30 May 2008

Boys Life 1-2-3-4-5-6

Najčešći razlog zašto pravim veće pauze između filmova je taj da većina filmova koje skinem sa neta nije vrijedna pomena. Nebi ste vjerovalikoliko smeća se snimi na temu gay tematike. Da bar ima nešto vrijedno u tome pa mi ne bi bilo muka napisati koju rijeć. Istolerisao bi lošu glumu , ali priču koja nema ni početka ni kraja nikako ne mogu.
Zato je vjerujte mi ponekad bolje pogledati ponovo neki dobar film nego torišti vrijeme uzaludno.
Često me oduševi poneki kratki film od po 20-tak minuta, a danas vam nudim mogućnost da skinete 6 kolekcija kratkih filmova.
Nećete se pokajati ako utrošite malo truda oko skidanja tih linkova. neke filmove sam vam već ranije predstavljao u ovom blogu , ali većinu ipak nisam.
Svaki od ovih kratkih filmova će vas zasigurno podsjetiti na dijeliće iz vaših ili nečijih tuđih života!

Boys Life (1995)

Shorts / Drama

Pool Days - A high school student in finds excitement in his health club job.

A Friend of Dorothy - In a college freshman hopes his handsome roommate is also gay.

The Disco Years - Tom is crushed when the tennis player with whom he had a fling leaves him for a girl and joins an openly homophobic crowd.

Boys Life 2 (1998)

Must Be the Music - Offers a frank depiction of urban gay youth

Nunzio's Second Cousin - Finds a gay cop getting even with some homophobes

Alkali, Iowa - Chronicles a homosexual, Midwestern teen who unearths his dead father's secret

The Dad Shuttle - Centers on the communication breakdown between a father and his gay son.

Boys Life 3 (2000)

Majorettes in Space - French film that juxtaposes gays, straights and the Pope in a very interesting way.

Hitch - A story about a young gay man and straight man on a road trip.

Inside Out - It's about a young man (Jason Gould--son of Elliot and Barbra) dealing with being a celebrity's son and gay. Well-done with a few good lines and a nice cameo by Christina Crawford

Just One Time - Is basically a promo for the feature film of the same name.

$30 - An excellent short about a prostitute (Sara Gilbert) and a closeted young man trying to lose his virginity.

Boys Life 4: Four Play (2003)

"L.T.R."- chronicles the relationship of two young twenty something boys. This one is by far and away the funniest segment.

"This Car Up"- which is told quite imaginably (you have to see it for yourself), about two men who seem diametrically opposed to one another in every possible way.

"O Beautiful"- tells the story of a young gay man who is attacked and sexually molested by a group of homophobic men in a New Jersey cornfield, and is then rescued by one of his attackers.

"Bumping Heads"- tells the story of a 35 year old man, Craig, and his twenty something companion, Gary, who are in the emergency room of a hospital as a result of a fight Craig was involved in in a local gay bar.

Boy's Life 5 (2006)

Michael Burke - Fishbelly White

Eytan Fox - Time Off

Adam Salky and David Brind - Dare

David Ottenhouse - Late Summer

Boy's Life 6 (200 7)

A selection at the prestigious Directors' Fortnight at Cannes International Film Festival Ben, a small-town high school loner and introverted gay teen, is fascinated by the mysteriously and dangerously seductive new kid in town, Grant. One night, handsome Grant and his group of friends take Ben to a remote house in the countryside to introduce him to his erotic practices and rituals involving bugs.
Directed by Carter Smith * 37 minutes * Color

The Latino doorman of a New York apartment building begins to unravel when he is seduced and then dumped by a privileged college kid who lives in the building.
Directed by Etienne Kallos * 17 minutes * Color

As the sun sets over a swampy Scotland bog, two boys meet in the darkness as part of a nightly ritual. Part character study, part love story, DAVY AND STU is a heartwrenching look at the intensity of adolescent romance and forbidden love. A festival favorite and multi-award winner, DAVID AND STU is based on Anton Dudley's acclaimed and award-winning stage play. Directed by Soman Chainani * 13 minutes * Color

HG, 21, lives a happy and openly gay life in New York. He must return to Iowa to help his alcoholic father save the family farm. He no longer feels he is a member of his family tribe but digs into the work along side his father and a hired man, Ryan, who has his own set of problems. After HG's father becomes ill, the two young men are forced to work together, and find that they have more in common than they would have thought. From filmmaker Mark Christopher * 13 minutes * Color

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28 May 2008

Ha-Buah (The Bubble) - (2006) Repost

Ha-Buah (The Bubble) - (2006)

Mogu li se voljeti srbin i hrvat, musiliman i srbin, hrvat i musliman, izraelac i palestinac....?
Sve dubioze koje proizvode nezdrava politika, ratovi, religija i druga razna kolektivna ludila sam proživio na svojoj koži! Jedna od mojih najvećih ljubavi dok sam živio u Hrvatskoj je pošla u rat. Ja na jednoj strani , on na drugoj. Užas koji sam proživio me je natjerao da sve napustim i pobjegnem u "treću" državu. Nekako ti ratovi nisu bili moji i nisa se našao u tom filmu. Ne umijem da mrzim i kao takav u to doba nisam nigdje bio dobrodošao!
Srećom ta vremena su iz nas i većina ljudi danas živi i radi normalno, onako kako nam je bog dao, da radimo, volimo i ponašamo se tako prirodno, iskonski ljudski!
Ovaj film je izazvao polemike u Izraelu upravo zbog toga! Voljeti nacionalnog neprijatelja je težak zločin na bliskom istoku. U filmu The Bubble troje Izraelaca, jedna dijevojka i dva momka žive u modenskom dijelu Tel Aviva , praveći se da ne primjećuju mržnju i patnju koja ih okružuje. tačnije pokušavaju da žive kao njihovi vršnjaci u ostalom djelu svjeta. protive se ratu, odobravaju homoseksualne veze. kada jedan od njih pomogne jednom mladom palestincu da se nastani u Tel Avivu, ovo drugo dvoje im svesrdno pomaže i na jedan nesebičan način ih podržava u njihovj ljubavi!

Međutim i pored svega moraju se suočiti sa surovom činjenicom da njihove želje i manire nisu i želje okoline koja brutalno osuđuje svako narušavanje toliko dugoo njegovane mržnje!
Mi na Balkanu smo se ipak uspjeli izvući iz tog Danteovog devetog kruga i nastavili smo da živimo kao i sav ostali normanlni svjet. Ljubav ipak ne poznaje granice sve dok je iskrena čista i jaka!

Director: Eytan Fox
Writers: Eytan Fox (writer) Gal Uchovsky (writer)
Release Date: 7 September 2007
Genre: Drama | Romance
Plot Keywords: Jerusalem | Gay Character | Gay | Gay Lifestyle | Gay Interest
Awards: 6 wins & 4 nominations

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Ohad Knoller ... Noam
Yousef 'Joe' Sweid ... Ashraf
Daniela Virtzer ... Lulu (as Daniella Wircer)
Alon Friedman ... Yelli (as Alon Freidmann)
Zohar Liba ... Golan
Tzion Baruch ... Shaul (as Zion Baruch)
Oded Leopold ... Sharon
Roba Blal ... Rana, Ashraf's Sister (as Ruba Blal)
Shredi Jabarin ... Jihad (as Shredy Jabarin)
Yael Zafrir ... Orna
Noa Barkai ... Ella
Yotam Ishay ... Chiki
Eliana Bakier ... Dalfi (as Eliana Bekiyer)
Avital Barak ... Dana
Lior Ashkenazi ... Himself - Actor in "Bent"

Also Known As: The Bubble (International: English title) (USA)
Runtime: Canada:117 min (Toronto International Film Festival) | USA:117 min | Israel:90 min | Germany:114 min
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew | Arabic | English

Three young Israelis – two guys and a girl – share an apartment and disillusionment in love and politics in the combined erotic comedy and political drama “The Bubble,” which is directed by acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox (“Walk on Water,” “Yossi and Jagger”). “The Bubble” debuts on DVD on February 12th from Strand Releasing Home Entertainment, with a pre-book date of January 24, 2008.

Life in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv can be a lot like living inside a bubble. With its nightclub, cafes, boutiques and easy going social and sexual mores, it’s simple for young and progressive Israelis to feel happily disconnected from the political realities that are literally tearing their country apart. Inside this “bubble” live Noam (Ohad Knoller), a twenty-something record shop clerk who satisfies his government-required military tour-of-duty on weekends; Yali (Alon Friedmann), a bubbly restaurant manager; and Lulu (Daniela Wircer), an aspiring fashion designer whom Yali calls the “Israeli Carrie Bradshaw.”

Into their intimate cocoon comes a traveling young Arab named Ashraf (Yousef “Joe” Sweid). Noam becomes smitten with Ashraf. Unable to express his gay identity openly at home, Ashraf moves in with Noam and becomes part of his lover’s tightly knit extended family. He also becomes a test for their core ideological beliefs, as he quietly deflects the anti-Palestinian prejudice they regularly encounter.

As an Arab, Ashraf, however, is in Israel illegally. If he is caught without a permit, he’ll be arrested and returned home – the last place he wants to be. The gay lifestyle is still a taboo subject in devout Muslim homes, and Ashraf's family has no idea of his sexuality. Perhaps worse, they are trying to marry him off to a neighborhood girl. Ashraf’s predicament gives the roommates an idea: he will now go by the more Israeli name “Shimi,” he’ll work at the restaurant with Yali, and they’ll all collectively try to pass him off as a nice Israeli boy for as long as they can. Unfortunately, bubbles are very easily burst, particularly when reality – and violence – strikes in a politically volatile country like Israel. Moreover, on a personal level, an interesting element is the paradox that stems from Noam’s willingness to serve his country while simultaneously harboring opposition to its policies.

With “The Bubble,” writer/director Eytan Fox continues his examination of the impact of political issues on modern Israelis with this moving sensitive film. He paints an involving, layered, yet humor-filled picture of idealistic young adults trying to make a difference, yet also enjoy their lives, as the shadow of death and destruction, car bombings and cries for vengeance, is a constant and ever-present reality.

“The Bubble” was an Official Selection at the Berlin, Toronto and Tribeca Film Festivals, winning such accolades as “erotic…beautiful” from the Los Angeles Times, “romantic” from The New York Times, and “superb” from the LA Weekly. The San Francisco Bay Times called the film “engaging,” while the Bay Area Reporter said “The Bubble” was “hot.”

27 May 2008

Férfiakt (2006) aka Man in the nude

Férfiakt (2006)

Jeste li kad bili u vezi sa mnogo starijim ili mnogo mlađim muškarcem od sebe?

Ja jesam sa 20 godina mladjim nego ja, ali i sa 20 godina starijim od sebe. Sa ovim mladjim sam nekoliko dana imao ludački sex da bi mi poslije rekao kako me voli na drugačiji način, ali da se dobro pojebati samnom, a sa starijim sam imao problema da mu objasnim kako je nezdravo biti zaljubljen u muškarca. Definitivno kada sam ja u pitanju godine tu nemaju nikakvog značaja.

Ovo je prvi film koji sam odgledao na gay temu iz Mađarske produkcije. Samim tim je sigurno vrijedan ovog bloga.
U ovom filmu 50-togošinji pisac Tibor, oženjen sa narcisoidnom glumicom Evom, susreće 19-togošnjeg pedera Zsolta koji se bavi prostitucijom, krađom , ucjenom i sličnim visokomoralnim rabotama. Nepromišljeno ga dovodi u kuću i dok je točio piće Zsolt se lijepo skine go i pita ga oćeš li da me jebeš? Baš lijepo od njega zar ne?
Tibor se nekako smiluje i ispuni mu želju!
Kako to obično biva kod starijih ljudi koji prvi put u životu izjebu muškarca, Tibor se zaljubi ko da je tinejdžer. I naravno upada u nevolje koje mu jednu za drugom donosi neobuzdani 19-togišnjak, koji je u skladu sa svojim godinama neozbiljan, nestalan, razuzdan i bezobrazan.
Klasična pederska priča iz koje će te izvući davno izrečenu pouku: "Ko sa đecom liježe u krevet popišan ustaje." Zato pamet u glavu i u krevet sa ozbiljnim i zrelim osobama, a ove klince ponekad potrošite ko zelenu salatu uz ručak!

Director: Károly Esztergályos
Writer: Károly Esztergályos (screenplay)
Release Date: 5 October 2006 (Hungary)
Genre: Drama | Romance
Plot Keywords: Youth | Writer | Wife | Homosexual | Gay

(Credited cast)
László Gálffi ... Tibor / The Writer
Éva Kerekes ... The Wife
Ádám Lux
Ilona Nagy
László Sinkó
Sándor Sörös
Dávid Szabó ... Zsolt / The Boy
Sándor Téri
Sándor Tóth
Tamás Végvári

Also Known As: Men in the Nude (International: English title)
Runtime: Germany: 94 min (Berlin International Film Festival)
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Men in the Nude follows Tibor, a highly intelligent and mildly melancholic author who will soon turn 50. He shares a listless marriage with an irrationally narcissistic actress who greatly fears aging and the effect it will have on her once thriving career. Tibor goes to great lengths to give his wife the attention that she requires until he meets Zsolt, an effeminate 19-year-old street thug who uses what seem to be his only assets: his blonde hair and slender body. The appeal of Zsolt's youth outweighs the fact that Tibor has always been chiefly attracted to women. While his wife is working out of town, he brings Zsolt home and begins a passionate and experimental affair. Though initially reluctant, Tibor ignores his better judgment and falls in love with the much younger boy, embarking on a potentially dangerous but exciting sexual odyssey of which he never before would have dreamed. Paying homage to Thomas Mann's literary classic "Death in Venice," director Esztergályos carefully and respectfully explores taboo subjects while using multiple perspectives to make insightful observations about the fear of growing older, the nature of bisexuality and the unavoidable downfalls brought on by vanity.

25 May 2008

Diary of a Male Porn Star (Poco piů di un anno fa (2003))

Diary of a Male Porn Star

Da li se stidite nečega što se nekada davno uradili? Ili radite li nešto čega se stide vaši najbliži?
U ovom filmu možemo vidjeti jedan dirljivi prikaz dnevnika porno zvijezde Ricki Kandinskija ( Riccardo Soldani ).
Vjerujem da nije lako biti gay porno star i pri tome nebiti odbačen od porodice. Probleme sa porodicom i okolinom imaju i sasvim obični coming out gayevi, a kamoli ovi ekranizovani.
Ono što je u ovom filmu istaknuto je ne samo odnos porno pedera sa oklinom već zadire u njegove najintimnije osjćaje iskazane kroz dnevnik mladog Riccarda.
Riki Kandinsky je rođen u francuskoj i potiče iz dobrostojeće ugledne porodice. Kada mu je umrla majka, odlazi u Rim gdje izgrađuje novi život kao porno zvijezda gay filmova.
Kada mi je otac umro , vraća se u Francusku gdje je odrastao i susreće se sa familijom koja na njegov način života gleda sa prezirom i gnušanjem. U povratku za Rim pridružuje mu se njegov stariji brat koji u detalje otkriva na koji način zarađuje za život.

Može li neko ko živi takvim životom da se ukopi u društvo? Može li gay usvojiti djete i prihvaćen kao otac? Mislim da je svaki potvrdan odgovor priča za sci-fi filmove, a svaki izuzetak je samo potvrda pravila.

Svaki takav pokušaj je najvjerovatnije osuđen na neuspjeh a to pokazuje i ovajfilm.

Director: Marco Filiberti
Writer: Marco Filiberti (writer)
Genre: Drama

Plot Keywords: France | Diary | Lesbian | Flashback | Grandparents

(Credited cast)
Marco Filiberti ... Riki Kandinsky / Riccardo Soldani
Urbano Barberini ... Federico Soldani
Alessandra Acciai ... Juli
Rosalinda Celentano ... Luna
Francesca d'Aloja ... Charlotte
Erika Blanc ... Angela Valle
Claudio Vanni ... Claudio Alatri
Luigi Diberti ... Rod Lariani / Porn Director
Caterina Guzzanti ... Koka
Cosimo Cinieri ... Silvio Valle
Giuliana Calandra ... Franca Soldani
Franco Oppini ... Gigi Ralli
Alberto Alemanno ... First
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Edoardo Minciotti ... Plapla
Massimo Tellini ... Guardian at the movies' archives

Also Known As:
Adored (USA)
Adored: Diary of a Male Porn Star (USA)
Adored: Diary of a Porn Star (USA) (DVD title)
Little More Than a Year Ago (International: English title)

Runtime: Germany:105 min (Berlin Film Festival) | USA:101 min
Country: Italy
Italian | English

ADORED (or "Poco piu di un anno fa") is a superb film that smacks of brilliance on every level. The fact that this is the writing, directing AND acting debut of Marco Filiberti should alert the cinema world that a major talent has arrived. This is a film about a very lovable young man who just happens to be a gay porn star and how that choice of career affects his life, his family, his philosophy, and his impact on all those around him.

The film opens with some odd commentators who we find are being utilized for a documentary in the year 2014 on the life of Riki Kandinsky (Marco Filiberti) who died in 2002. The men making the film are steered by one 'Pietro'. We discover that Riki was born in France to a wealthy, stuffy family, but fled to Rome when his mother died, leaving his brother Federico (Urbano Barberini) and his father behind. In Rome Riki Soldani becomes Riki Kandinsky, the most sought after male porn star in Italy, lusted after for his muscular good looks, his infamously grand sexual equipment, and his scintillating sexuality. Riki is not a hustler, though he does frequent bars and bathhouses for his gratification. His friends include a fellow porn star Claudio (Claudio Vanni) and a loopy female named Luna ((Rosalinda Celentano). He lives in a splendid home, is obviously making a lot of money, and yet he is not partnered: Riki believes relationships, even with men, are too transient and are doomed from the start.

Riki's father dies, he returns to France to his home, where his family cannot accept his lifestyle. He returns to Rome, convinced he is alone in the world except for his extended family in the porn industry. Soon Federico visits him in Rome to implore the wealthy Riki to help resolve the fact that their father's death left mountains of debt, the family mansion being the only viable asset. Federico confronts Riki about his disgusting life, but to Riki's credit he brings Federico to a point where Federico is not only accepting, but embracing Riki's friends and occupational life!

When Riki observes an auto accident that kills a Lesbian mother, leaving her young son an orphan, Riki is at last touched by a 'fellow-traveler': young 'Plapla' (his real name is Pietro) understands the gay world despite his young years and longs to have Riki as his foster parent, much to the chagrin of his grandparents who barely know this son of a lesbian daughter. Federico assists Riki in his efforts to obtain guardianship, but the attempt is unsuccessful. Decimated, Riki flies to France, to the Gay Olympics and the adulation of being a champion soccer player as a means to amend his inability to gain a 'son'. The film's conclusion is sad: a life comes to an end and this end is the raison d'etre for the documentary we observed at the beginning of the movie. And you must see this magical film for yourself to tie all the threads together!

Though many will find aspects of the film bordering on the surreal or pushing credibility over the edge, Marco Filiberti has produced so much food for thought, tender discussions about acceptance of who we are, our need for connection, and a 'fabulous' look into the gay porn industry, that those who are not moved by this film will be few. The cinematography, costumes, set decor, music, and above all, the acting is all of the very highest caliber. Filiberti has a unique method of storytelling that gives notice of a true creative mind on his initial venture. Not only is he a fine writer and a very fine director, he is a feast for the eyes and an actor whose magnetism in front of the camera is impossible to ignore.

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24 May 2008

Jeffrey (1995)

Jeffrey (1995)

Kada sam imao oko 20-tak godina sve u meni se vrtilo oko seksa. Kao neki antibiotik konzumirao sam ga 2-3 puta na dan , a kada bi izostao postajao bih bolestan.
Nisam birao, muško ,žensko , samo nek je živo biće i da oće sex. Moj tadašnji najbolji drug mi je jednom rekao da nije nikada vidio nekog toliko ovisnika o seksu kao što sam ja. Ja sam mu rekao, ako oćeš da me pamtiš kao najboljeg prijatelja moramo imati sex - i imali smo ga! Iako sada živi daleko od mene kada god se čujemo prva rečenica mu je : "Đe si moj najbolji prijatelju?" Zato seksajte se ljudi, i ne povezujete to sa pričama o ljubavi. kada se zaljubite imaćete potrebu za seksom samo sa njim, a do tada i poslije toga nek vam sex bude samo obična životna stvar, kao dobra hrana, piće, sport, zabava.
Ni danas nije mnogo bolje situacija, mada nemam potrebe koliko ranije! Sve jedno ne prođe ni jedan dan , a da ga ne izdrkam bar 2 puta.

U ovom filmu zgodni Jeffrey odluči da više ne želi da ima sex. Previše je opasnosti od bolesti, side, i drugih budalaština. Odlučio čovijek da živi u celibatu, jer što bi rizikovao da zaradi AIDS. kada mogu popovi može i on. I naravno to treje ekstremno kratko dok ne sretne gospodina pravog.
Ova komedija ne spada u sam vrh filmske produkcije, ali na jedan simpatičan način nam prikazuje muke i nevolje nesigurnog pedera Jeffreya.

Director: Christopher Ashley
Writers (WGA): Paul Rudnick (play)
Paul Rudnick (screenplay)
Release Date: 18 August 1995 (USA)
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Plot Keywords: AIDS | Homosexual | Gay Friend | Gay Interest | Breaking The Fourth Wall
Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Steven Weber ... Jeffrey
Peter Jaconson ... Man #1
Tom Cayler ... Man #2
David Thornton ... Man #3
Lee Mark Nelson ... Crying Guy
John Ganun ... Tourist
Michael T. Weiss ... Steve Howard
Joe Dain ... Movie Theatre Guy #1 (as Joseph Dain)
Jeffrey Ross ... Movie Theatre Guy #2
Irma St. Paule ... Mother Teresa
Patrick Stewart ... Sterling
Nicky Paraiso ... Salesman
K. Todd Freeman ... Barney's Waiter
Robert Klein ... Skip Winkley
Patti Ann O'Connell ... Cheryl, the Showgirl

Runtime: 92 min
Country: USA
Language: English

New Yorker Jeffrey loves sex, but he's terrified of AIDS, so he decides to beome celibate. Sex was meant to be fun not fatal. Of course it's inevitable he then meets Mr. Right in the hunky shape of Steve.

Dealing with sex and death through humour often works very effectively, but not with a film that doesn't balance light and dark and never hits its mark. It's very episodic and lacks narrative drive pulling the bits together. The movie's theatrical origins show, with musical numbers and camera asides that don't work on the small screen. I was a bit uncomfortable with stereotypical characters and behaviour.

The main weakness though is lack of chemistry between Jeffrey and Steve, a big disadvantage for a triumph of love story. The actor playing Jeffrey seems awkward in his role, failing to convince me.

It's not all bad. Patrick Stewart has fun with Sterling the camp decorator, and Sigourney Weaver does a turn as a motivational speaker.

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23 May 2008

Lucky Blue (2007) short 28 min

Kako ste preživjeli prvi poljubac? Koliko ljudi toliko priča!
Ja sam se prvi put ljubio kad sam imao 13 god. sa jednim starijim rođakom na tavanu njegove kuće. Te nemoj ovako , uradi to onako, nisam nešto posebno uživao.
Tek kasnije, nakon nekog vremena smo zaista uživali i ljubili se savršeno!

Ovaj kratki film me oduševio prikazom dva tinejdžera koja nisu u stanju da definišu osjećaje jedan prema drugom. Stid, zaljubljenost, neiskustvo..
Za sve treba malo vremena da se savlada.
Ukoliko ste lijeni da skidate film u cjelosti , možete ga pogledati na youtube gdje je postavljen u tri djela.


U downloadu imate linkove za cjeli film i subtitle na engleskom jeziku.

Director: Hĺkon Liu
Writer: Hĺkon Liu (writer)
Genre: Short

Plot Keywords: Coming Out | Young Love | Coming Of Age | Flirting | Gay Teenager
User Comments: In one word - Brilliant !
(Credited cast)
Tobias Bengtsson ... Olle
Tom Lofterud ... Kevin
Britta Andersson ... Barbro
Johan Friberg ... Kjelle
Michaela Berner ... Amanda

Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Runtime: 28 min

I never was much of a fan of the short film genre. this movie proved me wrong and how. i was blown over by the sheer restraint that the director showed. not too long, not short - just perfect.
added to this is the brilliant performances by the cast. The sets are nice and the score is great.but what makes it a gem is the feeling that if such and such were the circumstances, this is the way that it would happen. you just marvel at the realism. And wish the tale for yourself - in real.
OK - words don't come easy to me- either:)

Strongly recommended..

22 May 2008

Pool Days (1993)

Pool Days (1993)

Kako ste se reagovali kada vas je neko prvi put muvao?
Ja sam bio totalno zbunjen, jer nisam odmah u startu shvatio o o čemu se radi. Moja je sreća što sam prije toga spavao sa pola rodbine, pa mi seksualnih iskustava nije hvalilo. Al zaista je sjajan osjećaj kada vas neko muva, a nije siguran da li imate afiniteta prema muškarcima ili ne!
Još ako je zgodan, dopadljiv, pomalo zbunjen..... Heh lijepo mi je sjećati se toga. Danas, manje više ide sve preko interneta, pa poslije par pitanja uz web kameru tipa koliki ti je i šta voliš u seksu dolazi odmah do prijedloga za sastanak. Nema muvanja, nema one treme i čari. Samo skidaj se i sex. Baš nešto i nisam u tom filmu.
U ovom kratkom tridesetominutnom filmu 17-godišinji Justin se zapošljava u jednom rekreacionom centru sa bazenom. Tu ga muvaju Vicky i Russell, a on
onako zbunjen pokušava da nađe sebe, nesiguran u svoju seksualnost!
Film je odlično napravljen, sa dosta provokativnih scena. Siguran sam da će te uživati u njemu!

Director: Brian Sloan
Writer: Brian Sloan (writer)
Genre: Drama | Short
Plot Keywords: Coming Of Age | Homosexual | Sexuality | Gay Interest | Coming Out

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Josh Phillip Weinstein ... Justin
Nick Kokotakis ... Russell Williams (as Nick Poletti)
Kimberly Flynn ... Vicky
Richard Salamanca ... Mort
Richard Foster ... Dad
Steve Bilich ... Shower Guy
Will Gorgess ... Steamroom Guy
Adrian Davey ... Steamroom Guy
Bo Strachan ... Kissing Couple
Mary Beth Aylesworth ... Kissing Couple
James Andrews ... Waiter
Mike Barbour ... Weightlifter
Terry Herrington ... Weightlifter
Dominique Perez ... Weightlifter
Susan England ... Weightlifter

Runtime: 27 min
Country: USA

This is an interesting short film about a young man who has a summer job at a pool in a health club. He notices that he is very attracted to some of the young men in the club. One of them eventually helps him to realize that he must face the reality of who he is.
The well-acted little story leaves the main character on the verge of deciding what to do, but the help of his new friend is encouraging. This is a thoughtful film about the struggle of coming out.

Justin, a 17-year old entering his final year of high school, gets a job as a life guard at a fitness center. Surrounded by hard bodies of both sexes and instructed by his boss to keep an eye on the steam room to report any men having sex, Justin begins to divine the direction his erotic feelings point. In separate incidents, Vicky and Russell, two older co-workers, hit on him. He tries out responses to both, and then must figure out what to do with his new self-knowledge.

21 May 2008

Boys Life 5 (2006)

Boys Life 5 (2006)

Već dosta vremena nisam ništa napisao na ovom blogu. Djelimično zato jer sve teže pronalazim vremena za gledanje filmova, a djelimično jer sve filmove koje sam u međuvremenu skinuo sa neta sam bacio u smeće. Gomilu đubreta koje razni amateri prenesu na filmsko platno predstavlja samo trošak i gubljenje vremena. Napraviću jednom jedan post sa spiskom loših filmova, da ne trošite vrijeme ni novac skidajući to sa neta!

Ovo je kompilacija 4 kratka filma od kojih je jedan Dare (2005) već opisan u ovom blogu!
Filmovi nisu rastavljeni na četiri kraća fajla nego su spojeni u jedan. Zato ako želite kompletnu kompilaciju da imate morate skinuti sve fajlove i sastaviti ih sa 7 zip-om.

Fishbelly White (1998)

U ovom blogu mozete pronaći opis filma The Mudge Boy.
Prije nego je napravio taj izvanredni film Michael Burke je režirao ovaj kratki film na osnovu kojeg je i napravio taj remake.

Director: Michael Burke
Genre: Short

Plot Keywords: Gay Interest | Homoerotic | Chicken | Coming Out | Gay Teenager more
Awards: 6 wins more

(Credited cast)
Mickey Smith ... Duncan
Jason Hayes ... Perry
Todd Batstone ... Brent
Forrest Seward ... Travis
Sean Flood ... Darren
Danielle Duby ... Missy
Ashley Scranton ... Tina
Gerald Edward Dolezar ... Duncan's Father
Rick Bank ... Minister
Tootsie Barron ... Woman in Church

Runtime: 22 min
Country: USA

Late Summer (2001)

Ovaj dirljiv kratki film nam govori o uspomena jednog fotofrafa. Gledajući slike u galeriji sjeća se svog djetinjstva i rođaka uz kojeg je uspio upoznati samog sebe.
Tragičan gubitak, ali i sve ono što je učionio za njega ostaje u trajnom sjećanju!

Director: David Ottenhouse
Genre: Short | Drama

Plot Keywords: Coming Of Age | Gay Interest | Homosexual Teenager | Skateboarding | Cannabis

(Credited cast)
Christopher Nee ... Josh
Erol Zeybekoglu ... Adam
Sheila Stasack ... Sara (mother)
Robert Walsh ... Martin (father)
Augustus Kelly ... Adam (adult)
Stephanie Lemelin ... Marianne
Charlie Day ... Trevor
Lucas Hall ... Erik

Runtime: 28 min
Country: USA

Time off (1990)

Eytan Fox je izraelski raežiser koji nam je već poznat po pfilmovima "Yossi & Jagger" and "Walk on Water" i "The Bubble" nam se u ovojkompilaciji kratkih filmova predstavlja sa jednim od njegovih prvih radova. Prepoznatljiv je njegov filmski stil tako i da ne znate ko je režirao ovaj "kratki" film od 45 minuta, zacijelo bi pogodili. Na filmskim festivalima je nezaobilazan posjetilac kada je u pitanju iraelska gay produkcija. jedva čekam da završi svoj najnoviji film Untitled Gad Beck Biopic !
Jeste li kada imali prijatelja za kojeg ste bili ubjeđeni da je str8 i onda shvatite da je neko vama blizak već u vezi sa njim! meni se to dešavalo , a ovaj film me pomalo ppodsjtio na to.
Imao sam druga sa kojim sam dijelio skoro sve osim kreveta i mojih "neobičnih" seksualnih fantazija. Nakon desetak godina koiko se nismo vidjeli saznam da je u vezi sa jednim mojim bivšim ljubavnikom. Razveo se lijepo čovijek i preselio pod novi krov. Strašno, toliko o strejterima.
Ovaj film nije baš u cjelosti o tome, ali nekih sličnosti ima. Uostalom evo ga na blogu pa pogledajte sami. Zanimljiv je!

Director: Eytan Fox
Genre: Drama
Plot Keywords: Army | Homosexual | Israeli | Gay Interest | Gay Soldier more
Awards: 1 win

(Credited cast)
Gil Frank ... Erez
Hanoch Re'im ... Yonatan
Tzufit Grant ... Mali (as Tzofit Elyashiv)

Runtime: 45 min
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew

This is one of the earliest works of Eytan Fox (later came "Yossi & Jagger" and "Walk on Water"), and for gays, or those so interested, it's one of the most satisfying. It's a story of an Israeli Army unit in training and on short leave, of it's lieutenant leader and, most particularly, one of its young soldiers. Yonatan (Jonathan?), impressively played by actor, Hanoch Reim, is in the final stages of realizing who he is, sexually, and it is absolutely amazing to watch his reactions and growing response to the handsome young unit commander, a part also well-played by Gil Frank.

While many sections of this short, 45 minute film are slow going (unit training interactions and the fun "behavings" of young soldiers on short leave in Jerusalem), it is when the film concentrates on Yonatan, especially during time spent in a city park, that we get most drawn in. A scene in the park men's restroom is almost palpable and one of the most arousing I've witnessed. Hanoch Reim gives us "a study in pure longing." The response he creates leaves no doubt in our minds as to just where he wants to be, what he wants to be doing, and with whom. (How CAN one do that, with just eyes, facial expression and the very slightest of head movement?). It is rather surprising that, with one exception, young Reim doesn't seem to have gone on to later film performances in the succeeding 15 years. Frank, on the other hand, has kept somewhat busy, particularly in Israeli TV. But in this film, precursor to "Yossi & Jagger," at least Reim has left us with a most indelible performance.

Film Dare (2005) je već opisan u ovom blogu ! Pogledajte ovdje!

17 May 2008

The Deep End (2001)

The Deep End (2001)

Ovaj film se baš i nebi mogao svrstati u neki gay film iako se zasniva na ubojstvu jednog ljigavog pedera.
U ovom blogu sam ga stavio samo zbog prelijpog Gorana Višnjića sa kojim bi vrlo rado završio u krevetu.
Mislim da će se mnogi pederi složiti samnom da je jako poželjan muškarac. Heheh ako Goran slučajno čita ovaj blog neka mi se javi!:)
Film naravno ima prijevod i možete ga skinuti Ovdje!

Lake Tahoe, Kalifornija. Margaret se budi jednog jutra i na obali jezera u neposrednoj blizini svog doma pronalazi mrtvo tijelo ljubavnika svog sedamnaestogodišnjeg sina. U odsustvu supruga, obuzeta panikom donosi nepromišljenu odluku, uklanja sve dokaze oc(iglednog umorstva i leš baca u jezero. Stvari se kompliciraju kada tijelo iznenada bude prona?eno, a Margaret i njen sin postaju žrtvom nemilosrdnog ucjenjivača

Directors: Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Writers: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (novel)
Scott McGehee (written by) ...

Release Date: 17 October 2001 (Belgium)
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Plot Keywords: Gay Son | Death | Blackmail | Murder Investigation | Remake
Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 4 wins & 15 nominations
User Comments: Swinton rocks in a true twisted thriller!
(Cast overview, first billed only)

Tilda Swinton ... Margaret Hall
Goran Visnjic ... Alek 'Al' Spera
Jonathan Tucker ... Beau Hall
Peter Donat ... Jack Hall
Josh Lucas ... Darby Reese
Raymond J. Barry ... Carlie Nagel (as Raymond Barry)
Tamara Hope ... Paige Hall
Jordon Dorrance ... Dylan Hall
Heather Mathieson ... Sue Lloyd
Holmes Osborne ... Loan Officer
Richard Gross ... Deputy Sheriff
Kip Martin ... BYD
Franco Delgado ... Barrish Brother
Kip Ellwood ... Male Nurse
Margot Krindel ... Amber Lloyd

Runtime: 101 min
Country: USA
Language: English

From Wikipedia:

The Deep End was a film written and directed by the team of David Siegel and Scott McGehee, released in 2001. It stars Tilda Swinton, Goran Višnjic', Jonathan Tucker and Josh Lucas and was released by Fox Searchlight Pictures. The film was adapted from the novel The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (previously adapted in Max Ophüls' film The Reckless Moment). The film premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Best Cinematography award (for cinematography by English cinematographer Giles Nuttgens).

Margaret Hall (Swinton) lives a seemingly serene middle-class life in Tahoe City, California. Her husband, Tom, is a pilot on the aircraft carrier USS Constellation. She is startled to discover that her son Beau, a high school senior, has been having a sexual affair with 30 year-old Reno, Nevada night club owner Darby Reese (Lucas). The affair becomes apparent when a drunken Beau wrecks his car returning from Reno one night. The next day, Margaret visits Darby's nightclub, The Deep End, to demand that he stay away from her son. Darby offers to stay away for $5,000. Margaret attempts to engage her son about his orientation to no avail. The two have an argument which culminates with Margaret forbidding Beau from visiting Reno again.

That night, Darby secretly visits Beau and the two meet in the boat house. Beau confronts Darby about asking his mother for money. The two argue, eventually coming to blows. As Beau flees back to the house, Darby leans on a railing which collapses. Darby falls below, impaling himself on an anchor.

The next morning, Margaret discovers Darby's body on the beach. She deduces that Beau and Darby had an altercation which resulted in Darby's death. In a panic, Margaret decides to get rid of the body by dumping it in a cove. The body is soon discovered and the police investigate it as a homicide. Soon after, Alex Spera confronts and blackmails Margaret with an illicit tape that Darby recorded of one of his sexual encounters with Beau. Alex demands $50,000 in 24 hours or he and his partner will turn the tape over to the police which would implicate Beau in Darby's "murder".

I think It's more triler than gay movie. Even one of main caracter is gay.

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14 May 2008

Hate Crime (2005)

Hate Crime (2005)

Jeste li kada osjetili neobično jaku mržnju prema nečemu? I koliko dugo vas je to držalo?
Ja jesam, kada sam vidio koliki sam bio magarac koji je slijepo vjerovao jednom pederu sa kojim sam bio u vezi skoro 3 godine, poželio sam da ga ubijem na lice mjesta! I da mi je tada bio tu na oči udavio bih ga!
Užas! sve trpim osim laži !
Slučajno sam mu vidio pasworde za mailove i imao sam šta viđeti. Crnilo na oči, nevjerica, stotine slika, pisama ukojima piše kako on jadničak i nema mnogo iskustva, nalozi na gomilu gay sajtova,
brojevi telefona za koje nisam ni znao da imam, jedan potpuno drugi svjet u odnosu na ono za šta se predstavljao!
Tada sam definitivno zamrzio pederluk! Ne mislim pedere kao seksualnu orijentaciju nego pederizam kao način života i razmišljanja!
Ovaj film nam govori o jednoj mržnji! Mržnji koja bukvalno vodi ka ubistvu! Triler sa gay tematikom.

Dva pedera Robbie Levinson i Trey McCoy žive zajedno pod istim krovom. Treba da se vjenčaju, usvoje djete , i žive normalnim pederskim životom! Kao u svakom normalnom balkanskom mjestu! U susjedstvu im doseljava jedan nemormalni "str8" lik, religiozan, iz tradicionalne porodice kome je otac pastor u obližnjoj crkvi.

Jedno veće jedan od mladenaca izađe da prošeta svoga malog kera koji je po meni tragično ružan ( ni kinezi ga nebi pojeli) i postane žrtva nekog homofoba. Završava u bolnicu i umire.
Dalji razvoj događaja je klasičan policijski triler u kojem isplivava sva mržnja, kako nasilnika homofoba tako i onih koji su pretrpjeli gubitak voljenog.

Za ovaj film prevod mi je poslao Pannonianman! Skinite ga Ovdije !

Pa ako volite trilere, naoštrite se i pogledajte ovaj film! Ima neobičan završetak!

Danas je dan borbe protiv homofobije !

Director: Tommy Stovall
Writer: Tommy Stovall (written by)
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Tagline: It's about Love. It's about Intolerance. It's about Justice.
Plot Keywords: Gay Interest | Gay Bashing | Homophobia | Police Investigation

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Seth Peterson ... Robbie Levinson
Bruce Davison ... Pastor Boyd
Chad Donella ... Chris Boyd
Cindy Pickett ... Barbara McCoy
Brian J. Smith ... Trey McCoy
Susan Blakely ... Martha Boyd
Lin Shaye ... Kathleen Slansky
Farah White ... Det. Elizabeth Fisher
Giancarlo Esposito ... Detective Esposito
Sean Hennigan ... Jim McCoy
Brandy Little ... Stella
Ben Bathman ... Connor Davis
Luke King ... Alton Kachim
Earl Browning III ... Detective Loy
Scarlett McAlister ... Doctor Kucera

Runtime: USA:103 min | USA:104 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Robbie Levinson and Trey McCoy suddenly encounter intolerance and hostility at the hands of their new neighbor, Chris Boyd, the son of a fundamentalist preacher. One evening, Trey sets out on his nightly walk with their dog and never returns. Immediately, fingers are pointed and Chris and Robbie become the prime suspects. With no support from the authorities, Robbie receives help from some unlikely sources to execute a desperate and dangerous plan that uncovers secrets that will turn many lives upside-down and ultimately bring the perpetrator to justice, regardless of the consequences

Robbie and Trey live peacefully in a quiet neighborhood, until an unexpected conflict arises in the form of hostile new neighbor Chris, a preacher’s kid. Blindsided by a brutal attack, Trey winds up in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Chris becomes the prime suspect, but he has a solid alibi. After he himself becomes a suspect, Robbie desperately attempts to carry out a complex and dangerous plan that will uncover shocking secrets and turn many lives upside down.

A thought-provoking suspense drama, Hate Crime, a testament to the power of love and the damaging consequences of intolerance, is a film by Tommy Stovall, shot on location in Dallas, Texas. Seth Peterson (Providence) stars as Robbie, with Bruce Davison (X-Men, Runaway Jury), Giancarlo Esposito (Usual Suspects, Homicide: Life on the Street), Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Chad Donella (Final Destination), Susan Blakely (The Towering Inferno), and Lin Shaye (There’s Something About Mary) rounding out the all-star cast.

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