22 September 2015

For Dorian (2012)

For Dorian (2012)

Director: Rodrigo Barriuso
Writer: Rodrigo Barriuso
Genre: Short movie
Country: Canada
Language: English
Duration:16 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Jerald Bezener, Dylan Harman, Ron Lea

A father fears the sexual awakening of his disabled son, a teenager living with Down syndrome, and wrestles with the notion of letting him grow up.

Oliver, a controlling yet loving father is shaken abruptly when forced to recognize his son Dorian, a teenager living with Down syndrome, as an emerging adult with sexual urges who yearns for his independence. As Oliver begins to discover the changing dynamics within his home, he starts to fear that his son might not only be different by virtue of his disability, but also his sexual orientation.

21 September 2015

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (2011)

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (2011)
"Drengen der ikke kunne svomme" (original title)

Director: Anders Helde
Writer: Anders Helde
Genre: Short movie
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Duration: 33 min
Year: 2011

Stars: Jonas Wandschneider, Sebastian Elkrog Sorensen, Christian Damsgaard

Rasmus arrives in Copenhagen determined to find his mother whom he has never met. Having just arrived at Copenhagen Central Station Rasmus is approached by Nicklas who wants Rasmus to help him by keeping a stolen IPod. Rasmus does so and to return the favor Nicklas offers to give Rasmus a ride to his mother’s house. Reluctantly Rasmus accepts the offer and that kicks off a day that holds lots of fun and reveals hidden feelings.
Two young actors have that faces that are were very expressive of their personal sense of unsureness and disconnectedness with the world, yet wishing to demonstrate a bravado and control of their personal circumstances. The opening shots of the film showed the yearning and glistening hope in the eyes of the boy, Rasmus, as he looked out the train window, contrasted with the harsh face of a middle-aged stranger sitting next to him on the train whose face showed the angry lines of a firm acceptance of his place in hard world where dreams won’t come true. One can see in that that youth is not apt to find much of value from people such as those, who are more apt to destroy their spirit than they are to ignite it.
In the train station, the other boy, Niklas, almost by a kind of bodily magnetism instantly connects with Rasmus as someone he can trust to help him by holding a stolen item while he escapes from men who are pursuing him. A while later, Niklas, having escaped from the pursuing men, meets up with Rasmus and while it seems that Rasmus has a vague destination he is heading for that he doesn’t feel like revealing to Niklas, Niklas convinces him that they need to go there together with Rasmus riding in the cart of Rasmus’s bicycle cart. And that really was the true journey, the two of them toward, or with, each other, they who share certain personal circumstances and need.
This action of them traveling together seemed to put them together in their own isolated bubble. Much of the movie was simply their traveling together throughout the city of Copenhagen from one destination to another (which I appreciated seeing, as while I have passed through Copenhagen, I haven’t seen very much of it), but the beauty of the city, the simple shared exuberance of the boys as they felt the wind in their hair and a feeling of their own motive power, and the various expressions on their faces, sometimes wide open, sometimes cautiously masked, tell the true story without a need for words. And what words there were, were pointed and expressive, and throughout those conversations the boys were continually reaching out in yearning for connection, and then drawing back into unsureness, wavering on that balance beam between “yes I need” and “no I don’t”.
The title of the movie, “The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim”, made me think of a wise Jewish saying that I learned about in a psychology book, “A father’s job is to teach his children how to swim.” While at first that seems trivial, you come to realize that “swimming” is metaphorical of leaving the safety of home and venturing out bit by bit into an alien and dangerous world (or an uncaring and exploitative one). The father is not to hang onto his children, but to help them grow up into a secure adulthood. So what of those children who have not been “taught how to swim?” How do they maneuver out in this world without having had a secure center to start out from? Perhaps they can have another chance, by finding helpers along the way, if only they can recognize them and take the risk of connecting with them when they find them.

Disc Of Love (2013)

Disc of Love (2013)

Director: Ryan DaveyWriters: Brandon Bushman (screenplay) (as Josh Brandon Bushman) , Ryan Davey (additional material)
Genre: Short movie
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Luke Cosgrove, Brandon Taylor-Cotton

Jake has packed his bags and is heading off to visit his parents.
His roommate, Lucas seems all too disillusioned by the idea of Jake being gone for the entire weekend, and is acting in a very strange manner. Jake tries to find out why, but all he receives is this mixed CD.
Odd as it may be, Jake willingly accepts it and is wished a safe journey. While the entire trip seems to be going just as planned, he soon discovers what is on this mysterious disc, and all hell breaks loose!

20 September 2015

Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza (2014

Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza (2014)eng. A Monster Called Ignorance

Director: Alessandro Antonaci
Writer: Alessandro Antonaci
Genre: Short movie
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 24 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Daniel Lascar, Luca Buongiorno, Chiara Moscatello, Gioa Orlando, Mattia Antonaci, Andrea Zirio, Roberto Pitta, Vanina Bianco, Simone Sarzano

Elia is a 20 years old boy who decides to tell the story about his family in front of a camera. A long flashback shows us how 2 years old Elia was loved by his wonderful parents, Roberto and Marco, and their best friend, 'aunt Sara'. The movie is not set in a specific place or time and shows how beautiful and genuine a LGBT family can be. But ignorance will come in their lives and destroy their happiness. Marco will be taught a very important lesson about how essential facing hate and discrimination is and he will fight every day against that 'monster called homophobia', that still causes attacks, murders, suicides and many more injustices.

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