09 June 2010

All the Rage (1997

bbAll the Rage (1997)


Director: Roland Tec
Writers: Roland Tec (play), Roland Tec (screenplay)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 105 min
Year: 1997


Stars: John-Michael Lander, David Vincent and Jay Corcoran



haepgaadiAll the Rage had its world premiere at the Castro Theatre during the San Francisco International Film Festival of 1997 after which it was released theatrically in the U.S. by Jour de Fete, a division of Rialto Pictures. In 2001, Strand Releasing brought the film out on DVD and in 2003, it was released internationally by Media Luna, GHB.

Hailed by Los Angeles Times film critic Kevin Thomas as "One of the sharpest, sexiest and most amusing satires of gay life and values ever filmed," it widely considered a hallmark of the Queer Independent Film movement of the late 1990s. This unique aspect of the film was highlighted in one of its first reviews by Dennis Harvey, writing about the film for Variety.

The film features music by a number of indie artists, including Merle Perkins, who recorded the song "Military Man".




img_005What happens when a man looking for the perfect body finds that he loves someone for his mind? Christopher (John-Michael Lander) is a gay lawyer who's young, good-looking, successful, and happily out of the closet. However, he's not good with long-term relationships: he tends to be more attracted to men with good looks rather than substance, and he hops from one relationship to another with little thought of a lasting love affair.

One evening, Christopher meets Stewart (David Vincent) at a party, and to his surprise he's very much attracted. Stewart is a book editor who's witty, intelligent, and soft-spoken; he's also a bit overweight and no pin-up boy.

But when Christopher asks him out, he's amazed to discover that Stewart turns him down; it seems that Stewart is looking for someone sincere, and Christopher hardly seems to qualify. In time, though, Christopher convinces Stewart to give him a chance, and they become involved. However, old habits die hard, and Christopher manages to put a stake through the heart of their romance thanks to a one-night-stand with Stewart's hunky roommate. All the Rage was produced, written, directed and scored by Roland Tec, who adapted the script from his play A Better Boy. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide.

Says Peter Panthy

all_the_rage1What to say about this film: that 12 years is nothing? It premiered in 1997 and yet it seems that nothing has changed so much time ... We have several prototypes of gay men in an age when "supposed" one is more emotional stability to form a couple.

It's beautiful as a man who jumps at hand. The intellectual who takes the time to know the other and fall in love, who realizes he was becoming increasingly isolated and would like to have a couple .. and a couple who already has long board and start to miss the novelty of sex, ... The hero has risen to more gay stereotypes, handsome, athletic and successful, but when it is shaken by love, can not sustain the commitment is stronger for it "temptation of sex without love" but later repents because they realize what is the difference of loving someone, and the only sleep with someone.

An interesting movie to reflect, and as valid today as yesterday.





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