: 18 August 1999 (France) more
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Plot Keywords: Sexual Awakening / Flashback Sequence / Male Frontal Nudity / School / Trapper
Awards: 3 wins & 2 nominations


Natacha Régnier ... Alice
Jérémie Renier ... Luc
Miki Manojlovic ... L'homme de fore;t
Salim Kechiouche ... Sad(d
Yasmine Belmadi ... Karim
Bernard Maume ... Le professeur
Jean-Louis Debard ... Le gardien de nuit
Catherine Vierne ... La vendeuse de bijoux
Marielle Coubaillon ... L'hôtesse du supermarché
Olivier Papot ... Le policier
Gil Demurger ... Le GIGN (as Gil de Murger)
Agnc(s Accaria
Ranzi Adjeri
Brigitte Albuquerque
Martihino Albuquerque

Also Known As: Criminal Lovers (Europe: English title)
Runtime: 96 min
Country: France
Language: French

Story of love and death, with some American thriller sparkles and the flavor of Ozon, "Amants criminels" is trip in a dark universe, with strange cages and shadows of fears.

In same aspects, it is a new adaptation of "Dangerous Liaisons". Also, it is a adaptations of brothers Grimm tales. But important are not the images, rabbits or forest man , the murder or the rats. It is only a room of Francois Ozon universe and relevant is the desire of director to discover the limits of a situation. Not the ways but the purpose.

The evil girl for the other is basic object, the homoerotic scenes, the strange land, the race different, the games and the end, the cries and forms of affection are pieces of an interesting puzzle in which the purpose may be the catharsis.

A cruel beautiful film. Cold, aggressive, nostalgic, sad and strange. A film about the ways of escape. And about their fragile substance.

This movie is not gay movie, but some homoerotic scene in François Ozon's way can be interesting!


What Grown-Ups Know (2004)

What Grown-Ups Know (2004)

Kako ste izgubili nevinost? U ovom filmu možete vidjeti priču tinejdžera Roya koji završava u Mauricevom krevetu, tražeći utočište i sigurnost .
Pomalo depresivna priča u kojoj se Roy definitivno suočava sa krajem svog djetinjstva i nevinosti!

Teenaged Roy and his slutty mother flee from his abusive father. They run into trailer-park owner Maurice, to whom Roy is attracted. As Roy's mother begins to die, Roy may either seek false security in Maurice's arms or become a man and confront his mother's illness

Roy's mom and dad have split and Roy and his mom are on the road. They are struggling to make ends meet, skipping out on motel bills and earning money in a series of dead end jobs. As if life on the road isn't hard enough Roy is struggling with his growing awareness that he's gay.

His two problems mix when he encounters a man in a public toilet and then recognizes him again as the owner of the caravan park where Roy and his mother have settled in. Roy is inexperienced and deeply confused but he thinks he's got an idea of how he and his mom can make the rent...

This coming of age short was well conceived and started off well but became a bit depressing and muddled toward the end. I'm unclear whether the story was the problem or whether it was the way that the story was presented but I am certainly interested in seeing the director's other efforts.

Year: 2004
Genre: Drama, Short
Director: Jonathan Wald
Duration: 30 min
Country Australia
Actors: Stephen James King, Susie Lindeman, Daniel Robert

Part 1:


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29 December 2008

Poltergay (2006)

Poltergay (2006)

Zar nisu duhovi sami po sebi dovoljno strašni? A u ovom filmu se pojavljuju duhovi koji su uz to još i pederi! Užas, čovijek se jedva odbrani od živih pedera, a ako vas napadnu pederi duhovi, mislim da nema šanse da se izvučete! Kad počnu da vam zaviruju pod pokrivač, ulaze u tuš kabinu...
Taman se opustite da uz pornić izdrkate , a duh vam pusti na razglas pjesmu "raspuchin" od Boney M.
Ova komedija je super osmisšljena. Zgodan lik (Clovis Cornillac ) se tek oženio i sa svojom ženom uselio u jednu staru kuću, s namjerom da je urede po svom ukusu! A onda počne veselje, pederi iz sedamdesetih godina počnu da prave party u podrumu kuće, muzika trešti na sve strane pri čemu sve to vidi i čuje samo mladoženja. A žena pojma nema! haha

Ovi duhovi , veseli i razdragani jako vole ono što i većina pedera, dobru muziku, ples i glamur!

Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Director: Eric Lavaine
Duration: 93 min
Country France
Actors: Clovis Cornillac, Julie Depardieu, Lionel Abelanski, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Jean-Michel Lahmi, Philippe Duquesne, Georges Gay, Alain Fromager, Anne Caillon, Michel Duchaussoy, Christian Pereira, Héctor Cabello Reyes, Christophe Guybet, Gérard Loussine, Stefan Wojtowicz

Poltergeist meets Saturday Night Fever with a gay spin in the French high-concept comedy Poltergay, but not everything is rosy. Rookie director Eric Lavaine wastes a potentially brilliant premise for a cult classic with pedestrian execution, lame jokes and sequins instead of character development. A bulked-up Clovis Cornillac stars as Marc Modena, a construction worker who has recently moved into a decrepit mansion where he sees gay disco ghosts that his wife Emma (Julie Depardieu) cannot fathom. Only in a French comedy would a psychiatrist advise that he might be gay and should act on his impulses -- and almost kill his father-in-law in the process. The denouement does go somewhere unexpected, but is unlikely to be the place where potential audience members want to be. The film will possibly surface at some gay festivals and on TV as a cinematic oddity.

Versatile French actor Clovis Cornillac may be mostly known for headlining big budget fare like Les chevaliers du ciel (Sky Fighters), Les brigades du Tigre (The Tiger Brigades) and the upcoming live-action Astérix film (in which he will play the title role), but he is equally at home in smaller, more dramatic films (La femme de Gilles/Gilles' Wife). Under the direction of first-time director Lavaine Cornillac fares less well, perhaps also because the strange genre hybrid of Poltergay puts the actor out of his depth. A more straightforward comedian might have been better suited to the role (perhaps Jean Brice de Nice Dujardin, or even someone like Michaël Youn) because Cornillac overplays the drama, which is slight to begin with, and never relishes the film's attempts at comedy, which subsequently fall flat. Since his character is supposedly providing most of the laughs, this is a serious problem.

The gay disco ghosts have all of one characteristic each, the most depressing being a ghost who might actually be a closeted heterosexual. As his wife, Depardieu has little to do, and a sub-plot involving her archeological expidition abroad is never fully exploited. Likewise, Marc's Italian heritage is only touched upon briefly, and more on this could have added some character insight and spice. What these two elements lead to (namely, the ancient Romans) is also fussy because from what information we are given on the poltergays, it suggests a maximum age of 700 years.

Technical package is what we have come to expect of a French comedy, and light special effects (mainly adding pixie dust to the ghosts' entrances and exits through the walls, and one inventive scene involving billiard balls) is adequate. Musical score is what is to be expected of gay disco ghosts who hail from 1979; the film's only laugh-out-loud moment involves Boney M. The explanation of why Marc can see the poltergays is odd, especially when considering the target audience of a pink Poltergeist. Product placement is ostentatious, to the point of being distracing.

28 December 2008

Contadora Is for Lovers (2006) (V)

Contadora Is for Lovers (2006) (V)

Gledajući ovaj film poželio sam da odem na to panamsko ostrvo i nadjem taj hotel! Prelijepa priroda, ljudi, more...
Contadora is for Lovers se može svrstati u turističko - propagandne filmove, iako film ima priču koja je karakteristična za mnoga ljetovališta.
Naime mladi par dolazi na ljetovanje, on upoznaje lokalnog momka, avantura, sex, kupanje u moru, plaže... ma sve vam je već poznato!
Mene je podsjetio na jedan bračni par iz Beograda koji je ljetovao Njivicama kraj Herceg Novog! Svaki dan su dolazili na hotelsku nudističku plažu. Družio sam se sa njima i prijalo mi je njihovo neopterećujuće društvo. Jednom prilikom "Mirko" me je pozvao na piće u kafanu. Nakon ispijenog piva odemo do njihove sobe da uzme dušek za kupanje. Kada smo ušli u sobu, prišao mi je i pitao me: "Jesi li ikada poželio ovo?"
Nakon seksa smo se vratili na plažu, kao da se ništa nije desilo! Mislio sam da čovjek normalno ništa neće reći svojoj ženi, dok me sutradan nije pitala:" Znači smuvao te je!?" Pocrvenio sam od glave do pete, a ona je rekla "Opusti se bre, ljeto je!"
Amaterska gluma karakteristična za niskobudžetne filmove, ne bi trebala da pokvari uživanje u ovom filmu, tim prije jer niko ne očekuje oskarovsko filmsko remek dijelo .

Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Director: Jorge Ameer
Duration: 112 min | 70 min
Country USA, Panama
Actors: Vincent De Paul, Tony Sago, Christina Antelo, Jorge Ameer, Ascanio Arguelles, Marco Aspromonte, Eladio Cruz, Jose Aly Doblado, Edgardo Guerra, Renée Pietrangelo

A newly engaged couple travel from the U.S. to the romantic tropical Isle of Contadora, off the Gulf of Panama, to celebrate their recent commitment to each other. Upon arrival, they meet their host and tour guide Gabriel (Tony Santiago), a hopeless romantic who is confused about his own sexual identity.

As Gabriel accompanies the couple on island adventures, both individually and together, bisexual feelings and experiences begin to flourish. An unexpected reaction comes from Helen (Renee Pietrangelo) when she learns her fiancé Mike (Vincent De Paul) and Gabriel have spent the night together in a deserted island location, and have admittedly "fooled around". Surprising bisexual twists and turns follow, reminiscent of the Theatrical and Home Video Hit, "Threesome".

Mike and Gabriel


27 December 2008

Reinas (2005)

Reinas (2005)

Izgleda da je mentalitet balkanske domaćice kao kakav virus prešao na mene! Perem, peglam, pušim i gledam.. ..Španske filmove i serije!
Potrpah suđe u mašinu, pospremih trpezariju pa sjedoh pored TV. Pogledam po kompu da vidim koje filmove imam za pogledat. Čim sam vidio da na meniju imam nešto Špansko, meni oči zacakliše! Narezah film na dvd , spremih grickalice , pa udobno zavaljen u fotelju pustih da pogledam.
Za 5 minuta u filmu se isprepletaše gomila likova, ne bi ih ni Balzak mogao sve opisati. 2 gay para sa svojim majkama i očevima, svi ludi na svoj način, davaju svoj lični pečat predstojećem kolektivnom gay vjenčanju. Tipičan zaplet svojstven Španskoj kinematografiji, a sve upakovano u pristojnu porodičnu Gay komediju!

Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira
Duration: 107 min
Country Spain

Actors: Verónica Forqué, Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes, Mercedes Sampietro, Betiana Blum, Gustavo Salmerón, Unax Ugalde, Hugo Silva, Daniel Hendler, Paco León, Raúl Jiménez, Fernando Valverde, Lluís Homar, Jorge Perugorría, Ginés García Millán

A breezy romantic farce bouncing lightly off a singular historical moment, Manuel Gómez Pereira's "Queens" takes place in the days leading up to Spain's first legal gay wedding. (Spain was the fourth country to legalize gay marriage, a little over a year ago.) The title is a play on words; the story centers around three young gay couples who plan to marry in a televised ceremony for 20. But the "queens" of the title are four of their formidable mothers.

In the days before the wedding, the couples find themselves beset by every imaginable complication — bickering divorced parents, infidelity, uncomfortable class issues, a burglary, a hotel strike and a lost dog. And at times, especially where the dog is involved, the movie descends to the level of a sitcom. But it's Gómez Pereira's treatment of the mothers — ages 50 to 60 — that makes the movie worth seeing, especially as a point of comparison to how Hollywood portrays their peers. Alternately divorced, unfaithful, self-centered, insensitive — some of them all of the above — the mothers are to a woman strong-willed, sexy and eminently admirable.

Carmen Maura plays Magda, an icy hotel magnate. She and her husband, with whom she enjoys a strictly business relationship, have recently launched a chain of hotels catering to a gay clientele. Magda's uptight, affection-starved son Miguel (Unax Ugalde) is engaged to marry an Argentine massage therapist named Oscar (Daniel Hendler), and is horrified when Oscar's warm but overbearing mother Ofelia (Betiana Blum) arrives in Madrid intending to stay for three months with her rambunctious dog in tow. Miguel feels like his world is falling apart, but Magda is too involved in a heated labor dispute with her handsome head chef to notice.

When the judge who was scheduled to perform the ceremony suffers a heart attack, the task falls to Elena (Mercedes Sampietro), who is unhappy about her son Hugo's (Gustavo Salmerón) impending wedding to Narciso (Paco León), a delegate to the European Parliament in Brussels for whom the legalization represents a huge political victory. Unfortunately for Narciso, his mother, Nuria (Verónica Forqué), is a sex addict whose problem threatens to ruin his big moment.

Slightly removed from the drama is Reyes (Marisa Paredes), a famous actress whose son Rafa (Raúl Jiménez) is marrying Jonas (Hugo Silva). Jonas is the son of Jacinto (Lluis Homar), her longtime gardener, who has never set foot inside her house until he's invited to dinner the night before the wedding. Reyes orders sushi and sets the table with chopsticks, passive-aggressively hoping to show up Jacinto's lack of sophistication. Jacinto calmly and then not quite so calmly reminds her that he is a 49-year-old widower who eats out on occasion, and then proceeds to recite the list of incrementally exotic ethnic restaurants he frequents. After dinner, he lights a joint. "You don't mind, do you?" he asks Reyes, hoping she might. "Please," she says, "I've worked with Almodóvar!" The reference is not unique — later, when Reyes attends a paella party at Jacinto's house, one of his friends mistakes her for the famous actress "Carmen Maura." In much the same way that weddings bridge generational gaps, "Queens" alludes to the Almodóvar-centered avant-garde late '70s and '80s that paved the way for a completely mainstream and commercial treatment of once taboo subjects.

The movie has no higher ambition than to please a crowd; the fact that it easily does is proof of the world's heartening capacity for change.

The Best Men (2007)

The Best Men (2007)

Imao sam jednog prijatelja kojeg sam jako volio. I uvijek sam mu govorio kako želim da se oženi i da ima dijete. Volio bih tvoje dijete kao da je moje!
Nije baš sve u životu onako kako sanjamo i želimo! Oženio se, ima dijete al danas nismo ni ono kako bi rekli u ovom filmu "The best man" (kumovi).

Director: Tony Wei
Runtime: 14 min
Genre: Short; Drama
Language: English

All the best men are gay, but some just need a good reminder. Moments before his best friend's wedding, Peter gets one last chance to rekindle mutual feelings long suppressed, but not abandoned. Sometimes the perfect reminder of first love's passion is but a simple kiss from the best man. The Best Men explores a universal heartache that every individual has experienced - the feeling of having missed out on true love.

26 December 2008

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008)

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008)

Sinoć sam pogledao ovu komediju, nadajući se da je dobra bar upola kao ona Another Gay Movie.
Tako je i ispalo na kraju - Upola je lošija! ( Heh kako li sam samo ovo stavio na vagu , ne pitajte)
U ovom dijelu je golotinja maksimalno iskorištena kako bi prikrila lošu povezanost filma. Doduše, očita namjera režisera i nije bila da napravi neku priču već samo da nas nasmje sa gomilom skečeva koje je naređao jedan za drugim! Dobrim djelom je uspio u tome, ima scena gdje sam se slatko nasmijao, al ima i čistog promašaja i neukusa do povraćanja!

Uglavnom staro društvo ode na letovanje u potrazi za seksom, seksom i samo seksom!

Director: Todd Stephens

Cast: Jonah Blechman, Jake Mosser, Jimmy Clabots, Aaron Michael Davies, RuPaul, Brent Corrigan, Scott Thompson, Lady Bunny, Will Wikle, Colton Ford, Mario Lavandeira, Stephanie McVay

Runtime: 90 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy

The boys are back and they re as horny as ever! Packed with celebrity cameos and total gross-out humor, this outrageous follow-up to Another Gay Movie centers around the Spring Break adventures of Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff when they enter the Fort Lauderdale Gays Gone Wild contest (a contest to see who gets laid the most). The frisky foursome become entwined in all sorts of sexual misadventures in this scandalously funny un-PC comedy.

25 December 2008

Intimes Tagebuch (2003) aka Private Diary (UK)

Intimes Tagebuch (2003) aka Private Diary (UK)

Kao prvo želim da čestitam božić svim ljudima koji ga slave po novom kalendaru!
Nemojte se prepasti, pa nisam vam za danas spremio nikakav božićni film, niti nekog božioć batu!
Mada bih volio da mi neki izazovni Bato Mraz kroz dimnjak upadne u sobu.
Možda baš neki iz ovog filma prepunog sportista, zgodnih modela i likova.
Film je dokumentaran i prikazuje nam rad Pedro Usabiaga. Interesantan je njegov način rada sa modelima, način na koji im prilazi i na koji stvara svoje fotografije! Zanimljivo je pogledati!

Year: 2003
Genre: Documentary
Director: Pedro Usabiaga
Duration: 65 min | UK:56 min
Country France, Germany, Spain

Actors: Joseba Barandiaran, Alberto Carrillo, Carlos de Torre, Fredy Gil, Jon González, Aritz Iriarte, Arturo Martin, Katee McFee, Aurelio Medina, Alex Pipaón, Iran Peirén, Gorka Puertas, Lucio Román, Unai Uranga, Josu Uribe

This documentary by Basque photographer Usabiaga is at attempt to look at the relationship between the cameraman and his subject, and there's a certain intrigue here in watching Usabiaga prowl around the beaches and gyms in search of guys off the streets who will pose for his provocative picture books. The problem is that the film itself is far too talky and pretentious--Usabiaga refuses to let his imagery speak on its own terms as he continually yabbers through everything. Some of this is helpful and informative, but most of it is hollow wordplay trying desperately to be poetic and discover something in his images besides beautiful, muscled boys.
This is a real pity since the images are extremely striking, and there's an interesting attempt by Usabiaga to reproduce themes from famous movies in his images, such as runners on a beach a la Chariots of Fire. The still photos we see are absolutely beautiful, full of the dark emotion and magnetic pull that's completely lacking in this film! Besides the wordy narration, the camera work is just not artful enough to carry through the concept, and there's also a serious timidity in the video that isn't found in the provocative pictures. Even though the models are fascinating non-professionals, we only get snippets of their stories (one's a rower, one's an aerobic instructor, one's a student and so on) and fairly awkward home movies of the photo shoots. There's none of the artistry here that's found in Brice Webber's similar and much stronger Chop Suey (2001). This film merely makes you want to go out and buy Usabiaga's book so you can look at the sexy photos without the droning commentary.

24 December 2008

Une nuit ordinaire (1996)

Jutros sam se bas rano probudio pa kako nisam mogao da spavam stavio sam na blog nekoliko Almodovarovih filmova. ( vidi more movies ).
Kada sam to zavrsio , skuvak kafu i potražim neki kratki film da pogledam! Nekako kliknuh bas ovaj! Iako ne volim te AIDS filmove, mišljenja sam da je odje kod nas na balkanu jos uvijek potrebno promovisati safe sex, intezivnije nego je to u drugim zemljama. Nedje sam pročitao statistiku da je u Srbiji porast broja obolelih od ove bolesti kod GAY populacije. A taman sam pomislio da su se naučili da kurton glavu čuva! Pa stavi taj kurton majku mu jebem, nemoj da se igraš životom!

Year: 1996
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Jean-Claude Guiguet
Duration: 4 min
Country France
Actors: Philippe Garziano, Thomas Badek, Emmanuel Bolčve, Mireille Chandelier, Aude Buttazzoni, Cécile Mazan, Véronique Varlet
A man is happy as he rides his bike through Paris, en route to see his lover -- who is in the hospital dying of AIDS.

22 December 2008

Thirteen or So Minutes (2008) - short

Thirteen or So Minutes

Pogledao je na sat i ustao. Dok se oblačio pitao me je kako je bilo? Glupo sam se osjećao, zar poslije onolikog razgovora, priče o svemu i svačemu,
da me pita kako je bilo? Odgovorih kratko: dobro! Razmišljao sam zar je sve ono bilo potrebno samo radi jednog seksa?!
Prekinio me je u razmišljanju i rekao: Vidi, nikada do sada nisam bio sa muškarcem, al ovo što se među nama dogodilo pamtiću ceo život!
Pitam ga: Pa zar nebi htio da se ponovi?
Odgovorio mi je: volio bih, al neznam kako. Rekao sam mu ako uistinu budeš želio da održimo ovo nešto među nama, naći ćeš naćina, bez obzira na obaveze, na curu, na društvo... nađi me i reci iskreno želiš li me kao najboljeg prijatelja!
Naravno nakon samo dva dana pozvao me je da idemo na utakmicu!

Ovaj film od 13 i nešto minuta nam priča baš o tom trenutku, kada treba da odlučimo želimo li tu bliskost koju smo podjelili da održimo ili
jednostavno zaboravimo! Pogledajte ceo film na ovom blogu!

Year: 2008
Genre: Short, Drama

Director: William Branden Blinn
Duration: 13 min
Country USA

Lawrence (Nick Soper) is a guy who has found the flow in his life; he knows how to trust his gut and follow his instincts. Driven by a loving curiosity and strong sense of adventure, he lives his life with a freedom and confidence most men envy. Hugh (Carlos F. Salas), by contrast, lives under the influence of his self-consciousness, struggling to connect to a deeper sense of who he really is. There is a power and intensity to Hugh's spirit which he fights to hold in check until the two meet by happenstance and a defining moment between them opens one into his humanity and propels the other into his soul

21 December 2008

3-Day Weekend 2008

3-Day Weekend 2008

Još jedan gay film za nedeljno poslijepodne. Nije savršen, loša gluma, prosječna priča al lak za gledanje. Tek toliko da vam se lakse svari obilni ručak! Dobar snimak, poneki dobar glumac, malo erotike, tipično pedersko društvo su osnova ovog filma za pedere!
Jeste li kada išli negdje u prirodu sa nekim muškim društvom! Onako sastanu se dva tri para pa odu u neku kolibu na frušku goru ili u nekou vikendicu na nekoj od crnogorskih planina! Zapalite vatru, roštilj, šetnja, naveče monopol ili čovječe ne ljuti se pa se na kraju sve završi nekim seksom, ponekad i grupnim! Ujutro se budite mamurni ne znajući koga ste sve jebali , a ko je dokačio vas!

Laka opuštajuća lektira!

Year: 2008
Genre: Drama

Director: Rob Williams
Duration: 84 min
Country USA

Actors: Chris Carlisle, Joel Harrison, Gaetano Jones, Derek Long, Derek Meeker, Douglas Myers, Daniel Rhyder, Stephen Twardokus

Long-term couple Simon and Jason, along with “daddy-ish” Cooper and his boy du jour, meet annually for a three-day weekend away from their hectic city lives. Looking to spice up this long-standing tradition, they add a special twist to this year’s retreat -- each of them must invite one attractive single friend to their mountain getaway. Arriving are a frisky former college roommate, a constantly naked yoga instructor, Simon’s uptight co-worker and a high-priced rent boy who do indeed stir up the weekend. But this combination of new and old friends creates more tension than anyone ever anticipated. After 72 hours and multiple sexual couplings, new relationships form while others are cast onto shaky ground.

20 December 2008

Dobro jutro!

Svugdje podji bloggeru dodji! Nakon što me je Ning dobro izjebao ( u nezdrav mozak) evo da nastavimo, tamo dje smo stali! A to je na ovom blogu!
Za jutros sam vam pripremio dva kratka filma da pogledate uz jutarnju kafu!

Fremragende timer (2003)

Year: 2003
Genre: Short, Drama

Director: Jan Dalchow, Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen
Duration: 17 min
Country Norway

Actors: Wiggo Farberg, Tord Vandvik Haugen, Toril Martinussen, Even Rasmussen

True story of a 30 something man arrested for having sex with a young man under the age of consent (14?). The younger man (resident of a group home) made the initial contact and claimed to be old enough to consent.

Krajem prošle godine sam preko neta kontaktirao sa jednim momkom, odavde iz Crne Gore. Nakon podosta razmjenjenih poruka odlučimo da se vidimo kada bude dolazio u moje mjesto.
I tako pozvoni telefon, ja mu dam adresu i on se pojavi na vratima. Kada sam ga vidio , malo sam se zbunio jer sam pomislio, bože odkud sada ovo dijete odje!
Skuvam kafu i donesem piće pa ga pitam: koliko imaš godina? on reče 19 !Ja se nasmijah i rekoh kako nema potrebe da me laže! On izvadi ličnu kartu i pokaže mi je! Iznenadih se , al iskuliram pa ga pitam: jesi li imao kada seks sa muškarcem? On kaže da nije, al da ima namjeru, ima djevojku već dvije godine itd...
Nakon duže priče vidje on da od mene nema vajde pa predje kod mene na trosjed i reče: Ajmo da se skinemo! Nije ni sačekao odgovor već se odmah skinuo! Zinuo sam od čuda i rekao: " Pa ti imaš više cantimetara nego godina!"

Šalu na stranu ali vodite računa da se ne petljate sa maloljetnim licima! Kažnjivo je i nezdravo! Ko sa djecom liježe , popišan ustaje!
Na tu temu pogledajte ovaj film!

Drugi film za jutrošnju kafu je 41 Sekunden!

41 Sekunden

Year: 2006
Genre: Short, Comedy

Director: Tobias Martin, Rodney Sewell
Duration: 4 min
Country Germany

Podsjetio me na jednog druga koji kada je bio jako zaljubljen često dolazio kod mene da mi priča o svojoj curi! Nakon zanosnih priča o njoj uvijek bi rekao: Imaš li neki dobar pornić, ajmo da ga drkamo!

My Little Boy (2007)

My Little Boy (2007)

Kao što već znate, sav moj trud oko ning sajta je pao u vodu! Naime ning je odlucio da ukine sajt zbog narusavanja autorskih prava! Ono što me je totalno izludilo je da mi nisu dozvolili ni da napravim backup postova i blogova, a tamo je bilo oko 500 filmova!
Izgleda da im je to bila samo isprika jer nisu ni imali namjeru da podrze bilo sta sto ima veze sa gay tematikom!
Al nastavljamo sa blogom tamo gdje smo i stali.
Za vrijeme drugog svjetskog rata nacisti su pedere i druge seksualno "izopačene" likove trpali u koncentracione logore ili su ih ubijali onako kako to možete vidjeti u ovom kratkom gay filmu!

Još sam pod utiskom predatorskog ning načina na koji su ukinuli social network koji se bavio filmovima sa gay tematikom, otuda ovaj post, prvi nakon tog njihovog fašističkog čina.

Year: 2007
Genre: Short, Drama
Director: Matthias Vom Schemm
Duration: 19 min
Country Germany
Actors: André Röhner, Dominik Glaubitz, Hildegard Vom Schemm, Katia Kandziora, Markus Klauk, Tom Wlaschiha, Volker Büdt

With a harsh political context, this period drama packs a strong punch. It's about Erich (Rohner), a photographer in 1934 Germany who's in love with a stormtrooper, Wolfgang (Wlaschiha). They meet secretly in Erich's photography studio, since a new edict has decreed that homosexuality is illegal -- and punishible by death. This is especially a problem as stormtroopers are enforcing this law, and Wolfgang's colleagues might not be too far away. So it's unsurprising that Erich wants to emigrate. But Wolfgang wants to serve his country. This serious conflict between two men gives the film a meaty centre that transcends the political and historical issues, especially since they're so well played, and their interaction has a strongly sensual tone. While recreating the period with an attention to detail, filmmaker Von Schemm also captures a vivid sense of sadness, as Erich earlier photographs his friend Karl (Glaubitz), who's also being forced out of his social circle by the increasingly oppressive regime. In just 20 minutes, it's tricky to develop much character depth, but the situation is bracingly well-defined, and a closing caption adds the stark historical reality. Thie would definitely be worth expanding into a feature, and Von Schemm proves here that he has the skills to do it.
Part 1:



12 December 2008

Lilies - Les feluettes (1996)

Lilies - Les feluettes (1996)

Ima li mjesta pokajanju? Priča o svešteniku koji je prinuđen suoćiti se sa svojom sramnom prošlošću. Dolazi u zatvor da ispovjedi zatvorenika na smrt, al nailazi na žrtvu svoje pakosti , ljubomore i zlobe! Prisiljen je suočiti se sa svojim nedjelima koja su koštala života dva mlada gay momka, čiju je ljubav, ionako tešku pretvorio u pakao!
No neću vam opisivati film, pogledajte ga sami. Ono što me je navelo na razmišljanje je činjenica da mnogi vjernici odlaze kod sveštenika na ispovjed!
Ispričaju šta su učinjeli, pokaju se i poslije sve iz početka. I svaki put kada dođu kod popa budu oslobođeni grijeha! Niko i ne razmišlja o tome kakvom se čovijeku ispovjeda! možda se radi baš o nekom zločincu kao što je biskup u ovom filmu! I taj nam sudi i određuje šta je grijeh , a šta ne!
Neću da ulazim u neke religiozne monologe, ali bi trebalo razmisliti o tome koliko se religioznih pedera grize i kaje zbog nečega čemu nisu krivi! To ti dođe kao da se kaješ što sunce izlazi i zalazi!

Year: 1996
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Director: John Greyson
Duration: 95 min
Country Canada
Actors: Ian D. Clark, Marcel Sabourin, Aubert Pallascio, Jason Cadieux, Danny Gilmore, Matthew Ferguson, Brent Carver, Rémy Girard, Robert Lalonde, Gary Farmer, Alexander Chapman, John Dunn-Hill, Paul-Patrice Charbonneau, Michel Marc Bouchard, Khanh Hua

Imaginative, retrospective revalation of brutal homophobic events in a young ménage-ŕ-trois, based on love, betrayal and revenge.

Brent Carver as Countess Marie Laure de Tilly1952: Bishop Bilodeau os to hear the last confession of the terminally ill prisoner Simon Doucet. Having bribed some of the guards and secured the help of the chaplain, around a dozen inmates lock the chapel and transform it into a theatre. The bishop is forced to watch a dramatisation of his and Doucet's lives in 1912, which had led to the incarceration of the now sick man. The played-out scenes, in which the prisoners take over both male and female roles, turn into real memories, but still with the prisoners playing their parts. The love story between the young Simon Doucet and Count Vallier de Tilly is gradually unfolded, and three factors enter into the plot. Jean Bilodeau, unsure of his homosexuality, the French woman Lydie-Anne de Rozier, and a society which does not understand gay love. No one taking part knows the full story and how it ends and, as the truth is brought to light, it is the bishop who makes a confession and may not come out of it unscathed...

* John Greyson is a political filmmaker who has been arousing attention for 16 years with partly fictional, falsified or musical documentaries on subjects of lesbians & gays, workers, racism and Aids (Zero Patience ). Today, in the late 90's, a time when the North American continent is being swept by a tide of right-wing anti-lesbian anti-gay Christian fundamentalism, he hits back with Lilies, attacking the ignorance which misunderstands love and fosters intolerance. As a basis for his film he uses Michel Marc Bouchard's stage play of the same name, written in 1987 (the French title being Les Feluettes). Although a theatrical atmosphere is deliberately recalled time after time, Lilies is anything but a stage play. With imaginative and playful innovations Greyson takes us into a world of images and imagination, and surprises us with the natural and unreserved readiness of the inmates to sympathise with homosexual love and to play the parts of women and gays. Lilies is a movie work of art, in which the setting of a declaration of love in a bath-tub in a prison chapel, or, as the case may be, in the middle of a forest, captures the audience as much as the intensity of its interpersonal feelings and tragic events does. New Queer Cinema will be enriched by a new perspective from this hit from Quebec.

* Lilies combines all the old themes of gay cinema – homoerotica (including the masochistic element of Saint Sebastian), prison, church, drag, love denied and social prejudices – with something new, well within the artistic demands of New Queer Cinema. This has already catapulted Lilies to the distinction of being one of the most important gay films of the coming season, and will appeal to more heterosexual audiences than is usual in this genre

John Greyson
British Columbia, Canada

John Greyson’s cinematic breakthrough came in 1993 with the release of the outrageous satirical musical-comedy Zero Patience. He is best known for directing the beautifully crafted Lilies - an adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard’s play Les feluettes. Greyson also co-wrote and directed the film Proteus in addition to four episodes of the iconic television series Queer as Folk.

10 December 2008

Arizona Sky (2008)

Arizona Sky (2008)

Gledajući ovaj film, sjetio sam se nekih starih ljubavi. Nekih kada se sjetim slatko se nasmijem, neke me rastuže, a neke naljute čim ih se sjetim.
Lijepo je ponekad vratiti se u prošlost, posebno ako ste iz nje ponešto naučili i obogatili sebe. Iskustva, ljubavi, životni usponi i padovi nas čine onim što jesmo. Kako starimo tako su nam ta sjećanja vrijednija. Postaju isprepletene male životne priče koje ćemo ponekad rado ispričati, a ponekad pokušati ugurati u zaborav! Medju njima ima i onih koje su ostale nedorečene, bez kraja. Potajno se nadamo da če mo ih proživjeti do kraja i dati im neki smisao. Lično ne vjerujem da je bilo koji dio životnu priču moguće ponovno proživjeti i promijeniti im smisao ili dodati na značaju! Ostavimo ih tamo gdje im je mjesto, u prošlost! Valja živjeti i boriti se za vrijeme koje nam predstoji.
Jake i Kyle, su prije 15 godina prekinuli jedno divno prijateljstvo. Naprosto životi su im krenuli različitim putevima. Jedan je otišao u grad i postao filmski producent, drugi ostao u farmerskoj Arizoni.
Nakon što Jake usled ubrzanog života posvećenog poslu i samo poslu počne da zdrastveno trpi od stresova odluči da se vrati u nedovršenu priču i pokuša da otkrije da li je njena nedorečenost uzrok praznine koja ga stalno prati.

Ponovo se susreće sa Kylom i oživljava stare emocije i uspomene.
Ovaj film ima lijepu priču koja je završila u pogrešne ruke. Tehnički je loše odrađen, nekako usporen, a glumci toliko loši da mi se na momenat učini da gledam neku špansku melodramu!
Da se režiser malo više potrudio ovo bi mogao biti sasvim pristojan film.
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Jeff London, Jeffery London
Duration: 92 min
Country USA
Actors: Eric Dean, Blaise Embry, Kyle Buckland, Jayme McCabe, Patricia Place, Evan Cuthbert, Brent King, Emerson Smith, Bernadette Murray

Arizona Sky is a 2008 independent gay-themed romantic drama film, produced, written, and directed by Jeffery London.[1] It was filmed entirely on location in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and Bakersfield, California. In the spirit of Brokeback Mountain it tells how two childhood friends Jake and Kyle rekindle their relationship fifteen years later.

Jake and Kyle, two teenagers in rural Arizona, go camping out in the desert for one last time before Jake and his family move away to the big city. Their friendship has become sexually intimate, but they agree that they must keep it a secret. Kyle is worried that as he is not leaving as Jake is he would have to face the consequences if his sexual relationship with Jake would become known. They express their mutual love, and sadly face the impending separation. Kyle says tragically, "My best friend is moving away ... forever!"

All this is shown to be a daydream of Jake fifteen years in the future. He is now a busy film producer in California working on a science fiction film project in his living room with his assistant Brian. Brian rouses Jake out of his reverie, and they discuss their respective main goals in life before they get down to business. Due to the growing stress of his work Jake begins to have anxiety attacks: he has one in front of Brian, who urges him to take a vacation.

Jake has come to realize that he is gay, but his accepted understanding of life is that it is 10% show and 90% business. He has virtually no private life. His "straight" friend Steve reinforces Brian's suggestion that Jake take a "personal journey" away from it all, and after another anxiety attack Jake decides to go back to his hometown in Arizona to see if he can find himself. At the last minute he asks Steve to come along, and he does.

When Jake gets back to Arizona he tries to find out about Kyle through Kyle's Aunt Elaine, whose name and address he finds in the local telephone directory. In a warm visit with Elaine he finds out that Kyle still lives there, just a few blocks away from his aunt, whom he visits several times a week. In a way she has taken the place of Kyle's deceased mother in his life. He holds down three jobs: the morning cook at the diner, ranch hand, and a partner with his cousin Heath in fixing cars and tractors.

Jake and Kyle have a pleasant reunion in Kyle's living room, and in the days that follow they discover that they still love each other. In a scene in Jake and Steve's motel room Steve tells Jake about a secret he discovered about his grandfather when he was a boy riding his bicycle around town: his grandfather gave food to an indigent family. Steve concludes that doing things like that may be what life is all about. Later Jake discovers that Kyle like Steve's grandfather is also helpful to a poor woman, Cora, and her family. She tells Jake that she wouldn't know what she would do if it weren't for Kyle's help. Jake sees that Kyle understands what life is all about, and in his desire to share in it, he gives the woman money.

Kyle, though, is unsure and troubled about his feelings for Jake until Aunt Elaine urges him to be himself and find happiness in life. His cousin Heath, who is not as open-minded as Aunt Elaine, has a problem with it, and a confrontation between him and Kyle ensues when Heath discovers Kyle and Jake in bed together one morning. Kyle stands his ground in admitting to Heath that being gay is part of who he is and something he will not deny any longer.

Jake and Kyle decide to move in together with Jake concluding that he can make films just as easily in rural Arizona as in urban California. The last scene of the film shows Jake and Kyle once again in Kyle's pickup looking up at the Arizona sky.


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