29 August 2008

A Very Natural Thing (1974)

A Very Natural Thing (1974)

Director: Christopher Larkin
Writers: Joseph Coencas (screenplay), Joseph Coencas 
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 80 min
Year: 1974

Stars: Robert McLane, Curt Gareth, Bo White

The film begins as a mini-documentary of New York Citys 1973 Gay Pride parade and rally, with a young lesbian unabashedly declaring, "being gay is a very natural thing." The action cuts to the protagonist, David (Robert Joel), going through the ritual of being released from his vocation as a monk in a monastery. He then is seen as a public school teacher of English Literature in the New York City area, who spends his time off driving into the city to be with his "oldest friend from Schenectady," Alan (Jay Pierce) at a gay bar.

One evening at the bar, David is singled out to dance by Mark (Curt Gareth), who portrays a businessman. They end up spending the night together, which at first seems like a one-night stand until David says hed like to see Mark again, and Mark agrees. Not long after, the pair begin a monogamous relationship, and David moves in with Mark. But when Mark wants to have sex with other men, the relationship starts to break down. He rejects the idea of modeling a gay relationship on heterosexual marriage, and he is irritated that David wants to "keep pushing this romantic thing." Mark would rather have an understanding that either of them can have sex with other men when they feel like it, but this ends up alienating them from each other. Mark refuses to say, "I love you" until David playfully wrestles with him and tells him, "Say it...again...once more for good measure." After a year, though, David realizes that the two of them are just marking time. The two go to Fire Island for a weekend in an attempt to spice up their relationship, and although David tries to please Mark by entering an orgy, he cant go through with it. After a fight, David temporarily moves in with his friend Alan, who gives David an objective perspective on what happened. In a later encounter with Mark at Coney Island, David finally realizes that there cant be a reconciliation, as Mark is more interested in sex than a romantic relationship.

Critical reaction

The film was seen as the gay response to Love Story (1970), the movie famous for the phrase, "Love means never having to say youre sorry." Similarly, Mark tells David, "Love means never having to say youre in love," and a montage of the two men rolling down a leaf-covered hill, quietly lying together at home, and being in love mimics a montage of the heterosexual couple in Love Story. Both movies argued for an unconventional alternative to traditional marriage, despite a commitment. David tells Jason that he is committed to him, but that this commitment is based on wanting to be together, not having to be together. The ending is very optimistic, which was out of the ordinary for gay relationship films until then. Earlier films were dominated by tales of gays and lesbians being outcasts of society, mentally disturbed or committing suicide; later films were sadly dominated by the emergence of AIDS. A Very Natural Thing thus represents a short period in time where gay liberation flourished, and filmmakers could explore relationships in much the same way that films with heterosexual characters did.

The film was one of the first mainstream films to show homosexuality as a valid and normal act of love, i.e. "a very natural thing," as it attempted to explore the options for gay couples in 1973, including footage of an actual Gay Pride celebration. Many heterosexual film critics felt that the films depiction of love between two men as romantic made the film automatically "an argument rather than an entertainment" (New York Post). The film showed a young gay couple going through many of the same rituals and facing many of the same challenges as a straight couple; and, for many heterosexual Americans.

Some gay film critics felt that film was not political enough: that the characters were too apolitical, too middle class and that, by rejecting the philosophy of free love or sexual liberation, the film was rejecting what some gay activists felt was a necessary value of the new gay liberation movement.
Larkin responded to the criticism by saying, "I wanted to say that same-sex relationships are no more problematic but no easier than any other human relationships. They are in many ways the same and in several ways different from heterosexual relationships but in themselves are no less possible or worthwhile". (The Celluloid Closet pg. 208, 1987). Incidentally, Vito Russo, who wrote The Celluloid Closet appears in A Very Natural Thing.
The film was not financially successful, and the director, Christopher Larkin, moved to California, where in 1981 he published the book The Divine Androgyne According to Purusha. Larkin committed suicide on June 21, 1988.

Carícies (1998) aka Caresses (USA)

Carícies (1998) aka Caresses (USA)

Jedva odgledah ovaj film, valjda sam bio previse umoram za ovako čudan film. Film se sastoji od 11 priča u kojima uvjek jedan karakter pređe unarednu priču. Valjda zbog umora ili me već godine stižu, ja sam zapamtio samo 10 priča. pa evo tih 10, a vi ako vas interesuje đe su mi se izgubila jedna odgledajte film kako treba.

1.Film počne sa svadjom jednog bračnog para đe On ošamari Nju, pa ga ona isprebija i naćera da ode kod komšinice da uzme ulje za salatu.

2. Ona priča sa starom majkom koja se žali kako je sama.

3.Stara majka u domu za matorce pleše tango sa drugaricom, koja joj opali žvaku.

4. Ova što joj je opalila žvaku ode kod beskućnika kojemukaže da smrdi.

5. Beskućnik spava na ulici i dolazi klinac da ga opljačka. Klinac mu ispriča priču kako je sa drugarom uzeo drogu i kako su trošili novac i drogirali se sa drugarima ulicama grada.

5. Klinac se kupa u kadi, ulazi mu otac. Počinje priča između njih dvojice pri kojoj klinac svako malo zove oca da uđe u kadu, otac na kraju uđe u kadu, a klinac komentariše kako otac ima veći kurac od njega i kako je dlakaviji.

Find more videos like this on GAY THEMED MOVIE
Story No. 5

6. Otac sreće u jednoj samoposlugi neku ribu i priča joj kako 3 puta dnevno pere kitu i kako prije nego stavi gaće u mašinu za veš obavezno pomiriše. Žena ga ne razumije.
7. Riba iz samoposluge priča sa ocem, koji sprema večeru.
8. Otac koji je spremao većeru odlazi kod nekog mladog pedera, nosi mu ogledalo. Peder mu puši kurac i viče kako ga ovaj matori izluđuje. ( vidi video klip!)
9. Peder priča sa majkom koja mu iz novčanika krade novac. Klinac iz kupatilu sluša svađu iz priče br.1
10.Muž iz priče br. 1 odlazi kod majke od pedera i traži ulje! Ova ga pomazi!
Krug je zatvoren!
Uh jedva otkucah ovo, toliko me je film smorio. Kada budem imao više vremena ponovo ću ga odgledati. Ventura Pons zaista umije da zakomplikuje život na filmskom platnu!

Director: Ventura Pons
Writers: Sergi Belbel (play)
Sergi Belbel (screenplay)

Release Date: 13 February 1998 (Spain)
Genre: Drama

Plot Keywords: Female Frontal Nudity | Female Nudity | Human Relationship | Vignette | City
Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

(Complete credited cast)
David Selvas ... Home jove
Laura Conejero ... Dona jove
Julieta Serrano ... Dona gran
Montserrat Salvador ... Dona vella
Agustín González ... Home vell
Naím Thomas ... Nen (as Naďm Thomas)
Sergi López ... Home
Mercč Pons ... Noia
Jordi Dauder ... Home gran
Roger Coma ... Noi
Rosa Maria Sardŕ ... Dona
Jordi Cercos
Sandra Pascual
Guillermo Pardevila

Additional Details
Also Known As:
Carícias (Spain: Castilian title)
Caresses (USA) (video title)
Runtime: 94 min
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish | Catalan
Certification: Argentina:13 | France:U | Spain:13

Scripter Sergi Belbel and director Ventura Pons based this film on Belbel's 1991 play, structured in a fashion similar to Arthur Schnitzler's La Ronde (1900) and Richard Linklater's Slacker (1991): Two character set-ups feature one character from each scene turning up in the next scene, and so on, as a variety of people parade through diverse romantic and sexual situations. Cars careen about via an altered camera speed to provide the linkages between the 11 interlocking scenes. Shown at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival.
Eleven episodes portray different encounters in a large city during the course of a single night towards the end of the millennium. A young man wants to stop living together with a young woman because he believes that they no longer have anything to say to each other. The young woman goes to visit her mother, an elderly woman. She lives with an old lesbian who meets her homeless brother. She asks him to forgive her for having seduced his wife all those years ago, but the brother pretends not to know who she is. A young boy attacks the homeless man. At first he tells him about his wild nights, then he knocks him to the ground and steals the old man's ring. At home the young boy has a bath and asks his father to join him in the tub. The boy's father has a girlfriend, a young woman. He intends to end their relationship... Eleven interlocking scenes that involve two characters, one of whom carries forward into the next scene, until the chain comes full circle.

Pictures, trailer, description, links for download

28 August 2008

Playgirl September 2006 Hottest Hunks Contest

Playgirl September 2006
Hottest Hunks Contest

Iako sam skinuo nekoliko filmova naprosto nisam imao zivaca da ih pogledam. A kako stvari stoje i necu prije ponedeljka.

Zato vam za danas predstavljam ovo lagano štivo , koje možete pogledati uz jutarnju kaficu.
Takmičenje za najbolje meso playgirl magazina.
Taj časopis je kao namjejen ženama, al ga više vole pederi. Pa kako i nebi kada je časopis pun dobrih likova, a ponekad i poneka poznata ličnost zaglavi u njemu!
Ako je vjerovati časopisu 30 % čitalaca su pederi.
Samo 30?

Mnoge poznate ličnosti , političari, glumci pjevači su pozirali goli za taj magazin. Valjda nema ulaznice u svjet slavnih ako se ne skineš i ne osvaneš na stranicama playgirla!

Zato uzmite foto aparat, gaće na štrik i slikajte se za Playgirl!:)

PLAYGIRL is a monthly lifestyle magazine published in the United States that features seminude or fully nude men. The magazine was founded in 1973 during the height of the feminist movement as a response to erotic men's magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse that featured similar photos of women.

The magazine is well-known for two publicity stunts - offering Charles, Prince of Wales $45,000 to appear nude in a centerfold in 1990, and publishing a nude pictorial called "The Men of Enron" in September 2002 in which some former Enron employees "lost their shirts."

Though the magazine is marketed to heterosexual women, Playgirl's then-editor-in-chief Michele Zipp said in 2003, "The gay readership is about 30%." She went on to add, "It's 'Entertainment for Women' because there's no other magazine out there that caters to women in the way we do, but we love our gay readers as well."[1] Also in 2003, the President of Trans Digital Media, LLC (the brand management firm for Playgirl TV), Mark Graff, stated that 50% of Playgirl's readership are gay males.[2]

Playgirl is published by New York-based company Blue Horizon Media, which also publishes High Society, Celebrity Skin, Hawk, Chéri and a number of other hardcore pornographic magazines. Blue Horizon, then known as Crescent Publishing, was charged in 2000 by the FCC with over 180 million dollars of online credit card fraud, much of which was conducted on the Playgirl Magazine site. All Blue Horizon titles, including Playgirl were prevented from conducting any business on the web for five years. Then-president Bruce Chew was subsequently indicted, along with several prominent members of the Gambino crime family.

Throughout the history of the magazine, Playgirl has featured male frontal nudity except for the early issues in 1973, and the infamous non-nude year 1987. In 1986, Drake Publishers (later renamed Crescent, and renamed again to Blue Horizon Media) bought Playgirl and relocated it to New York. John Paul became the first full frontal centerfold in November 1987 after a disastrous non-nude year. Throughout the years the magazine has matured as erections, foreskin and non-Caucasian models have appeared in the magazine. The magazine has generally featured models who have been circumcised but of late, layouts with uncircumcised models are featured.

Playgirl is available in English and has been published in numerous foreign-language and international editions during its history: Germany (1978-1980 and 1989-2003), France (1978), Australia (1985-88, and as Interlude in 1991), the Netherlands (1987-88), Great Britain (1992-93), South Africa (1995), Brazil, and Russia (2004-?), and in a Spanish-language edition (1992-93). A limited Canadian edition is in the works.

Apart from professional models, Playgirl features amateur models in a section called Real Men (formerly known as Snapshots). A Real Men of the Year contest is held, in which readers can vote the for the best layout of the year.

Every year in June, Playgirl has its "Man of the Year" issue. In July, it's the "Country" issue and in November, Playgirl dedicates an issue to "Campus Hunks." A nude centerfold calendar featuring the men of the previous year is usually included in the December or January issue of the magazine. Readers are asked to vote for the Man of the Year from the pictures of the calendar.

In August 2008, the magazine announced that they will cease publication of its print edition as of the January 2009 issue. After that point, the magazine plans to continue with an online-only edition


25 August 2008

The Natural Enemy -L'ennemi Naturel (France)(2004)

The Natural Enemy -L'ennemi Naturel (France)(2004)
Ovo baš i nije gay film iako ima dovoljno elemenata da se nadje u filmskoj kolekciji mnogih pedera.

Mladi inspector Luhel dolazi na obali Bretanje da istraži smrt mladog adoscelanta. Policija vjeruje da se radi o nesretnom sluc(aju ali majka nesretnog mladic'a vjeruje da ga je ubio njen bivši muž Srege Tunguya.

Inspektor Luhel nalazi Tunguya golog u mračnoj prostoriji. Prizor u kojem je contrast dve osobe izuzetan, Luhel, mlad , suv, hladan I Tunguy prikazan u mračnoj perspektivi, bez želje za životom, anksiozan I samo destruktivan.

Tokom filma inspector Luhel postaje opsjednut Tunguyem. Mnoge scene nagog inspektora I prikazi enormnog penisa nesretnog Tangaya daju filmu posebnu dimenziju. He mnogi pederi sanjaju o takvim penisima, valjda kao simbol najmilije kazne za to što su takvi kakvi jesu!

Sve u svemu film se može kategorisati kao policijski triler, a ne kao gay film!

Director: Pierre-Erwan Guillaume
Writers: Pierre-Erwan Guillaume (scenario and dialogue)
Zoé Galeron (scenario collaborator) ...
Release Date: 8 December 2004 (France)
Genre: Drama
Plot Synopsis:This plot synopsis is empty. Add a synopsis
Plot Keywords: Male Full Frontal Nudity / Sex Symbol / Affair / Beach / Gay more
(Credited cast)
Jalil Lespert ... Lieutenant Luhel
Aurélien Recoing ... Monsieur Tanguy
Patrick Rocca ... Major Le Mener
Doria Achour ... Adc(le
Florence Loiret ... Nathalie (as Florence Loiret-Caille)
Lucy Russell ... L'ex-femme de Tanguy
Anne Coesens ... La compagne de Tanguy
Alexandra London ... La maîtresse de Tanguy
Fred Ulysse ... Le vieux Goulven
Anne-Louise Trividic ... L'adjointe au maire
Eric Savin ... Brigadier Beaupré
Lod(c Houdré ... Gendarme Guillou

Guillaume Bienvenu ... Richard

A young police officer, Nicolas Luhel, arrives in a remote Breton town to investigate the mysterious death of an adolescent. The victim’s mother has no doubt who the killer is - her ex-husband, Serge Tanguy. As Nicolas begins his investigation, it appears that everyone is against him, as if no-one wants to know how the teenager died. On top of this, Nicholas has his own problems. He misses the comfort of his wife and new-born child. And then he begins to experience a strange, intimate fascination for Tanguy...


Pierre Erwan Guillaume made his directorial debut with this, one of the most original and intriguing French films of 2004. Starting out as what looks like a thriller cut from the conventional policier mould, the film gradually morphs into something very different - a hauntingly poetic portrayal of a young man’s search for his own identity, disguised as a police investigation on the suitably austere coast of Brittany.

In contrast to the usual crime drama, where there is a well-honed plot which ends with the mystery tidily explained, this film has very little plot and no clear resolution. A great deal is left to our imagination, which is both frustrating and strangely liberating. Pierre Erwan Guillaume leaves us with a bleak existentialist mystery which he invites us to dissect and analyse at our leisure. If probably helps if you've read a bit of Sartre and Camus beforehand.

The director’s inexperience does show in a number of places - most notably in the uneven pacing and abundance of slightly caricatured secondary characters. However, these imperfections do not greatly diminish the film's impact and, if anything, they add to its rough-and-ready charm. Had the film been more polished, it would probably had far less of an impact.

One thing that cannot be faulted is the contribution from the lead actors - Jalil Lespert and Aurélien Recoing, two of French cinema's finest, the former playing gauche sensitivity as convincingly as the latter plays brooding self-confidence. Both actors put in an incredibly intense performance which conveys the great inner torment of a soul wracked by dark sub-conscious desires. It is the most harrowingly realistic portrayal of two men who have reached the limit of their endurance and who see nothing but darkness ahead of them. Neither character is willing to accept the truth of his identity, so both are drawn inexorably to the precipice of self-destruction.

L'Ennemi naturel is not a film that will appeal to everyone. The abstract nature of its subject, the explicit sexual imagery (carried to excess in some places) and the lack of a closed narrative make it a demanding work that is not particularly comfortable to watch. That said, it does exert a very tight vice-like hold on the spectator, and explores themes which few filmmakers are brave enough to tackle - and in such a refreshingly honest and imaginative manner.


Disi Duboko , Take a Deep Breath (2004)

Disi Duboko , Take a Deep Breath (2004)

Kao što sam najavio ubuduće ču vam na blogu predstavljati i filmove sa lezbijskom tematikom. Prvi film na tu temu je Diši Duboko, režisera Dragana Marinkovića. Film je lako gledljiv i nekako prepoznatljiv u našem svakodnevnom okruženju. Jebena borba za svoje mjesto pod suncem pa makar to bilo i negdje u Parizu , Kanadi ili na kraj svjeta često nam drastično mjenja živote, a kada uz to dodamo sukob generacija, neuobičajene emocije i pad morala, sve se pretvara u jednu pravu dramu kao što je ovaj film!

Saša, beogradska studentkinja Prava, saopštava roditeljima da će se sa dečkom Stefanom, iseliti u Kanadu. Iste noći, Saša i Stefan doživljavaju saobraćajnu nesreću. Saša se budi u bolnici i upoznaje šarmantnu i lucidnu Stefanovu sestru Lanu, fotografkinju iz Pariza. Stefan se oporavlja u bolnici.
Saša je šokirana saznanjem da njena majka Lila, ima ljubavnika. Lana, osoba koja dokazuje da je život ponekad više - igra, postaje Sašina bliska prijateljica, sa kojom deli mnoga osećanja i tajne.
Sašin otac, poznati sudija, bezuspešno pokušava da zadrži familiju na okupu. U sred tog familijarnog haosa, Saša započinje ljubavnu vezu sa sestrom svog dečka.

Više o filmu če te nači odje: http://www.queeria.com/lezbos.aspx?id=2478

Director: Dragan Marinkovic
Writers: Hajdana Baletic (writer)
Dragan Marinkovic (adaptation)
Release Date: 8 November 2004 (Serbia)
Plot Keywords: Paris France | Balcony | Car Accident | Father Daughter Relationship | Friendship

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Mira Furlan ... Lila
Ana Franic ... Sasa
Jelena Djokic ... Lana
Bogdan Diklic ... Milos
Branislav Tomasevic ... Stefan
Nikola Djuricko ... Bojan
Goran Susljik ... Sinisa
Ana Sakic ... Ines
Bojan Dimitrijevic ... Zoran
Jelena Helc ... Glavna sestra
Tatjana Torbica ... Medicinska sestra (as Tanja Torbica)
Danijela Mihajlovic ... Cistacica (as Nela Mihajlovic)
Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic ... Deda (as Bata Paskaljevic)
Petar Kralj ... Doktor
Milan Maric ... Miki

Also Known As:
Take a Deep Breath (International: English title) (informal title)
Runtime: 80 min
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Language: Serbo-Croatian
Filming Locations: Ada ciganlija, Belgrade, Serbia

Sasa, a Belgrade University law student, tells her parents that she and her boyfriend Stefan are moving to Canada. That same night Sasa and Stefan suffer a car accident. Sasa wakes up in hospital and meets Stefan's charming and clever sister Lana, a photographer living in Paris. Stefan remains in hospital to recover. Sasa finds out that her mother Lila is having an affair. Her father, a well-known judge, desperately tries to keep the family together. Lana becomes Sasa's closest friend - a person able to prove that life is sometimes a mere game. In the midst of historical and family chaos, Sasa gets involved in a love relationship with her boyfriend's sister.

Description, trailer, pictures, english subtitle

Vacation is over!

Nakon poduzeg odmora, vrijeme je da nastavimo sa ovim blogom. Mada jos nisam sredio sve utiske, vrlo brzo sam si nabacio sve "lance" i "okove" i vratio se uobičajenom str8 životu. Jedini prozor u pederski način života mi ostaje ovaj ekran sa filmovima , internetom, poneki telefonski poziv , sms ...
Nakon nekoliko dana normalizacije odgledao sam nekoliko filmova koje ću vam predstaviti narednih dana. Ono što je novina je da ću ubuduće postaviti i poneki film sa lezbijskom tematikom. Posebnu pažnju ću posvetiti domaćim filmovima, kojih istini za volju i nema u izobilju, te ih vrijedi predstaviti.
Naše filmadžije baš i nisu puni elana kada treba snimiti poneki film o pederima, al kada su u pitanju lezbijske teme lakše se upuštaju u tu tematiku. Čovijek bi rekao da su naši producenti i režiseri neki mačo strejteri, al ko ih malo bolje poznaje samo bi se nasmijao na tu konstataciju!

Filmovi koji će se narednih dana naći na blogu su:

XXY - Lucía Puenzo i
Diši duboko - Dragan Marinković

After vacation, blog must go on!!!In last couple days i'm watched two interested movies what will be post here! In future I will post some lesbians movies too! i will rearange site too, on two languages Ex- yu languages ( Montenegrian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian language) and English!
I'm still waiting for somebody who will help me!
Visit my New Site:: http://orvel.me