02 September 2015

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006)

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006)

Director: Aaron Salles Torres (as Aaron Sallfertorr) 
Writer: Aaron Salles Torres (as Aaron Sallfertorr)
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English 
Duration: 27 min
Year: 2006

Stars: Kathleen Lawlor, Brekk Bailey, Brandon Anthony

Full short film by Aaron Salles Torres. The Sea In Your Eyes is the story of a mother-son relationship damaged by the loss of the father figure. Ella is unhappy. She has lost a husband years ago and is not satisfied with her present life. She has a son from her first marriage, Brian, and for years she unconsciously hoped he would replace her deceased companion. Brian always tried to please his mother and to be as much like her idealized memories of his father as he could. Something mysterious has happened, however, and Ella and Brian have not exchanged a word for years. But they still meet on one yearly occasion, the dinner party Ella gives to commemorate her birthday. This years dinner party is special because it is centered on a pivotal argument that will reveal the foundations of Brian and Ella's relationship.

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006) from Aaron Salles Torres on Vimeo.

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