06 September 2015

Miles Apart (2003)

Miles Apart (2003)

Director: Jonathan M. Guttman
Writers: Writer: Keith Humphrey
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 19 min

Stars: Craig Burke (Jeffrey), Brad Schmid (Miles), Kathleen O'Neel Toleedo (Darleen), Megan Hamaker (Kathryn)

Miles Apart is a short gay movie about two gay men dealing with a parent who resents their homosexual relationship. Miles and Jeffrey are travelling to attend Kathryn's wedding. Kathryn is Jeffrey's sister. Jeffrey is gay and has been in a relationship with Miles. Jeffrey's mother does not approve of their homosexual affair.
Miles has reservations about having to stay at Jeffrey's home because of his mother's attitude towards their sexuality. Jeffrey convinces him to come along. They arrive and the mother is already very ignorant of Miles existence. She even asks them not to lock the door while in the room. At the dinner table she asks Miles to pray for the food with an ulterior motive. Miles starts to pray invoking his gay relationship with Jeffrey. The mother stops him and they argue. He goes away upset and Jeffrey goes after him. Miles asks that they leave but Jeffrey pleads with him to stay at least until they attend the wedding. He agrees and on the wedding day the mother treats them no different with the same homophobic discrimination.

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