26 September 2013

Cal (2013)

Cal (2013)

Director: Christian Martin
Writer: Christian Martin 
Genre: Drama
Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 89 min 
Year: 2013

Stars: Wayne Virgo, Tom Payne, Emily Corcoran

Cal je odjseo kod tetke dok mu majka umire u bolnici, bez novca, bez posla, usred ekonomske krize. Beznadežno traži posao dok noću pokušava da izbjegne seksualne nasrtaje pijane tetke. Sociorealistična priča koja se eto ponavlja svakom ekonomskom krizom koja zahvati evropu.
Nesretnim spletom okolnosti upoznaje mladog uličnog hastlera sa kojim pokušava da se skloni od lokalnog dilera drogom i makroa.
Već viđena priča koja mnogo podsjeća na film Shank istog režisera kojeg očito fasciniraju uličarske gradske priče.
Za naše podneblje umorno od svakodnevnice koje u mnogome sliči ovom priči, film može biti manje zanimljiv mada mnogi će nakon što ga odgledaju ipak reći: Nije meni tako loše:)
Film je dobro napravljen i drži tenziju cjelim svojim trajanjem, pa ga preporučujem onima koji vole priče tog tipa.

Set in the economically depressed England of today, Cal is a startling sequel to the hit 2009 film, Shank.
20 year-old Cal returns from France to Britain after receiving news that his mother is ill. He finds his home city of Bristol facing hard times, with poverty and crime on the rise and rioting and looting rife. Now openly gay, Cal clashes with his homophobic mother and alcoholic, predatory aunt. Things soon turn around upon meeting a cute, young student who needs his help. However, Cal’s act of kindness brings about a whole lot of trouble and a race against time to make peace with his mother and escape his home town. An intense, dark and intelligent feature bringing Cal’s story bang up-to-date.

Interview by Pip Ellwood of entertainment-focus.com
Christian Martin is one of the writers and directors of gay cinema hits Shank and Release. His latest offering is Bufferingwhich shows the extraordinary things a couple will do to clear their debt. The movie has just been released on DVD through TLA Releasing. We caught up with Christian to talk about the movie and find out what else he’s got in the pipeline.
How are you today?
Exhausted to be brutally honest – just returned home from a gruelling 14 hour shoot on my next film. We’re in the third week of a four week shoot and it’s taking it’s toll on me! Rain stopped play yesterday – coupled with a raid on my house from 20 Armed Response Policemen waving loaded guns in my face and arresting me and my co-director, the director of photography as well as our grip followed by a phalanx of press descending on my house to interview me about it – whilst trying to control a crew and schedule – it has been quite fatiguing to say the least!
Buffering has just come out on DVD. Tell us about the movie.
It’s an attempt by myself and co-writer/director Darren Flaxstone to try and make a film that was both relevant and a little lighter hearted in comparison to our previous films Shank and Release. I was fascinated to read about the increasingly popular fundraising route that certain enterprising people have taken by making their own amateur pornography and selling it online. The credit crunch and the familiar scene of a couple having overextended on their credit cards and being imperilled by debt turning to porn formed the basis of a good idea from which we could hopefully have some fun, make a comment and entertain all in one movie. We might not all be earning bankers’s bonuses but there’s a lot of wankers out there!
Where did the inspiration for Buffering come from?
Looking at my own credit card debt, contemplating what I would do to pay it all off if I was 20 years younger! I simply wanted to make something a little less intense than the previous two films that still has something to say whilst being a little ridiculous in places but with heart as well.
I was obviously on the money somewhere in my thinking as a Hollywood writer has approached me about a re-write for the USA with a straight couple as the lead characters as opposed to a gay couple.
What was your intention when you set out to make the film?
To quite simply have some fun and try something different, to develop as a film maker into a genre that is diametrically opposed to previous films that I have made. To work with a wider range of talented people – like the band that collaborated with us by writing an ace soundtrack – NANCY – and to make a British comedy and show we have a sense of humour!
Tell us about the casting process – how easy was that for you?
We have a great stalwart cast member who always appears in our films, Bernie Hodges, he’s a local actor who is increasingly difficult to book because his workload has increased considerably in recent years but we got him on board first. He then casts the films for us. Auditions were held and cast were selected. It’s difficult with low budget because you think big and then have to work backwards because of budget but it’s always great to find new talent and hopefully give them a break. It wasn’t easy but we got there in the end.
What was the atmosphere like on set during shooting?
Surprisingly relaxed actually. I had negotiated with another film that was finishing to buy their sets and adapt them for our use and to rent the studio space that they had booked. Being in a studio made everything so much easier and consequently more relaxed. I think everyone on the crew shared the guilty secret of knowing exactly the sites we were alluding to in the film where gay or straight couples could upload their clips and sell them for other people’s self gratification! I dare say some of the crew may have even done it!
How did Buffering differ to your previous movies Release and Shank?
Buffering is a 180 change of direction. A comedy is not only hard to write but enormously challenging to get right tonally. I think we’ve ended up with a good example of a hybrid of the two – a drama and a comedy – a dramedy if you like! The material could so easily have pulled me back towards drama and indeed I found it difficult to go in the other direction but Darren (my co-writer) was a good helmsman navigating these un-chartered waters for both of us. When you start to look at how ridiculous life can be it becomes easier to commit ideas to paper and subsequently a script. Carry On films don’t necessarily appeal to me but it’s surprising how much “carry on” there is inside of all of us regardless – we are all conditioned to enjoy a double entendre from time to time.
What would you like audiences to take away from the movie?
Hope that we can all get through tough times with a little imagination and energy! A sense that they saw something that was entertaining but that also said something about where we are all at in this moment of economic chaos that not even bankers or politicians can analyse correctly or solve as a problem. I have been lucky enough to go to a few festivals and view it with audiences and the response has been very very positive to the film.
What’s coming up next for you?
We have one week to go on a new film about youth unemployment, set against the backdrop of the 99% er’s the riots in Bristol and the return of a character from our film Shank. The film’s called Cal and stars Wayne Virgo, Daniel Brocklebank, Emily Corcoran and a stunning newcomer Tom Payne as well as the irrepressible Bernie Hodges. I agonized over what to do after Buffering and have returned to a socio-economic-realist drama as my next project. I’m having a great time pairing with collaborator Jack O’Dowd on this one. I also have a small short coming out which I have just completed called Contracted which is part of series I am doing (the first of which was the award winning Fucked directed by Jack O’Dowd which is on the dvd for Buffering). Contracted is a rye look at the world of Hollywood actor’s contracts and the obligations contained therein that are intended to keep a lid on actor’s private lives and sexual preferences. It’s not going to go down well with the Scientologists that’s for sure. We have a great cast in Eleanor Gecks and John Mason who steal the show as our showbiz/Hollywood couple coupled with an hilarious and viciously tongued PR man played by Garry Summers.
How will you be spending Christmas this year?
Starting the edit on Cal with Jack and then relaxing with my family. I am blessed with 4 nieces and a nephew who entertain us all with their antics and their enthusiasm for Christmas. We are all descending on my parents – a houseful of over 14 of us – it’s a riot. Thankfully we treat ourselves to having catering and waitering staff in to do Christmas day! Then in January it’s off to Cape Town to stay with friends and research and start writing my next script which is set in a township just outside of Cape Town.

Bugcrush (2006)

Bugcrush (2006)

Director: Carter Smith 
Writers: Scott Treleaven (story), Carter Smith
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA 
Language: English
Duration: 36 min
Year: 2006

Stars: Josh Caras, Donald Cumming, Eleonore Hendricks

Radnja se odvija u malom gradiću koji izgleda kao da je napušten. Ben koji je tek doselio i nov je učenik u školi upoznaje Granta. Privlačnost ali i nelagoda koja diže seksualnu tenziju pretvara se u druženje sa zlokobnim krajem.
Bugcrush je kratki horor film koji uspjeva da nam napetost i nelagodu drži do zadnje minute filma. Sam kraj filma nije dorečen tako da gledaocima ostavlja mogućnost da sami protumače šta se stvarno dogodilo.

A small-town loner's fascination with the new kid in town leads him into something much more sinister than he could ever have imagined.
Bugcrush is a short story on film. It details such flowery ideals as infatuation, carnal lust, and sexual naiveté. The work flows on the screen like a poem, skipping along at a deliberate, desperate pace and keeping the audience's ears tuned in to each subtle nuance and inflection it carries in its message. Bugcrush is also a trip to hell. It wanders down the road less traveled, taking you back to the moments in your life where you could had done something different and taken that chance, and then shows you how it could have gone terribly awry. But what just levels anyone who watches the film is the ripe tension, the imposing feeling of unease that permeates so much of the screen.

25 September 2013

Sígueme (2011)

Sígueme (2011)

Director: Alejandro Durán 
Writer: Alejandro Durán
Genre: Short movie 
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish with english subtitle
Duration: 13 min 
Year: 2011

Stars: Jacinto Bobo / Rubén, Daniel Enríquez / Paco and May Melero as Julia.

Ljetos sam često išao u jedan kamp iznad jedne nudističke plaže. Iz tog kampa se pruža najljepši pogled na more i malo je ljudi kojima ne zastane dah dok sa tog mjesta gledaju kako sunce uranja u more prosipajući crvenilo po površini vode.
Jedne večeri dok sam ležao ispred šatora i gledao u beskrajno mnogo zvijezda stigla mi je poruka na mob: Volio bih se upoznati sa tobom, gdje si? Neko je našao na internetu moj broj i poslao poruku na koju sam odgovorio: Nalazim se ispred šatora i gledam u zvjezde, ako hoćeš pridruži mi se. Ta noć je bila zaista prelijepa, a i seks sa neznacem je bio nekako drugačiji. Rekao mi je da je oženjen, da ima djete, da je vidio moh oglas i odlučio da se javi. Izjutra je otišao.
Kada sam se probudio pogledao sam u mob i vidio poruku: Hvala ti, nikada neću zaboraviti prošlu noć! Nakon nekoliko dana iz jednog kafića dok sam pio kafu ugledam ga sa djetetom. Brisao mu je usne nekom maramicom. Izgledali su mi nekako dovoljni jedno drugom, lijepi i sretni što se imaju. Izbrisao sam broj iz telefona.

Ruben gives in to Paco's invitation and follows him among the rocks on the beach. There they make love. But Ruben has a woman, Julia, who intuitively knows he is unfaithful. Still, Ruben cannot stop going back to the rocks to wait for Paco, even though he is not brave enough to approach him. His desire is irresistible, just as irresistible as the desire to be with Julia and become a father. Is there a solution?


Angora Ranch (2006)

Angora Ranch (2006)
Director: Paul Bright Writer: Paul Bright Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2006 Duration: 96 min
Stars: Paul Bright, Tim Jones, Peggy Mae Binn

Good First Draft
Author: jt-164 from United States
6 February 2007

First off, it seems that Tim Jones, the executive producer and a actor in this film, passed away in August of 2006. May he rest in peace, and thank you for having made the film. Critiques are fine, but I also want to point out that, regardless of constructive criticism, that these people made the film at ALL puts them a far sight ahead of most people. Congrats and cudos to the entire cast & crew!
That said...
This has some good potentials, but suffered from pace issues in several places. Pregnant pauses that should have been picked out by a decent editor made the film drag. The audience would certainly have preferred a shorter film that moved at more brisk a pace. Some of the dialogue is trite, some of it awkward, and too often the blocking looks as though it was made for stage. The best scenes are between the two leads when they forget to act and just have conversation, while they're getting to know each other.
The filmmaker intended to have fun with it, and it does demonstrate a somewhat surreal whimsical feeling, but we could have had more constant reminders, whether via some mechanism, lense coloring, or something to remind us not to expect reality. Then the departures might not have been so taxing.
Did I enjoy the DVD? Yes, despite the flaws (and myself) I did. But I wouldn't wittingly have parted with $27 for a copy, except to support the work.
It's a good first draft. I'd have re-edited, re-shot some scenes... but that would mean remaking the film altogether in this case. The expenses were obviously minimal by Hollywood standards. With some fine-tuning and rewrites, maybe some more outside help, this could have been a much better movie.
I applaud the effort. It's good to see gay independent filmmakers not falling back on cheap sex sells. Now to lose the clichés.
To The Writer/Director: Paul, there ARE some homo men who don't have gay mannerisms. They may even be a substantial portion of the population. They're just inherently unseen. It might have been nice to show this as well, and set another example of tolerance in the process, as you did by this remarkable town you've created. Get ahold of me before you start your next production. I'd be glad to pitch in!

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19 September 2013

Come non detto (2012)

come_non_detto_300Come non detto (2012)

Director: Ivan Silvestrini
Writer: Roberto Proia
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Year: 2012

Stars: Josafat Vagni, Monica Guerritore, Francesco Montanari

come-non-detto-valeria-bilello-josafat-vagni-foto-dal-film-7_midVolite Cher, Lady Gagu, a Severina vas izluđuje svojim pjesmama. Znate da ste gay, a vjerovatno znaju i svi vaši prijatelji i familija. Ipak, nikada niste smogi snage da im jasno i nedvosmisleno kažete: Ja sam gay. Eto tako i Mateo u ovom filmu pokušava da saopšti porodici da je gay i da voli Eduarda. Naravno na jedan prepoznatljiv Italijanski način.
Outovanje nije uvjek bezbolan čin i sa sobom povlači mnoge traume i pitanja, najčešće od roditelja u smislu: gdje sam pogriješio? Osjećej krivnje može kod nekih roditelja da potraje cjeli život, ali u većini slučajeva proizvod svega toga je neznanje.
come-non-detto-josafat-vagni-e-jose-dammertOvih dana se crnogorskoj javnosti često pominje gay parada kao nešto što je nametnuto od strane evropskog gay lobija. Malo ko raspravlja o tome koliko naša sredina umije da bude surova prema osobama drugačijom od većine. A najglasnija u osudi svakog javnog deklarisanja je crkva koja ne propušta priliku da javnosti "objasni" kako je u pitanju teška bolest i pošast apokalipse.
No bez obzira na crkvu, obrazovanjem i savremenim načinom života doći ćemo u priliku da Mateovu homoseksualnost prihvatimo baš onako kao i njegovi roditelji.

I absolutely loved the film
27 February 2013 | by itsvivek4u (United States)
New Image2I absolutely loved this film. This film was comical, funny, emotional , romantic, had family values. In short it had everything that makes my heart feel glad with happiness and satisfaction. There wasn't a single moment in the film that got me bored. The film was not too lengthy , which kept everything interesting. Everything was right, without over-acting and subtle. It doesn't mean the film did not have flaws. It did and I will talk more about those later.
Mattia has just finished college and is about to move to Spain for job. Reality is he wants to be closer to his boyfriend. Tonight, there is a family dinner for his farewell. Mattia has told his boyfriend Eduard that he is out to his family and they are all OK with it but reality is Mattia is struggling hard to tell the truth. Every opportunity he got, something came up and he couldn't tell. Eduard decides to give him surpass on the family dinner night, so that he can meet family in person. Now begins hilarious quest on how to keep Eduard away from the family without telling him the truth. We are shown details of life of Mattia's parents, sister, brother-in-law and my favorite, the grandmother. We also meet his best friends, a drag queen and his girlfriend. The story keeps going in flashback where Mattia tells us how he has landed in the current situation.
Vagni-Josafat1-610x250Ultimately, when he can't take it anymore, at his final dinner, he just blurts it all out and comes out to his family in a very emotional and touching speech. He thinks he will shock everyone but he is the one who is shocked when he finds that his family knew all along but just did not know how to deal with it and how to make Mattia comfortable to tell him. All ends well and Mattia finally goes to Spain with Eduard.
It is funny that sometimes, we think we know our family and that they will not understand what we are going through, but we are so wrong. Parents usually understand us much better than anyone else ever will. And this is shown beautifully towards the end of the film after Mattia comes out to his family. Like I said before, every scene of the film was fantastic, acting was exceptionally good by pretty much everyone and the production values were really high. Mattia was sooooooo cute. I wish the film had shown mor1344511471168_ninni-bruschetta-josafat-vagni-e-jos-dammert-in-come-non-dettoe of the relationship between the couple but then at the same time, I understand that their relationship was not the primary focus of the film-maker. It is supposed to be coming-of-age story and it was just that. The film focuses on all relationships. Mattoa's relationship with his girlfriend and his drag friend was very natural, warm and very believable. Usually these relations look very forced in other films but here it just felt natural. My favorite in the film was grandma. I would watch this film just for the scenes with her. She was so cool, natural and funny. I think her track was very novel, innovative and funny without making her like a demented person. The father was also funny and so was sister's small track. I fell in love with this small Italian family and wanted to be part of them.
The way film kept going back in flashbacks was also done very efficiently. It does not confuse audience because Mattia's voice over explains what's going on. I would strongly recommend this movie as a gay person. There is so much trash out there that this one comes as a pleasant surprise. What is strange is that this movie is no great shakes by any means but right from first scene I just got into it and the film did it for me. I might end up giving it a little extra rating (which I would not otherwise) but hey, what can I do. (9/10)


17 September 2013

Gefangen (2004) aka Locked Up

Gefangen (2004)
Director: Jörg Andreas
Writers: Jörg Andreas, Peter Oehl
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama, Crime, Adult
Language: German Year: 2004

Stars: Marcel Schlutt, Mike Sale, Ralph Steel, Andreas Bernhardt, Michael Busch, Fred Faurtin, Gil, Chris Holland, Erik Lenn, Marc Lindinger, Lorenz Michel, Daniel Mitic, David Parstein, Mike Power, Goran Rakonjac, Mats Riem, Ulrike Schirm, Pedro Sobisch, Henning von Berg

Mnogi pederi maštaju o tome kako ih siluju u zatvoru! Ne vjerujete mi? Popričajte malo po chatovima i uvjeriće te se!
No , svi mii mamo neke želje koje mogu biti čudne za nekog drugog, tako da moramo biti tolerantni, čak i kada nam se to ne sviđa.
Ovo je priča za baš za one koji imaju fetiš zatvora!
Mladi momak zaglavi u zatvor i tamo se susreće sa svim onim kriminalcima koji žele ili da ga ubace u njihovu grupu ili da im budete "devojčica"
Kako se radi o nekom Njemcu, naravno prvo ga vrbuju nacisti. Momak im baš i nije naklonjen, a dopadne mu se jedan crnac. I tu se rađa zabranjena ljubav! Nije problem u tome što je to ljubav između muškaraca , nego što je to ljbav između crnca i bijelca, uz to i Njemca!
Zanimljivo koncipiran film, mada je meni prilična nepoznanica sva ta priča. Inače u filmu su sve samo porno glumci, koji su iznenađujuće dobro odglumili ne porno scene, a kakvi su u porno scenama možete vidjeti u x-rated verziji.
Film obiluje scenama nasilja, silovanja, muške erotike, a o psihi glavnih karaktera prosudite sami. Da li zaista ljubav može biti toliko jaka da poželite da se vratite u zatvor? Sve je moguće!

Film je napravljen u dvije verzije, x-rated version je porno verzija filma. Ne očekujte u toj verziji priču i emocije koju vam pruža regularna verzija. Ipak je to pornić sastavljen samo od scena sirovog seksa i ništa više! R rated verzija je sofisticiranija i sa prevodom! Šteta što to nisu montirali malo bolje i dobili "pornić sa dušom"

Još nešto: među glumcima se nalazi i čovjek naše gore list Danijel Mitić, al ne znam ništa o njemu! 

In Germany, twenty-something Dennis Tormann is serving a two-year prison sentence for credit card fraud. This term is his first ever behind bars. He is placed in one of the toughest cell blocks ruled by an inmate named Lutz, from who he tries to stay clear. Among other things, Lutz, supported by one of the guards named Muller, deals in drugs. Kevin Letarski, a young, slight inmate who is Lutz's whipping boy, befriends Dennis and tries to show him the ropes of prison life in their block. Although inexperienced with men, Dennis is attracted to Mike, a black American inmate in another cell block who is half way through his fifteen year sentence for murder. The attraction is mutual, and the two begin a relationship. Despite knowing that Muller, Lutz and his thugs do not like this relationship as it keeps Dennis out of their sight, Mike and Dennis, with Kevin's help, do whatever they can to spend time together while staying clear of Lutz's sadistic ways. Ultimately, Dennis has to decide ..

What kind of prison is this? There are voyeuristic gay guards (inspired by Genet's Un Chant D'Amour,) a punk who likes to be spit on and the warden entertain requests for lovers to room together! With plenty of sexual energy between the two leads, their romance develops through motherly visits, drug deals and a nasty prison rape scene. Locked Up is an enjoyably romantic and erotic debut non-adult film from Jörg Andreas

In x-rated version you can not see story with character and emotion like in R rated version! X-rated version is porn in German without subtitles, but do not bother as it is pure sex.

04 September 2013

Revolution (IV) (2012)

revolution-300Revolution (IV) (2012)
Director: Abdi Nazemian
Writer: Abdi Nazemian
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2012

Stars: Mojean Aria, Sunday Burke, Zach Cumer, David Diaan, Lisa Goodman, Busy Philipps

A coming-of-age story about Jack, a 16-year old Iranian boy growing up in 1989 Los Angeles. With the 1979 Iranian Revolution a distant memory, the AIDS movement as a backdrop, and a haunting score by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij, Jack learns how to stage his own much smaller revolution within the confines of his traditional family.

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