28 December 2013

Sal (I) (2011)

sal-ccSal (I) (2011)

Director: James Franco
Writers: James Franco (story), Vince Jolivette (story),Val Lauren ( story), Michael Gregg Michaud
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2011
Duration: 85 min

Stars: Val Lauren, Jim Parrack, James Franco,Vince Jolivette, Trevor Neuhoff

sal1Film "Sal" režisera James Franka govori o poslednjim danima holivudskog glumca Sal Minea ( Val Lauren) koji je 50-tih godina kao tinejdžerski idol bio nominovan za Academy Award nagradu za ulogu u filmu "Rebel Without a Cause and Exsodus" (1955).
Dvadeset godina nakon toga (1976), kada je njegova popularnost sasvim izblijedela, ubijen je u jednoj garaži kao outovani homoseksualac.
Iako je Val Lauren sjajno odglumio ovog glumca iz filma o James Deanu, film je najkraće aaarečeno dosadan. Gomila bespotrebnih scena i beskonači telefonski razgovori će vas naprosto natjerati da film premotavate skoro do samog kraja.

James Franco's Sal chronicles the final day in the life of actor Sal Mineo (Val Lauren), 1950s teen idol and an Academy Award (R) nominee for his roles in Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus. Almost two decades later, Mineo is no longer the marquee sensation he had once been - but he has become open about his homosexuality and is finding his way to becoming the actor and director he has always wanted to be. Featuring a magnetic performance by Lauren, Franco's intimate portrait finds the human details in a larger-than-life Hollywood story.

25 December 2013

Love Bytes (2013)

Love Bytes (2013)
Director: Tonnette StanfordProducer: Emma Mckenna
Co-producer: Ravi Kambhoj
Genre: Web series, TV Series
Country: Australia
Language: EnglishYear: 2013
Website: http://www.lovebytes-theseries.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lovebytesseries/videos
Stars: Emily Rose Brennan (Stacey), Billie Rose Prichard (Jade),Adriano Cappelletta (Michael)

Love Bytes is a eight-part web series. Housemates Jade, Michael and Stacey are the Neapolitan ice cream of sexuality. Young, sexy and single, they search for love and happiness in Sydney’s modern hetero-flexible dating scene, but instead they often find humiliation and hilarious misadventure.
Love Bytes was made under the Metro Screen Story to Screen initiative.

Episode 1 – Herpes of the Lips:
Jade shows off her new girlfriend, ce-lez-bian DJ, Samantha Fox, whilst Michael looks forward to meeting up with the man of his online dreams. That is until he realises the hot bollywood actor-slash-model has a fake profile and is more of a dud than a dream. Jade and Stacey get caught up in his dating dilemma and it becomes a herpes fuelled nightmare for all of them.

Episode 2 – Justin Beaver:
Jade steals Stacey’s precious ring for an exciting night out on the red carpet with her celebrity lover, Samantha Fox. Unfortunately the ring gets lost in the most unusual (and intimate) of places and Michael and his ‘doctor’ boyfriend get called in to solve this unconventional medical emergency.


23 December 2013

Nothing New (2008– )

ccNothing New (2008– )
"Rien de 9" (original title)

Creators: Ambroise Bucher, Steve Stone, Maykel StoneWriters: Maykel Stone, Sidney Soriano
Genre: Web series, TV SeriesCountry: FranceLanguage: French with english subtitle
Year: 2008Season:4

Stars: Alban Greiner, Maykel Stone, Anais Rahm, Dorian Martin, Mégane Lizier, Steven Claire, Ralph Schaefer, Karine Piveteau, Esther List, Amandine Lett
Website: http://www.syredpictures.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Riende9Serie
Streaming available on YouTube, Dailymotion, Blip.tv, and Vimeo
Ova tinejdžerska web serija bi mogla biti interesantna mladim gejevcima koji još ne znaju kako da se izbore sa onim što osjećaju i što žele. Kako se povjeriti najboljem prijatelju ili prijateljici i preživjeti prve ljubavi pogledajte u ovim kratkim komičnim epizodama.
The story revolves around some friends living in Strasbourg, their professional and love adventures. Gay or straight, engaged or single, they won’t have a day of rest to say that there’s Nothing New. In three seasons, “Nothing New” mainly follows the relationship between Johannes and Maykel, from their break-up to their wedding.
Around them are their friends, all completely crazy. From a psychiatrist crazier than her patients who accepts to become a surrogate mother, to an homophobic brother who’s a priest, each character is ready to make you crazy.
Affiche 2A victory for Syred Pictures:
Started in 2008 when the whole ‘web series’ concept was not known outside the United States, “Nothing New” was the very first web series to be created in France, and the very first web series worldwide to show gay relations like something “natural”, like a straight relation. Strengthened by it’s ‘very first french web series’ status, “Nothing New” was also widely followed by the medias, newspapers, radios and TV channels in France.
Today, “Nothing New” is counting more than 200 000 downloads per episode for the french version, and 1 million downloads per episode for the english subtitled version, which has a huge success around the world.
“Nothing New” is also the very first web series worldwide that used a 3D camera for an episode, and was critically acclaimed for that.
The strength of the show is, naturally, due to its story based on true events, and so is even more realistic and immersive.
Season 1


20 December 2013

Julian - gay web series


Julian #1 - gay web series
by queerblickTV
Germany - Julian is a 16-years-old boy like any other. He goes to school, has a never ending problem with his parents and dates a girl. But one day, he is attracted by somebody else – a boy. This feeling leads to a lot of confusion in Julian's mind and certain troubles with friends and family. What does is it mean to be gay or bisexual?  How does it feel to kiss somebody of the same gender? Will my parents and friends accept me? These are the typical question that queer teenagers have. The web series "Julian" is based on it.

"This series is an excellent work that empowers teenagers during their coming-out. It gives them the chance to identify with the main characters as a role-model. This is extremely important - especially to those that don't know any queer to look up to as an idol", says Falk Steinborn, the founder of the organisation queerblick from Germany. It tries to empower young LGBT through media. His volunteers and him have subtitled the series into English. Originally it was produces by a team of young queers from the LGBT youth center anyway in Cologne (Germany). Among them were some up-and-coming filmmakers that had the idea for the series and produced it with other attendees of the youth center on super low budget. "We are very happy that the LGBT youth center 'anyway' wanted to cooperate with us in order to spread the message of the series world wide", says Steinborn. The chances for that are not too bad. The YouTube channel of queerblick counts more than 400.000 views every month and has more than 13.000 subscribers. The first episode of the series can be watched now. Further eight episodes and one series finale in the format of a 17-minutes short film will follow week by week.

visit: Orvel.me

19 December 2013




Larry Kramer’s Tony award-winning 1985 play The Normal Heart—which details the ominous spread of HIV/AIDS among a group of gay men in 1980s New York City—is finally getting a movie adaptation on the small screen. Directed by American Horror Story and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, Heart will premiere this spring on HBO and features a star-studded cast including Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, and Taylor Kitsch (below, in a photo Ruffalo tweeted out this summer). “It’s a movie about AIDS, but it’s also really a civil rights movie,” says Murphy, who worked with Kramer on the script for three years. “I think it’s more timely than ever before. It’s really about the quest to be seen, not as a gay person or a straight person but just a person…. It’s an activist movie that also has a really great love story in it.” Adds the director, “Of everything I’ve done in my career, I think it is the biggest labor of love.”


Certainly one of the most highly anticipated gay media moments next year is the film adaptation of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, which features a star-studded cast including Mark Ruffalo, Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch, Matt Bomer, and Julia Roberts.

10 December 2013

Monster Pies (2013)

ccMonster Pies (2013)


Director: Lee Galea
Writer: Lee Galea
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 85 min
Year: 2013


Stars: Tristan Barr, Lucas Linehan, Rohana Hayes,Marcel Reluctant, Katrina Maree



117-godišnji Mike spada u onu grupu tinejdžera za koju se ne može reći da je neprimjetna, već da je na naprosto drugačija. Iako nikome nije naturao da je gay nekako su to svi znali i nisu previše komentarisali. Družeči se sa školskom prijateljicom dani su mu prolazili monotono i bez nekih većih uzbuđenja sve dok u školu nije došao novi učenik, zagonetni William sa kojim se Mike brzo sprijateljio.

3Dobijaju školski zadatak da naprave horror verziju "Romeo i Julija".
Prva ljubav zaborava nema, a u maloj provincijskoj Australijskoj školi tolerancija je ipak nešto što se njeguje i cijeni. Na žalosta starije generacije kojoj pripadaju naši roditelji teže prihvataju da njihov sin jedinac  voli druga, a ne djevojku.

Iako je film urađen sa ekstremno malim budžetom, lako ga je odgledati, jer na jedan i523skren i naivni način opisuje ljepotu rađanja ljubavi, sreću, strast, ali i strahovanja od odbačenosti. Tragičan kraj nas upozorava da moramo biti oprezni prije nego osudimo nekoga zbog "drugačije" i "pogrešne" ljubavi.

Posebno me je iznenadila sjajna muzika koja nije uobičajena za low budget filmove.

Mene je podsjetio na jednog druga iz školskih dana sa kojim sam cjelo jedno ljeto proveo po okolnim plažama, noćnim izlascima  i druženju na način koji nije bio za priču u okruženju. Imali smo svoje "mjesto" u jednoj obližnjoj šumi blizu jednog manastira gdje bi leželi na kartone i peškire zadovoljni što smo sami i iskreni jedan prema drugom.

What a wonderful film!

Author: teabag_mike from Australia
22 June 2013

IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2379082/

8I saw this film for the first time at MQFF (Melbourne Queer Film Festival) and it blew me away with it's sensitive characterizations, elegant cinematography and beautiful use of music. This film was made on a micro budget and should be used as a yard stick for other indie film makers to live up to. This movie shows what can be accomplished with determination, drive and vision.
The plot is a straight forward coming of age story and whilst we have seen this type of thing before, we've never seen it told in quiet the same way with sparse beauty and compassion. The two main leads are destined for future success if this is any indication of what they are capable of. They are both charismatic and charming. They anchor the film and give it a gravity, sense of humor and emotional core. All the support actors are outstanding as well - they range from heavy and down right nasty to quirky, off beat and genuinely funny.
99The location filming in Melbourne's western suburbs gives the film a real slice of life feel that every Australian growing up in the burbs will relate to. The local area portrayed in the film becomes almost a character unto itself.
Both the score and songs are well used and add huge production value to this little film. The editing is slightly rough around the edges but it actually adds to the character of the film. I found it worked even better on a repeated viewing. We do tend to be so used to seeing bigger budget films that are slickly cut together whereas Monster Pies is a personal vision and works on a purely personal, one on one level. That is all part of the films magic.
4The direction and writing from Lee Galea show a maturity and depth of understanding of both film and the subject matter. For a second feature with a tiny budget this film rocks. Lee is obviously a child of the 90's and pays loving homage to them with great attention to detail. From local video libraries to phones with cords. I for one cannot wait to see what he makes next!
Try watching this film with an open mind and heart and I think you'll walk away from it slightly changed forever. I know I have.



07 December 2013

Stranger by the Lake (2013)

ccStranger by the Lake (2013)"L'inconnu du lac" (original title)

Director: Alain Guiraudie
Writer: Alain Guiraudie
Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: France
Language: French
Duration: 100 min

Stars: Pierre Deladonchamps, Christophe Paou, Patrick d'Assumçao, Jérôme Chappatte, Mathieu Vervisch

9Stranac pored jezera  ( Stranger by lake) je francuski thriler u režiji Alain Guiraudie koji je na Kanskom festivalu 2013 dobio nagradu za režiju. Film je osvojio i Queer Palm nagradu, a takođe je prikazivan i na Toronto International Film Festivalu 2013. god.
Većina pedera i gejeva su iskusili čari kruzinga pored neke nudističke plaže na kojoj se kupaju mnogobrojni istomišljenici, radoznalci, swingeri, biseksualci, drkadžije, voajeri itd. Ukoliko ipak ima neko ko ne zna o čemu pričam neka sačeka prve tople proljetne dane i posjeti nudističu plažu, a ukoliko želite da to bude u Crnoj Gori predlažem vam Crvenu Glavicu, Adu Bojanu, Ratac ili Jaz.
5Nemojte se samo sunčati i kupati nego malo prošetajte okolo plaže, a posebno predlažem da obiđete zaklonjenija mjesta, šumarke, udaljene uvalice i slično.
Velike su šanse da će te naići na razne likove koji onako napaljeno i uznevereno gledaju u vas potajno ili otvoreno drkajući kurac raznim mimikama vam davaju do znanja da žele seks sa vama ili vas otvoreno pitaju da li bi im dopustili da vam popuše kurac ili da vas prijateljski izjebu. U svakom slučaju od vaših afiniteta zavisi šta će te dalje raditi i nemojte se stidjeti šta god učinjeli. U tim trenucima budite upravo ono što želite da budete u vašim najluđim maštarijama uz koje obično drkate.
Na jednom od takvih mjesta, tamo neđe u Francuskoj na obali nekog jezera redovno dolazi i Frank, glavni lik ovog filma.
7Svaki dan uredno polaže svoj bijeli peškir na plaži osmatrajući koga sve ima u okolici i pažljivo odmjeravajući one malobrojne sa kojima nije imao seks.Upoznaje Henrija, sredovječnog polu geja koji se nikada ne skida i uvjek je udaljen od ostalih nudista. Henri ga uvjek zove na piće ili na večeru ali Frenku izgleda nije do druženja sa nekim ko ga seksualno ne privlači.
8Takođe upoznaje i Mišela, zgodnog muškarca srednjih godina koji djeluje baš onako muški i pomalo opasno. Naravno to je samo maska jer univerzalni Mišel obožava da se nabija na kurac kako bi povremeno razradio mušku dlakavu pičkicu.

88Mišel na plaži ima i sex partnera tj. dečka sa kojim se redovno prca u okolnoj šumi.
Jedno kasno poslije podne Frank iz šume ugleda Mišela kako se kupa u jezeru sa svojim ljubavnikom. U tom trenutku Mišel uhvati nesretnog ljubavnika i udavi ga u jezeru.

6Sledeći dan Frank se susreće sa Mišelom na plaži i pravi se da ne zna šta se desilo predhodni dan. Nakon kratog razgovora završe u  šumici iznad plaže gdje su uredno napunili jedan drugome guzice dok ih je jedan drkadžija posmatrao. Rodila se naravno ljubav jer seks je bio savršen. ( kod pedera seks je glavni pokazatelj zaljubljenosti:) U ovom slučaju Frenk je taj koji zove na piće i večeru, a Mišel kako to pederska pravila zahtjevaju odbija.
99Šalim se naravno oko ove zaljubljenosti ali definitivno je kod promiskuitetnih pedera pravilo da sa osobom koja služi za seksualne igrice nikada ne idu na piće i da se ujutro nikada ne probude pored upotrebljenog kurca. Kod gejeva je to ipak malo drugačije, ali u suštini ponašanje je slično.
Ne bih da vam otkrijem sve do kraja, ali čitava ova priča ima nedorečen kraj i mislim da bi dodatnih desetak minuta  upotpunilo doživljaj gledanja ovog filma.
Za one koji vole malo eksplicitnije filmove siguran sam da će uživati u scenama seksa koje su snimane kao u nekim softcore pornićima.
999Mene je ovaj film podsjetio na jedan događaj na nudističkoj plaži na Crvenoj Glavici. Bio je jedan čiča koji je tamo svakodnevno dolazio i kupao se na dijelu plaže na kom se ne kupaju pederi. Neke postarije gospođe su mu ponekad pravile društvo ali uglavnom je bio sam. Kako sam se početkom ljeta kupao baš na tom mjestu, a vikende provodio u obližnjem kampu mogao sam ga krišom posmatrati. Bio mi je zanimljiv način na koji komunicira sa ostalim ljudima na plaži i kako je potpuno opušten i prirodan. Iako je imao skoro 60 godina bio mi je privlačan.
Kada sam se naveče vraćao u kamp prolazeći pored njega pozovem ga na pivo. Pristane i odemo u kamp ispred šatora. Otvorimo limenke i počnemo sa pričom kako bi se bolje upoznali. Ja skinem kupaće i samo se obavijem sa peškirom, a on kada je to vidio pitao me da li bi mi smetalo da i on uradi isto jer je mnogo prijatnije nego u kupaće.
Ispričao mi je sve o bivšoj ženi, djeci, poslu , popili 3-4 piva i vidno raspoložen usred tog  str8 razgovora me pita: Jesi li kada pušio kurac?Nasmijah se i rekoh da jesam. On odgovori da nije i da nema namjeru ni da proba.
Vidim iskren je čovjek, a očito je i šta  želi pa mu rekoh da umoči kitu u pivo. Makne peškir umoči kitu u pivo i tako ja dobih pivo sa kite. Dobro je bilo:)

Stranger by the Lake (French: L'Inconnu du lac) is a 2013 French drama film directed by Alain Guiraudie. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival where Guiraudie won the award for Best Director. The film also won the Queer Palm award. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.
888During the summer, on the edge of a lake surrounded by hills and forests and far from any houses, several male bathers, mostly naturists and gay, come to sunbathe. The woods behind the beach are a place where fleeting sexual encounters take place in a promiscuous atmosphere. Each day, Franck lays his towel on the white stony beach where he gets to know Henri (whose wife has just left him) and also Michel, a good-looking man to whom he is immediately attracted. But Michel is a murderer as Franck soon finds out when one evening, from the woods which overlook the lake, he spots him drowning Pascal, his current partner. Upset and afraid but also completely under the spell of the murderer, Franck keeps what he has seen a secret, becoming an accomplice to the man he desires. He soon gives in to his advances and falls passionately in love with him, yet all the while hiding his fear in case his lover should realise that he knows exactly what he did.
4Two days later, the body of the drowned man is discovered and identified. His death is considered suspicious bringing a police inspector to the scene who interrogates Franck and Michel shortly after. Franck continues to protect Michel by stating that he didn't see anything unusual on the evening the man drowned. As the inspector continues his investigation, Franck and Michel's relationship progresses, even as Franck becomes increasingly frustrated by Michel's refusal to meet him anywhere other than at the beach. Henri, with whom Franck has built up an entirely platonic relationship so far, has an intuitive understanding of what has happened over the past few days, and warns Franck about Michel: "In your shoes, I would be very scared!" Franck is afraid of course, but when his psychopathic lover arrives during the discussion, he leaves Henri for Michel and sits down next to him further along the beach.
9aLater on, Franck goes swimming far from shore. Henri, making the most of Franck's absence, goes to see Michel and tells him he's convinced that the recent drowning wasn't an accident, that he has realised that Michel was the killer, and that the inspector will identify the murderer sooner or later. He looks at Michel knowingly and mockingly, then stands up and says he's going to go for a walk in the woods. As he enters the woods, he casts a glance back at Michel.
9999Franck who is still swimming in the lake, turns around suddenly towards the beach: Michel has disappeared and Henri too. Elsewhere the beach is now deserted. Overcome with a bad feeling, Franck swims back to the beach and hastens into the woods. He sees Michel leaving a leafy bush behind which he finds Henri dying and covered in blood: Michel has slit his throat. Franck takes off his tee-shirt and tries to stop the bleeding but Henri makes him understand that it's too late and that he got what he was looking for. With Henri dead, Franck is terrified and runs off into the woods to hide. Michel follows him and chances upon the inspector, who he hits violently and stabs in the stomach with a knife. Night falls and Franck remains crouched behind a bush from where he can see the killer walk past time and again just a few yards away from him, looking for him and calling for him to show himself and saying that he needs him, needs his love and that he wants to spend the night with him. Finally, Michel goes away to look for him further in the woods: the danger seems to have passed, so Franck finally stands up and calls his lover's name, with no reply. He waits in the darkness, overcome with fear and his heart beating fast, looking into the woods and the silence.


06 December 2013

Pumping Iron (1977)

pumping-iron-ccPumping Iron (1977)

Directors: George Butler, Robert Fiore
Writers: Charles Gaines (book), George Butler (book)
Genre: Documentary, Sport
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 85 min
Year: 1977

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Matty Ferrigno

From Gold's Gym in Venice Beach California to the showdown in Pretoria, amateur and professional bodybuilders prepare for the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests in this part-scripted, part-documentary film. Five-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his Mr. Olympia title against Serge Nubret and the shy young deaf Lou Ferrigno, whose father is his coach; the ruthless champ psyches out the young lion. Sardinian Franco Columbu competes in the lightweight class; at home in Italy he solves a tight parking problem by lifting the car into place. Joe Weider is the marketer; Mike Katz and Ken Waller go for the title of Mr. Universe. Bodybuilding and a celebrity-to-be go mainstream.


05 December 2013

Naked as we came (2013)

naked-as-we-came-cover_300Naked as we came (2013)

Director: Richard LeMay
Writer: Richard LeMay
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 84 min

Stars: Benjamin Weaver, Karmine Alers, S. Lue McWilliams, Ryan Vigilant, Sturgis Adams

Nakon neočekivanog telefonskog poziva, brat i sestra Laura i Elliot se upute na seosko imanje u posjetu majci Lilly koja boluje od raka i broji svoje poslednje dane života.
Na imanju zatiču nepoznatog mladića Teda koji živi sa bolesnom majkom, pomaže joj i održava kuću.
Lilly i Eliot živeći otuđeno od majke shvataju da su izgubili porodičnu povezanost i da osim što ne poznaju jedni druge, ne poznaju ni sami sebe.
1Ova prilično jednostavna priča nije vezana samo za gejeve koji rano odu od kuće kako bi se poštedijeli optuživanja i grižnje savjesti i nakon nekoga vremena shvate da su izgubili vezu sa roditeljskim domom, već je na žalost to priča mnogih ljudi koji su u trci za novcem i "boljim životom" zaboravili ko su i odakle su.
Prirodno je da djeca izgube roditelje i nastave dalje svojim životima. Ali ako izgube i svoje snove sanjane u roditeljskom domu onda ostaje praznina koja će nas pratiti cjeloga života.
5Većina nas živi po pravilima nametnutim okruženjem u kojem se nalazimo i ako i kada shvatimo da to nije ono što želimo obično bude kasno da se vratimo sami sebi.
"Naked as we came" je nisko budžetni film koji je u kompletu snimljen u jednoj kući sa velikim imanjem, baštama, vrtovima i staklenikom. U skladu sa tim ne možemo ni očekivati neko vrhunsko filmsko ostvarenje, već samo priču nakon koje ćemo razmisliti malo o sebi.
4After an unexpected phone call, Laura and her brother Elliot rush to their family’s country estate to find their mother, Lilly, gravely ill and living with a handsome young stranger named Ted. Estranged for some time, their mother’s condition sets Laura and Elliot on a path to realizing where their own lives have gone wrong. Lilly, on the other hand, has mellowed from the controlling woman she was and is hoping to pass on some wisdom to her children.
Now her kids find themselves dealing with their own feelings of resentment and broken dreams while trying to figure out how Ted fits into their mother’s life. But Ted has a secret of his own.

Love, loss and hope are all explored in this powerful drama which asks the question: What is your dream?

04 December 2013

Geography Club (2013)

Geography Club ccGeography Club (2013)


Director: Gary Entin
Writers: Edmund Entin (screenplay), Brent Hartinger (novel)
Genre: Comedy, Coming Out
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 80 min
Year: 2013


Stars: Cameron Deane Stewart, Meaghan Martin, Justin Deeley



Geography Club 004Ovaj tinejdžerski film iz produkcije Huffington Pictures nije baš priča za balkansko područje ali interesantno bi ga bilo vidjeti na našim televizijama uz neki propratni talk show kao podrška mladim gejevima i gay zajednici u cjelini.
Zgodnjikavi 16-godišnji Russel, zvjezda školskog fudbalskog tima pokušava da izbjegne nabacivanje školskih cura dok se potajno viđa sa takođe popularnim školskim sportistom godine Kevinom.
Međutim  osjeća da to što radi nije u redu i vrijeme nakon nastave provodi u školskom geografskom klubu u kojem se potajno okupljaju gejevi koji međusobno razgovaraju o svojim željama, strahovima i razmišljanjima.

Geography Club 009Nakon što cura povrijeđene sujete cjeloj školi objavila da je Russel gay, situacija se dramatično mjenja. Podsmjeh i poruga postaju svakodnevnica sa kojom se treba izboriti i sačuvati dostojanstvo.  Russel sa prijateljima iz geografskog kluba osniva sekciju za podršku LGBT učenika.

Iako je nezamislivo da u našim školama postoje takvi gay klubovi i sekcije, film bi mogao biti korisno zabavno štivo za gej ali i str8 učenike u srednjim školama.

Geography Club 004Nebih sada propagirao coming out za mlade gejeve, posebno ne onima u srednjim školama na balkanu ili manjim  mjestima gdje tolerancija nije nešto čime se možemo pohvaliti ali preporučio bih momcima koji osjećaju da ih više privlače drugari iz škole nego cure da budu opušteni i prikažu sebe ne kao geja već kao osobu vrijednu prijateljstva i poštovanja. Uz prave prijatelje je lakše biti iskren i donijeti odluke koje će vam promjeniti život.

Geography Club 007"GEOGRAPHY CLUB" is based on Brent Hartinger's best-selling critically acclaimed novel. "What am I looking for?" 16-year old Russell Middlebrook asks himself as he heads off on his newest adventure. Russell is still going on dates with girls. Kevin will do anything to prevent his football teammates from finding out what he is concealing. Min and Terese tell everyone they're really just good friends. And then there's Ike who can't figure out who he is or who he wants to be. But the truth is too hard to hide-at least from each other-so they form the Geography Club.

Geography Club 010

Nobody else will discover the truth about them as no other students in their right mind would ever want to join as geography sounds so boring. Their secrets will be safe from their classmates. But are they? "Geography Club" is a smart, fast, moving and funny account of contemporary teenagers as they discover their own sexual identities, dreams and values and not merely live out their parents' desires and ambitions.

Geography Club 005Russell, Kevin, Min, Terese and Ike may not learn about actual places in their undercover social club, but they daringly explore the danger-filled clique-mined landscape of Goodkind High School and courageously begin their journey in the exciting, still uncharted terrain of the human heart.
The film is produced by Huffington Pictures' Michael Huffington (ex-husband of Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington) and follows a group of high schoolers who are discovering their own sexual identities -- along with their dreams and ambitions in life.
“This universal story of each of us finding our true selves will resonate with anyone who attended high school for decades to come," says Huffington. "We are delighted that Breaking Glass Pictures is joining forces with our team to bring this entertaining and meaningful movie to the public.”


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