28 April 2014

From Here on OUT - Nudity Required! (101) (HD)


Aging gay writer Jimmy Randall (Terry Ray) finally gets a big break when he's hired to produce his own show for the Here TV network, but only with a tiny budget and many strings attached. From Here on Out, Jimmy is headed for one hilarious headache after another!
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The series stars Terry Ray, T.J Hoban, Suzanne Whang, Austin Robert Miller, Adrian Gonzalez, Michael Lanham, Juliet Mills, Anthony Marciona, Lorielle New, and David Millbern.
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27 April 2014

Holiday Camp (2010)

ccHoliday Camp (2010) "En colo" (original title)

Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent
Writer: Guillaume Nail (original idea)
Genre: Short movie
Country: FranceLanguage: French
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Emylou Brunet, Laura Boujenah, Côme Levin

Teško se otrgnuti od stereotipa o gay populaciji, a tome uveliko doprinose i sami pederi. Često su preteško ifrustrirani odbacivanjima u društvu, a u gej zajednici lako upadnu u tračarske priče koje od njih naprave baš ono što je tipičan gej stereotip - u gomilu isfrustriranih žena koje uvjek imaju nešto da kažu.
A kada tome dodamo da nakon što osjete dobru kitu zaborave na sve oko sebe i postaju pederi u smislu najgore karakterne osobine, onda se stereotipi pretvaraju u realnost.

Nice and to the point
20 December 2010 | by sandover (Greece) – IMDB
1Even with a nugget of a plot that runs also like a well-tuned mechanism of clichés, this short strikes home. It's summer, it's camping, it's adolescence playing "Truth or Dare?" As everybody remembers the perennial dare and kiss a same-sexed (uneasy) friend is acted-out. Some insistence on the kiss attracts the expected stupid comments of adolescence starting out. But with the intervention of the superintendent more than three and in less than six minutes admit their sexuality, as summer heads back home. This little short, intended as part of a collection against homophobia, addresses mostly adolescents, and with the axis put upon the mostly effeminate image one expects from gayness, to the detriment, actually, of "virile" boys at a loss to admit their feelings. Thankfully, in this short the boy that expresses his not-so-repressed feelings, does not pass through an ugly scene of the usual bullying. This role is quasi-reserved for a girl; but instead of exemplifying any sense of misogyny, Vincent, the director, shows with a keen sense the antagonism between adolescents in just three strokes, an antagonism more fully depicted to excellent results in his sulfurous pastoral "Give me your hand".

26 April 2014

Floating Skyscrapers (2013)

ccFloating Skyscrapers (2013)
Plynace wiezowce (original title)

Director: Tomasz Wasilewski
Writer: Tomasz WasilewskiGenre: DramaCountry: Poland
Language: PolishDuration: 93 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Mateusz Banasiuk, Marta Nieradkiewicz, Bartosz Gelner, Katarzyna Herman, Mariusz Drezek

Priča o momku koji otkriva sopstvenu homoseksualnost zaljubljujući se u najboljeg prijatelja dok se njegova dijevojka bori da ga zadrži.
1Tomasz Wasilewski nam kroz ovu filmsku priču otkriva i drugu stranu konzervativne katoličke Poljske. Kroz brojne vijesti o prebijanju gay osoba, pokušaja da se spriječe gej parade i djelovanja antigay organizacija koje se često povezuju sa neonacističkim idejama stiče se dojam o Poljskoj koja nije baš pogodna za život gay ljudi.
Uprkos tome kao i svugdje ljudi se susreću sa gay osobama i uče da žive jedni pored drugih. Razvijanje macho kulture ne rezultira manjim brojem gejeva već nasuprot tome većim brojem macho gejeva. Primjer tome je Kuba, mladi sortista koji živi sa djevojkom i kroz druženje sa Michaelom otkriva svoju homoseksualnu stranu, ne toliko kroz fizički dodir sa njim, već kroz emocionalnu vezu.

U ovoj priči vidjećemo kako se bez mnogo priće odvija unutrašnja borba koju Kuba vodi sam protiv sebe dok iz nje ne izađe sa čvrstom željom da voli i bude sa Michaelom.
Nasuprot svemu tome stoje majka i djevojka koja osjeća da Kuba odlazi iz njenog života.
Zasmetao mi je pomalo balkanski završetak ove priče, ali sve u svemu prepoznaćemo coming out koji je češći na konzervativnom balkanu nego u naprednijim evropskim zemljama.
Film me je podsjetio na jednog prijatelja koji bi nakon strastvenog seksa samnom osjećao stid da bi se jedva usudio da me pogleda. Nazvao bi curu na mob i otišao kod nje. Medjutim već za dva dana bi se vraćao kod mene sa željom da mu razvalim pičku i izjebem ga kao drolju.
Macho na ulici, pička u krevetu, ali na žalost i pička po karakteru.

Alissa Simon on VARYETY.COM

In today’s conservative, predominantly Catholic Poland, an open homosexual relationship is more likely to trigger gay bashing than gay pride; so it is in Tomasz Wasilewski’s sophomore feature, the feel-bad coming-out drama “Floating Skyscrapers.” Although the lead character is something of a lout as well as an emotional and intellectual cipher, this artfully shot, sexually provocative feature nabbed the Karlovy Vary fest’s East of the West competish kudo and is making the festival rounds.
11Buff, macho, bantam-sized, twentysomething Kuba (Mateusz Banasiuk) has been training as an elite swimmer for the past 15 years. He spends most of his time working out and having hot sex with his pretty blonde girlfriend, Sylwia (standout Marta Nieradkiewicz), who lives with him and his attractive, controlling mother, Ewa (Katarzyna Herman, star of Wasilewski’s first film, “In a Bedroom”). The relationship between the two women is tense, exacerbated by Sylwia’s inconsiderate behavior and Ewa’s calls for her son to rub her back while she’s in the bathtub.
7Otherwise, Kuba seems to have few responsibilities or interests, apart from being a dab hand in the kitchen and indulging in wordless sexual encounters with men in bathroom stalls at the gym. When Sylwia drags Kuba to an art opening, he ungraciously decamps to a balcony, where he shares a joint and a long conversation with effeminate-looking college student Michal (Bartosz Gelner). Glimpsing the two men from across the room, Sylwia glowers at the way they seem to be really into each other. She soon has a lot more to scowl about, as Kuba abandons her and their plans every time Michal calls.


A subplot addresses Michal’s relationship with his parents. His mother (Iza Kuna) sympathizes with his sexual preference, yet still encourages him to date girls. His father (Miroslaw Zbrojewicz), however, plays deaf when Michal tries to come out publicly during a family dinner.
78One of the weaknesses of the film is that while Kuba convincingly comes across as a closeted, self-loathing gay man, his sudden declaration of love for Michal at the one-hour mark seems out of character. Indeed, their relationship is shown to revolve around physical desire; we never get to hear their conversations or find out what makes the not particularly likable Kuba tick.
As evidenced by his debut feature, Wasilewski is interested in provocative sexual behavior and has no problem getting his thesps to play intimate, graphic scenes. However, he’s less successful when it comes to creating appealing characters in which the audience can take a rooting interest. Nevertheless, “Skyscrapers” marks a big step up from the low-budget “Bedroom” and showcases the helmer’s flair for composition and intelligent use of sound.
Thesping is strong, with the actresses managing to suggest more about their characters than their male counterparts do with theirs. Eye-catching widescreen production design makes interesting use of water motifs, while sophisticated soundscapes leave some sexual activity to the imagination.


15 April 2014

After the Dark (2013)

After-The-Dark-2013After the Dark (2013)
The Philosophers" (original title)

Director: John Huddles
Writer: John Huddles
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Country: USA , Indonesia
Language: English
Duration: 107 min
Year: 2013

Stars: James D'Arcy, Sophie Lowe, Daryl Sabara, Freddie Stroma, Rhys Wakefield, Bonnie Wright, George Blagden


Ima li mjesta za gejeve u svjetu koji se bori za opstanak ljudske vrste?



Većini str8 ljudi će izgledati beskorisno razmišljati o gejevima u nekom apokaliptičnom vremenu kada se borimo za opstanak ljudske vrste u kojemu je imperativ imati djecu i potomke.
11Ako bi ljudski rod gledali kao zbir jedinki čiji je najveći životni izazov osigurati priplod za produženje vrste onda bi gejevi mogli poslužiti jedino kao hrana u nekim gladnim godinama kada je teško doći do hrane za preživljavanje.
Nepotrebno bi bilo razmišljati i o umjetnosti, muzici, tehnologiji... Mozak bi nam služio samo za stvaranje ideja kako osvojiti ženku ( ili mužjaka) za oplođavanje i kako uhvatiti plijen za ručak. Sve ostalo je suvišno. Ljudi bi se pretvorili u kreature sa velikim mudima i malim mozgom. Dovoljno za opstanak ljudske vrste u biološkom smislu.

Jasno je da takav opstanak nije opstanak čovječanstva , već samo puki životinjski opstanak u majmunolikom čoporu.


Ljudsku vrstu ne čini samo stvaranje potomaka i borba za hranu. Stvoreni smo mnogo kompleksnije, umjemo da razmišljamo, da kreiramo svjet u skladu sa emocijama, da istražujemo, da se ispunjavamo stvaralaštvom i iznad svega da uživamo u različitosti pojedinaca koji zajedno čine ono što nazivamo ljudski rod. U toj različitosti spadaju i gejevi koji bez obzira što vole isti pol svojom kreativnošću i emocijama doprinose da ponosno sebe nazivamo ljudima.

KissOvaj film nam govori upravo o tome. Grupa studenata u učionoci raspravlja o tome koga bi izabrali da preživi nastupajuću apokalipsu. U skloništu ima mjesta samo za 10 osoba koje u njemu treba da provedu godinu dana nakon čega ponovo nastanjuju zemlju. Ko je vrijedan toga da nastavi ljudsku vrstu?

Imaju li prednost graditelji, doktori, naučnici i poljoprivrednici nad umjetnicima, pjevačima, pjesnicima ili slikarima? Imamo li pravo odbaciti bilo koju ljudsku osobinu u ime pukog preživljavanja?


“In my apocalypse, everybody’s worth as much as everybody else. We live briefly, but we don’t mind. And when it’s time to die, we don’t resist death. We summon it.”




cc3Mr. Zimit (James D'Arcy), a philosophy teacher at an international school in Jakarta, has been challenging his class of twenty with thought exercises to prepare them for their futures out in the world. On the last day of school, he holds a final exercise in which he posits an oncoming atomic apocalypse. There is a bunker ready to shelter them for a year, but it only has supplies for ten people. Zimit asks his students to decide who of them should be allowed into the shelter. The top student in the class, Petra (Sophie Lowe), initially refuses to participate, but Zimit threatens to lower James' academic score if she doesn't.

Zimit distributes cards to the students, starting with Petra's boyfriend, James (Rhys Wakefield), followed by Petra herself, and then the rest of the class. The cards contain a detail about their characters in the exercise: James is an organic farmer and Petra is an engineer. The students defend their right to enter the shelter based on the info on their cards, and votes are given after discussion. Students with skills judged useful for survival are allowed in, such as James and 2Petra, while those who don't are refused, such as Beatrice (Maia Mitchell), a fashion designer. Zimit is part of the exercise but his skills are hidden. At first the students agree to let him in, but Zimit executes the students who have been rejected, citing that it is more humane than letting them die by radiation. The remaining students race into the bunker and lock the glass door behind them before the explosion. Outside, Zimit holds up a card saying that only he has the exit code. After living out the year in the bunker, the survivors discover that the exit code is necessary. All attempts of breaking out of the bunker are futile, and after the food runs out they commit group suicide.



g1They decide to try the exercise again, this time with the apocalypse being the explosion of a volcano. The cards given earlier are revealed to contain a secondary detail, and these change the votes, eg. Georgina (Bonnie Wright), who was allowed in earlier because of her status as a surgeon, now has possibly contracted the Ebola virus and is rejected. Petra and James are still voted in despite James' additional character detail of being gay. Zimit and the chosen students enter the bunker, and agree to start procreating immediately. Various heterosexual pairs get together, but as James is gay in this exercise, Petra has to sleep with Zimit. After ten weeks there are no pregnancies, and Zimit argues that they need to change partners. Bonnie (Katie Findlay), a soldier with eidetic memory, protests this, and Zimit threatens her with a gun. Jack (Freddie Stroma) attacks Zimit, stabbing him with a pencil. Zimit staggers to the bunker's doors, opening them and killing everyone.

g4James questions Zimit's motives for this exercise, asking why he seems intent on punishing them. After checking the box with the cards, James discovers that his and Petra's were fixed, though Zimit refuses to explain his reasons.

The exercise is carried out a third time on an island where bombs are about to fall. Petra asks if everyone will trust her to choose who gets to enter the bunker, and they agree. She picks people who are a potential risk or have non-technical skills, including the opera singer and poet, which angers Zimit. Petra refuses to enter the bunker, asking for the keys to the boats so everyone else can try to escape the blast. Chips (Daryl Sabara), who is inside the bunker, pretends to offer the keys but switches places with her, pushing her inside as the door closes. Zimit is refused entry to the bunker as his exit code is no longer necessary—Bonnie remembers it from the previous iteration. Petra continues the thought exercise, explaining that with such people in the bunker the one year was enjoyable and filled with creativity. When it's time for them to leave, they discover that the bombs never fell. Zimit narrates that now they will die, as none of them have the technical skills to survive, but Petra counters that they will live the rest of their short lives well, and will welcome death when it arrives. Zimit arrives at the beach, having survived in a cave for the past year, and threatens to shoot James, but the rest of the survivors stand in front of him.


Back in class, Zimit is discomfited by the latest exercise. At the end of the session, everyone leaves except Petra, who confronts Zimit and accuses him of trying to use the exercise to punish her and James. Zimit has been having an affair with Petra, and is offended that she is with James, who he considers beneath her. Petra argues that intelligence isn't all that matters. The film ends with Zimit alone in the school, going through the motions.


Do you know what apocalypse actually means? It’s from the Greek apocalypsis, meaning to uncover what you couldn’t see before. A way out of the dark.”

'After the Dark', director John Huddles


12 April 2014

Monster in the Closet (2013)

Monster in the Closet (2013)

Director: Brian Pelletier
Writer: Brian Pelletier
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 19 min
Year: 2013

Stars: David Boettcher, Trevor Allen

An encounter between a street hustler and a married man in a hotel takes a dangerous turn as secrets are revealed. Jackson is a young gay male who was thrown out of his house when his parents found out he was gay. Forced into prostitution as a way to survive he encounters Gene.
Gene reminds Jackson of someone. Jackson can't quite figure it out until Jackson turns on the TV and realizes that Gene is a local evangelical pastor who preaches against homosexuality. With this information in hand, Jackson decided to make Gene's night a memorable one.
What will Gene do to keep his secret from being revealed?

05 April 2014

The Whiz Kids (2001)

The Whiz Kids (2001)
"Freunde" (original title)


Directors: Jan Krüger, Oliver Schwabe (uncredited)
Writers: A.M. Homes (story), Jan Krüger
Genre: Short movie
Country: Germany
Language: German
Duration: 21 min
Year: 2001

Stars: Martin Kiefer, Marlon Kittel, Rose Bender

Two sixteen year old boys, Marcos and Johannes, spend their days racing, wrestling, hanging out, watching videos and playing hide-and-seek at nights. A closeness develops between the two of them, which soon starts to become a calamity to their friendship.

02 April 2014

Battlefield (I) (2012)



Battlefield (I) (2012)

Director: Tim Marshall
Writer: Tim Marshall
Genre: Short film
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 9 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Alex Duncan, Heath Miller


Battlefield' follows two young men as they embark on a one night stand. Both have different understandings of the situation and they struggle to realise the true connection they both long for.

‘Battlefield’ explores the way we look for love in our modern world, and how we often wish, and sometimes convince ourselves, we’ve found it.

Battlefield has screened at over 15 film festivals worldwide and was shortlisted for the prestigious 2012 Iris Prize.

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