27 January 2015

HerzHaft (2007)

HerzHaft (2007)
Director: Martin Busker
Writer: Martin Busker
Genre: Short movie
Country: Germany
Language: German
Duration: 15 min

Stars: Tommaso Cacciapuoti, Ferdinand Hanisch, Johanna Niedermüller, Bettina Ernst

The film is about the soccer coach Ralf who comes up against a big problem this day. Torn between reason and longing he fell in love with Felix, a young boy of his soccer team. For several months they are having a secret and forbidden relationship which Ralf hardly can keep in the dark, because Felix likes to provoke him. Ralf's dream bursts like a bubble when suddenly Felix' mother appears at their ambush in an oldtimer hulk in the woods. She demands on him never to see the boy again, otherwise he has to face severe legal consequences. Ralf has to decide between reason and love.

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