01 February 2010

Steam (2009)


Director: Eldar Rapaport
Writer:Eldar Rapaport (written by)
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Duration: 15 min

Stars: Amy Clites, Scott Hislop and Julien Zeitouni


Short about two men (Julien Zeitouni and Scott Hislop) alone in a steam room. They have oral sex and then one gets up to leave. All of the sudden he can;t find a door. They both search and NEITHER one can find one. They can't figure out what's gone wrong and start to accuse each other. However one of them slowly realizes who they are and why they are there.

It starts off as a gay sex short and ends up like a Twilight Zone episode! What the sex has to do with anything I'm not sure but it's tastefully done. The final revelation should have been obvious but I didn't see it coming. The acting by Hislop and Zeitouni is good and is helped by an interesting soundtrack (you'll understand what I mean if you see the movie). Worth catching.

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