20 May 2015

A Little Comfort (2004)

justereconfort_dvdgfA Little Comfort (2004)
"Juste un peu de réconfort..." (original title)

Director: Armand Lameloise
Writer: Armand Lameloise
Genre: Short movie
Country: France
Duration: 38 min 
Year: 2004

Stars: Arthur Moncla, Rémi Bresson, Élodie Bollée

Someone deserves more comfort............A lot more...
Author: arizona-philm-phan from Arizona - IMDB

juste-un-peu-de-reconfort-Armand-Lameloise-outplayfilms-film-gay_08All you romantics out there can take your own little comfort in this great short feature. It's one that can make us all feel young again (oh, gosh, do we really want that?).
Poor little Arnaud, he's a real sweetie. He pretty much knows, sexually, who he is and what he wants, but it's the desire for the who-he-wants that's giving him problems. And, unfortunately for his peace of mind, the "hotness" of that desire manifests itself.....even during sleep (though Mom is very sympathetic at a time like that, does she actually realize the problem's cause........hmm, perhaps more than we know).
Arnaud, of course, must make one of life's first common mistakes, one which so many of us make: choosing the wrong object of desire, the wrong person to fixate on. And, here, this reviewer's interpretation of Guillaume's role in Arnaud's life is at polar opposites from the opinion expressed by another viewer/writer on this site. In my eyes, G. is the epitome of the "mixed-up kid" (and, perhaps with good reason, considering his family/home situation). He's a tease, concerned primarily with his own gratification, and, in the end, is someone who can relate to our sweet little hero only if pretense is involved (the nature of that pretense you'll easily discover with your own eyes.....er.....uh.....I mean, ears).
In concluding this little reflection of mine on teen life (a life-period which often needs more than the title's little comfort), let me say we can only hope that the angel of a cyclist who appears at film's end is there to provide much more than just 'a little comfort' to our Arnaud. He deserves it.
PS--Pulling us right into the scenes with him, Arthur Moncla does a great job with his character of Arnaud.......especially considering he was only about 17 at the time (yeah, more like 17 going on 40).

18 May 2015

D'Agostino (2012)

ccD'Agostino (2012)

Director: Jorge Ameer
Writer: Jorge Ameer
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration:  124 min

Stars: Jorge Ameer, Michael Gordon Andricopoulos, Angus Malcolm

Looking for WTF? Look no further!
23 September 2013 | by Greg Goodsell (Bakersfield, CA USA) – IMDB

1The films of Jorge Ameer always entertain. They're not always good, but they always entertain. His early feature THE SINGING FOREST (2003)was notable for a reincarnation plot involving Nazi concentration camp victims, featuring well-fed prisoners and very uneven, hand-drawn Swastikas on armbands. In the supernatural drama THE HOUSE OF ADAM (2006), the characters freak out if a front door unexpectedly swings open but remain calm and collected when encountering a man tied to a chair for torture.

3In D'AGOSTINO, Ameer raises the bar very high. Dissatisfied American yuppie Allan Dawson (Keith Roenke) lives with his fiancé Sylvia (Torie Tyson) in London. She is quite a bit older than he, which may explain his sudden outburst heard at the film's beginning – "What do fat and ugly people think they look like?" Things are mundane and boring until Sylvia says, "Your grandmother left you some property." Did his grandmother die? She doesn't say. "Your grandmother left you some property in Greece." So Allan jets over to Greece. The "property" is a very nice candle-lit apartment. Allan takes some time to sight-see, and then returns to the apartment that night. Looking behind a heavy oaken door, Alan discovers a disgusting human male (Michael Angels) covered in feces tied up in a tiled room. Slamming the door behind him, Allan takes a hot shower … goes back to sleep … wakes up the next day … does some more sight-seeing … has some lunch … Yes, none of it makes any sense, but perhaps it's not supposed to. Allan doesn't TELL anyone about the horror lurking in his apartment, in what amounts to a twisted agenda. Later that night, Allan showers his new-found friend off, notes a dog collar that lists his name as D'Agostino and checks his trusty laptop. "I see that you're a secret clone bred for organ harvesting," the smug Allan says – as if this would be posted online – from a dog tag that has no URL address. The barking, yelping D'Agostino has the mentality of a newborn baby trapped in the body of a young man, and Allan seizes the opportunity to put him on a leash and teach him a few, uh, "tricks." It's exactly what you think it is.

2Very little, other than nonstop mental and sexual degradation of the title character continues for the rest of D'AGOSTINO's two-plus hour running time. Other than a pushy landlord (played by director Ameer himself) seems to interrupt the two mens' sadistic idyll. The viewer continues to watch the film as if to ask themselves, "why am I watching this?" Why ineptly told, D'AGOSTINO hammers home a classic fable of all the horrible things that happen when a human being considers another human being as being less than such.

4It falls apart at the end when D'Agostino symbolically eats from "the tree of knowledge," i.e. Allan's laptop for an ending straight out of an EC horror comic book. Allan gets his comeuppance, but its not what the ending COULD have been.

D'AGOSTINO calls to mind such favorites as SALO: 120 DAYS OF SODOM (1975). It also recalls, with its minimal cast, single setting, Greek locale and sadomasochistic games the cult favorite SINGAPORE SLING (1991) and art house favorite DOGTOOTH (2009). In either case, D'AGOSTINO is the rare kind of movie that I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone – knowing full well that lots of them will ABSOLUTELY hate it. See it – it's not a good film, but remains a highly unique viewing experience.

10 April 2015

Fawns (2014)

Fawns (2014)
Director: Thanasis Tsimpinis
Writer: Thanasis Tsimpinis
Genre: Short movieCountry: Greece
Duration: 3 min
Year: 2014
Site: Facebook, Vimeo
Stars: Orestis Karydas, Alexis Fousekis

FAWNS from Thanasis Tsimpinis on Vimeo
Fawns is a very particular short film that balances between sensation and sensibility, innocence and loss, love and pain. It is rare to find a short film that encapsulates so many emotions in its small form and it still leaves you asking for more! The film was a Vimeo Staff Pick during St Valentine’s week, it won a Best Cinematography Award in the 20th Athens International Film Festival and it is already featured in numerous international online magazines, gaining a lot of attention for its director.

28 March 2015

The Last Straight Man (2014)

The Last Straight ManThe Last Straight Man (2014)

Director: Mark Bessenger
Writer: Mark Bessenger
Genre: Romance, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration:110 min
Year: 2014

Site: Facebook

Stars: Mark Cirillo, Scott Sell, David Alanson Bradberry

The Last Straight Man 2“The Last Straight Man” spada u klasičnu gay-str8 romansu sa srećnim krajem. Kada dva najbolja druga (Lewis i Cooper) ostanu sami nakon lude momačke večeri odluče da popiju po još neku tekilu i zabave se. Cooper koji se sutra ženi postavi pravilo od tri pitanja na koja moraju najiskrenije odgovoriti. Pitanja se ređaju, koje ti je najluđe seksualno iskustvo, kako je izgledalo tvoje najšokantnije iskustvo itd
Kada Lewis odgovori da je njegovo najčudnije i najšokantnije iskustvo bilo kada je popušio kurac nekom liku Cooper postaje znatiželjan.

The Last Straight Man 6Ovakvih filmova smo već gledali ranije, a najsličniji je filmu The One. Romanse sa oženjenim muškarcem koji pokušava da održi svoj brak i pored jasnih emocija prema drugom muškarcu obično imaju nesretan kraj, ali u ovom filmu na svu sreću to nije slučaj.

U ovom filmu ima dosta komičnih situacija na koje će te se slatko nasmijati, a neke od njih će vas sigurno podsjetiti na sopstvena iskustva, Počev od onih zadivljenih pogleda kada je vaš drug ugledao poprilično veliki kurac pa do prvog primanja kite, uz obavezno trčanje u WC da se ispere sva gadost koja nastaje ako se niste dobro oprali.

The Last Straight Man 8Ono što mi je simpatično u ovom filmu je apsolutno česta pojava da nesigurni strejt mora prvo dobro da poopije kako bi se opustio.
Lewis i Cooper se viđaju jednom godišnje u hotelskoj sobi u kojoj je Cooper prvi put popušio kitu drugu kojji je u njega bio potajno zaljubljen.
Nemojte očekivati neku savršenu glumu ovo je ipak niskobudžetni film. I pored toga će te se lijepo zabaviti gledajući zgodne prijatelje u često provokativnim seksualnim i neseksualnim scenama kojima je suđeno da budu jedan uz drugog.

Sadness, heartbreak & regret permeates "The Last Straight Man"
by sinnerofcinema (United States)

The Last Straight Man 99A very involving film from filmmaker Mark Bessenger, "The Last Man" standing is a therapeutic treat for anyone who's been involved in truncated relationships. From the outset, both leading men are aware of their feelings for one another. Lewis (Mark Cirillo) is a closeted man throwing a bachelor party for his straight best friend and secret crush, Cooper (Scott Sell). However, they also realize their relationship is doomed due to to the marital circumstance surrounding Cooper. Emotions run high as both men agree to schedule a yearly one night stand reprieve from the grind of life. During this interlude they are both allowed to ask three intimate questions to be answered as truthfully and as authentically as possible. That opportunity allows both lead characters tThe Last Straight Man 4o exchange confessions on their true feelings in addition to giving each other the needed updates they crave just to see where their relationship stands. You would think that Lewis is unilaterally suffering through the bulk of heartache this unrequited love situation is generating. However, much suffering is to be had by Cooper who is torn between his family and his real belated love found for Lewis. This is the type of love that has grown so out of bounds, Cooper does not know how to deal with his emotions.
The beauty of this film lies in what is not said. Both Lewis and Cooper are deeply in love and their non verbal exchange speaks volumes. Their jokes fall flat whenever they come close to addressing their real feelings forcing one or both to change the subject.

The Last Straight Man 88"May your hair never fall, your dick always rise and your kids never call your brother-in-law daddy" is only one of the many witty dialogue shared by both Cooper and Lewis in what may seem at times to be funny banter translate into the men trying their hardest to convey their deepest sentiments. Their language, muddled by the restrictive code of silence men as a species have been known to observe in order to preserved the stereotypical macho front, is made to cover any an all possible honest feelings that may withdraw true emotion leading to a defensiveness that would expose and possibly lead to the outpouring of one's authentic self.

In the form of a visual collage, the film skips to several progressive life events as both men evolve with the passage of time. As the men age w life experience, so does their love, affection and understanding of each other, which only seems to grow stronger with time, until Lewis realizes that at some point he has to be the better man and do the right thing for the benefit of Cooper's family. Such selflessness is what makes Lewis a likable character. He's always the reasonable one, where Cooper just wants to take their opportunity to let loose, and be who he really is. During their exchange of emotion in the bedroom, you can't help but to feel the plight and internal struggle they both face, but it is Lewis, who most of the times seems to be relegated to make the difficult choices.
The Last Straight Man 777Production values are satisfactory for this digital production. However, at times misplaced music becomes distracting in some very key moments that demand full attention for the words being exchanged between the two leads. Performances are courageous and engaging as both actors flawlessly perform with due diligence even during scenes of pervasive nudity and very explicit sexual situations. Kudos to Mark Cirillo & Scott Sell who create admirable performances, and also for their bravery in choosing to stay true to the story with some very demanding and at times difficult moments both leading men share as they emote during their intimacy.

The Last Straight Man 888
"The Last Straight Man" is a delight of a film, with an involved story that will leave you pondering on many underlying themes dealing with the way men express themselves and treat each other, and how not knowing to express true feelings can have long term and irreversible consequences on a life that should have been with the one.

The Last Straight Man fi
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