22 September 2015

For Dorian (2012)

For Dorian (2012)

Director: Rodrigo Barriuso
Writer: Rodrigo Barriuso
Genre: Short movie
Country: Canada
Language: English
Duration:16 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Jerald Bezener, Dylan Harman, Ron Lea

A father fears the sexual awakening of his disabled son, a teenager living with Down syndrome, and wrestles with the notion of letting him grow up.

Oliver, a controlling yet loving father is shaken abruptly when forced to recognize his son Dorian, a teenager living with Down syndrome, as an emerging adult with sexual urges who yearns for his independence. As Oliver begins to discover the changing dynamics within his home, he starts to fear that his son might not only be different by virtue of his disability, but also his sexual orientation.

21 September 2015

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (2011)

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (2011)
"Drengen der ikke kunne svomme" (original title)

Director: Anders Helde
Writer: Anders Helde
Genre: Short movie
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Duration: 33 min
Year: 2011

Stars: Jonas Wandschneider, Sebastian Elkrog Sorensen, Christian Damsgaard

Rasmus arrives in Copenhagen determined to find his mother whom he has never met. Having just arrived at Copenhagen Central Station Rasmus is approached by Nicklas who wants Rasmus to help him by keeping a stolen IPod. Rasmus does so and to return the favor Nicklas offers to give Rasmus a ride to his mother’s house. Reluctantly Rasmus accepts the offer and that kicks off a day that holds lots of fun and reveals hidden feelings.
Two young actors have that faces that are were very expressive of their personal sense of unsureness and disconnectedness with the world, yet wishing to demonstrate a bravado and control of their personal circumstances. The opening shots of the film showed the yearning and glistening hope in the eyes of the boy, Rasmus, as he looked out the train window, contrasted with the harsh face of a middle-aged stranger sitting next to him on the train whose face showed the angry lines of a firm acceptance of his place in hard world where dreams won’t come true. One can see in that that youth is not apt to find much of value from people such as those, who are more apt to destroy their spirit than they are to ignite it.
In the train station, the other boy, Niklas, almost by a kind of bodily magnetism instantly connects with Rasmus as someone he can trust to help him by holding a stolen item while he escapes from men who are pursuing him. A while later, Niklas, having escaped from the pursuing men, meets up with Rasmus and while it seems that Rasmus has a vague destination he is heading for that he doesn’t feel like revealing to Niklas, Niklas convinces him that they need to go there together with Rasmus riding in the cart of Rasmus’s bicycle cart. And that really was the true journey, the two of them toward, or with, each other, they who share certain personal circumstances and need.
This action of them traveling together seemed to put them together in their own isolated bubble. Much of the movie was simply their traveling together throughout the city of Copenhagen from one destination to another (which I appreciated seeing, as while I have passed through Copenhagen, I haven’t seen very much of it), but the beauty of the city, the simple shared exuberance of the boys as they felt the wind in their hair and a feeling of their own motive power, and the various expressions on their faces, sometimes wide open, sometimes cautiously masked, tell the true story without a need for words. And what words there were, were pointed and expressive, and throughout those conversations the boys were continually reaching out in yearning for connection, and then drawing back into unsureness, wavering on that balance beam between “yes I need” and “no I don’t”.
The title of the movie, “The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim”, made me think of a wise Jewish saying that I learned about in a psychology book, “A father’s job is to teach his children how to swim.” While at first that seems trivial, you come to realize that “swimming” is metaphorical of leaving the safety of home and venturing out bit by bit into an alien and dangerous world (or an uncaring and exploitative one). The father is not to hang onto his children, but to help them grow up into a secure adulthood. So what of those children who have not been “taught how to swim?” How do they maneuver out in this world without having had a secure center to start out from? Perhaps they can have another chance, by finding helpers along the way, if only they can recognize them and take the risk of connecting with them when they find them.

Disc Of Love (2013)

Disc of Love (2013)

Director: Ryan DaveyWriters: Brandon Bushman (screenplay) (as Josh Brandon Bushman) , Ryan Davey (additional material)
Genre: Short movie
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Luke Cosgrove, Brandon Taylor-Cotton

Jake has packed his bags and is heading off to visit his parents.
His roommate, Lucas seems all too disillusioned by the idea of Jake being gone for the entire weekend, and is acting in a very strange manner. Jake tries to find out why, but all he receives is this mixed CD.
Odd as it may be, Jake willingly accepts it and is wished a safe journey. While the entire trip seems to be going just as planned, he soon discovers what is on this mysterious disc, and all hell breaks loose!

20 September 2015

Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza (2014

Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza (2014)eng. A Monster Called Ignorance

Director: Alessandro Antonaci
Writer: Alessandro Antonaci
Genre: Short movie
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 24 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Daniel Lascar, Luca Buongiorno, Chiara Moscatello, Gioa Orlando, Mattia Antonaci, Andrea Zirio, Roberto Pitta, Vanina Bianco, Simone Sarzano

Elia is a 20 years old boy who decides to tell the story about his family in front of a camera. A long flashback shows us how 2 years old Elia was loved by his wonderful parents, Roberto and Marco, and their best friend, 'aunt Sara'. The movie is not set in a specific place or time and shows how beautiful and genuine a LGBT family can be. But ignorance will come in their lives and destroy their happiness. Marco will be taught a very important lesson about how essential facing hate and discrimination is and he will fight every day against that 'monster called homophobia', that still causes attacks, murders, suicides and many more injustices.

Boygame (2013)

Director: Anna Nolskog
Writer: Anna Nolskog
Genre: Short movie
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 15 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Charlie Gustafsson, Joakim Lang, Sophie Adolfsson

John and Nicholas are best friends. They both claim to be interested in girls but feel insecure when it comes to their first sexual encounter. So as not to come across inexperienced…they decide to “practice'” with each other.
Anna Nolskog is an emerging European filmmaker having directed three shorts to date – Emella, Boygame and Bury Me In The Back Yard.

19 September 2015

VGL Seek Same

VGL Seek Same

Short Film, written and directed by Dorjan Williams

Director: Dorjan Javas Williams
Writer: Dorjan Javas William
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 7 min

Stars: Kraig Million, Richard Ruskin, Dorjan Javas Williams

West Hollywood Motel (2013)

West Hollywood Motel (2013)

Director: Matt Riddlehoover
Writers: Matt Riddlehoover, Ethan James
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 78 min

Stars: Matt Riddlehoover, Andrew Matarazzo, Amy Kelly, Phil Leirness

Director Matt Riddlehoover doesn't mind tweaking your expectations—delivering plenty of eye candy while he tries to deliver a message. In his last film, Scenes from a Gay Marriage, he included plenty of skin but also charming wit. Now he's back with a new sexy comedy that takes place in the various rooms of, as the title suggets, a West Hollywood Motel.
According to a press release, the characters include a medical student (Riddlehoover), his extrovert boyfriend (Andrew Callahan), an adulterous actress (Starina Johnson), her lover (Heather Horton), and a dutiful husband (Phil Leirness) whose wife (Amy Kelly) wakes to find she has a penis. It also  co-stars Jared Allman (Scenes from a Gay Marriage), Cesar D' La Torre (Logo's DTLA), Ben Phen (Interior. Leather Bar.), and newcomer Alec Houston Bell. While many people seem to be leaning toward the moody gay dramas about failed romances these days, there should still be room for these silly comedies about sex, love, and more.
Check out the naughty trailer below for a taste:

Source: OUT.COM

18 September 2015

Blackbird (IV) (2014)

Blackbird (IV) (2014)

Director: Patrik-Ian Polk
Writers: Rikki Beadle Blair, Patrik-Ian Polk
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 99 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Mo'Nique, Julian Walker, Kevin Allesee, Isaiah Washington

BY DIEGO COSTA - Slantmagazine
APRIL 22, 2015
Blackbird opens with sexually repressed Randy (Julian Walker), a closeted black high school senior from a Southern Baptist family, singing a duet in his choir with another guy. The scene culminates with the two making out and taking their clothes off on stage and at least one member of the choir fainting in horror. Turns out this is just a wet dream, one of many that Randy will have throughout the film, which sometimes includes guys knocking on his window and asking, “Is this a gay party or can a dirty straight boy join in?” Randy tends to wake up from these dreams with jizz all over his hands, and stricken with the kind of guilt that gets him on his knees, begging the lord for forgiveness.
The dream motif actually turns out to be one of the Patrik-Ian Polk film's least hackneyed devices; after all, a gay boy in the most stifling of closets (this despite the realness of Randy's Joan Crawford eyebrows) can only gasp for air in the unconscious. The device recovers its usual triteness, however, once we hear an entire song about dreams, just in case we haven't understood that they're quite important for Randy, while watching him lose his virginity to some white dude in, of course, slow motion.

While this gospel Glee of a movie about gay alienation has its share of witty lines (“What do they teach you straight boys, nothing?”) and sweet tear-jerking scenes, Blackbird flounders by using a song in every other scene, or whenever it wants to evoke an emotion, and by casting Mo'Nique as yet another mother monster.
She slaps Randy in the face when he eats the pie she's baked for her missing daughter, and arms herself with a baseball bat when finding irrefutable proof that he's gay. To add to the film's TMZ-triggered problems, having Isaiah “Not-Your-Little-Faggot” Washington, as Randy's father, play the one gay-friendly voice in an ocean of homophobic hysteria is an embarrassingly forced mea culpa.

In its best moments, Blackbird exudes the cheekiness of But I'm a Cheerleader, as in Randy meeting a bona-fide gay, Marshall (Kevin Allesee), who ushers him toward his first sex-cruising experience at a park late at night. Randy asks, “Is this some kind of lovers lane?” But for a film that wants to be something of a teen musical, a coming-of-age story, and a gay fairy tale all at once, it's too often bogged down by an unnecessarily somber subplot about Randy's sister, which never quite fits the narrative, and worn-out images of Jesus freaks trying to pray the gay away through exorcism. Indeed, being a closeted black gay boy in Mississippi is surely suffocating, but Blackbird is, like its main character, too naive to understand or, at least, to deploy the reparative powers of camp.

No Match Found (2005)

No Match Found (2005)

Director: Brian Pelletier
Writer: Brian Pelletier
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 10 min

Stars: Michael Ciriaco, Michael Dean Connolly, Nick Estrada

When Kevin discovers his boyfriend is cheating on thier anniversary, his friends come to the rescue to find him a quality person. Of course, the best intentions don't always have the best consequences and he swings from bad date to bad date only to discover what he's been looking for is right next door. Written by Brian Pelletier

15 September 2015

The Awakening of Spring (2008)

The Awakening of Spring (2008)

Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman
Writer: Frank Wedekind
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 92 min
Year: 2008

Stars: Yuval David, John Aniston, Gary Bisig

Ducdebrabant from New York City, USA - IMDB
First of all, it's basically a photographed stage play, though it's all done in a studio (with neutral backdrops and extremely minimal scenery), not in a theatre in front of an audience. If that turns you off, okay, but it's hardly unprecedented.

Apart from that annoying clarinet, I quite like it. It's a nice to see the Wedekind play done straight (though liberties are taken, names are anglicized and marks become dollars), not to take anything away from the musical "Spring's Awakening." Although the attitude towards sex education may have changed, and our mores, and the amount of information available to children, human nature has not. The way the people grope for answers and try to understand their own feelings and impulses and physicality is timeless.

The acting under Seidelman's direction is very good. Jesse Lee Soffer is very charismatic, Constance Towers is excellent. Bridget Moloney does wonderful things with her little part. There is some tasteful and artistically justified nudity, none of it full frontal.
A clever idea of Seidelman's is to have the teachers (but not the headmaster) in the faculty meeting where Michael is expelled wear carnival masks. It allows them to be doubled (which one senses they are) by the young actors playing the students and thereby adds an extra dimension to the caricatures they basically are.

But over all, the spareness of the production, the fact that it focuses on the generations in the way it does, and the English names and places (New Hampshire is actually mentioned) cause it to dialogue with "Our Town." It becomes the more unflinching cousin of the Wilder play. The dead even come back.

13 September 2015

Park Bench (2007)

Park Bench (2007)

Directors: Elias Benavidez, Jim Le
Writers: Elias Benavidez, Jim Le
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 6 min
Year: 2007

Stars: Ian Delaney, Clayton Froning, Julia Graham

A timid young man yearning to connect and express his true attractions finds an opportunity to do so when a handsome stranger sits next to him on a park bench.

12 September 2015

Caged (2013)

Caged (2013)
"Uitgesproken" (original title)

Directors: Dylan Tonk, Lazlo Tonk
Writers: Dylan Tonk, Lazlo Tonk
Genre: Short movie
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Duration:14 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Joël Mellenberg, Josha Stradowski, Yldau de Boer

David and Neils are best friends and their love for each other as friends came about because of their love of sports. However, their friendship will be tested when David finds out that Neils is gay.
Written by Lazlo & Dylan Tonk, this is a depiction of the emotional rollercoaster of coming out within the macho environment of the sporting arena. Here the sport is track and the film feels very real. We see scenes that strikingly juxtapose outright prejudice with the open arms of sexual acceptance, frankly there’s a lot to like here, including an ending that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Unfortunately we can only gather from watching what happens as there no English subtitles (yet). Nonetheless we feel the heartfelt message of love and acceptance comes through the Dutch celluloid loud and clear thus making this a delightful viewing experience.

From the Edge of the City (1998)

From the Edge of the City (1998)

Director: Constantine Giannaris
Writer: Constantine Giannaris
Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: Greece
Language: Greek, Russian
Duration: 94 min
Year: 1998

Stars: Stathis Papadopoulos, Costas Kotsianidis, Panayiotis Hartomatzidis

In many ways, Sasha, the cocky 17-year-old street hustler at the center of Constantine Giannaris's pungent film ''From the Edge of the City,'' is every lost boy, spurred by Day-Glo fantasies of easy money, scrounging for a living in the sleazier districts of any large city in the Western world. Portrayed by Stathis Papadopoulos with such a natural mixture of innocence and hardness that he has the aura of a youth plucked off the streets, Sasha blithely sells his skinny, chiseled body to men while having lollipop dreams of one day living happily ever after with his 15-year-old sweetheart, Elenista (Panagiota Vlachosotirou).

But Sasha is also a very specific product of his time and place. After the crumbling of the Soviet Union, he and his family were among thousands who emigrated from Kazakhstan to Athens in search of a better life. In feverish flashbacks, Sasha imagines an idyllic boyhood, running with his friends across a golden wheat field. The childhood of his imagination couldn't be more different from his sleazy late adolescence of prostitution, drugs and gaudy nightclub fantasies.
At least Sasha has a home to go to. His father is a laborer who expects his son to contribute his share to the meager family income. But when he discovers that Sasha hasn't been going to his construction job, he flies into a rage and drives his son from the house. Most of Sasha's friends on the street are fellow Pontoi, Russian immigrants of Greek descent who haven't been assimilated into the mainstream despite their Greek origins. The Pontoi take pride in ranking higher on the social ladder than the Albanians.

''From the Edge of the City,'' which opens today at the Screening Room, is a deliberately ragged movie that affects a documentary authenticity as it follows Sasha and his friends around Omonia Square in Athens. Every now and then, Sasha is plunked in front of the camera and asked blunt questions about his life and his expectations by an unseen narrator. His tends to respond with defensive, noncommittal shrugs.
Sasha occasionally catches a glimpse of the life he would like to live while in a client's apartment or a nightclub crowded with well-to-do suburban youths. But as the movie goes along and Sasha sinks into the netherworld, that hope seems increasingly remote. Sasha and his friends, when not hustling, sit around aimlessly smoking pot and experimenting with other drugs. The movie shows how easy it is for shiftless youth driven by boredom and idle curiosity to drift from soft into hard drugs with barely a second thought.
The quest for the quick buck eventually lands Sasha in the clutches of Giorgos (Dimitri Papoulidis), a vicious pimp whose prize prostitute, Natasia (Theodora Tzimou), also a Russian immigrant, is expected to have 30 to 40 clients a day. Giorgos, who has grown tired of Natasia, plans to sell her to some other pimps. While waiting for a deal to be consummated, he turns her over to Sasha for short-term management. Disastrously, Sasha falls in love with her.

''From the Edge of the City'' tells its story in random flashes that capture the fragmented uncertainty of Sasha's day-to-day life. But in striving for a semi-cinema-verite ease, it loses track of its characters as it rambles from scene to scene. Even so, it captures a gritty urban reality without moralizing or sentimentalizing its hapless young protagonist.
Published: April 21, 2000

09 September 2015

Love in the Time of Civil War (2014)

Love in the Time of Civil War (2014)

Director: Rodrigue Jean
Writers: Ron Ladd (screenplay), Ron Ladd
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Language: French
Duration: 120 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Ana Christina Alva, Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle, Alexandre Landry

Love in the Time of Civil War (L’amour au temps de la guerre civile) tells the story of the fairly grubby and unglamorous life of Alex (played by Alexandre Landry) – a young gay guy living in Montreal.
Directed by Quebec filmmaker Rodrigue Jean, this is a movie that celebrates the gritty realism of everyday life in a big city where people do whatever they have to do in order to get by.
Landry is convincing as the confused and directionless young, gay guy who lurches from one drug-fuelled encounter to the next. However it’s hard to feel much sympathy for any of the characters – they’re a fairly unlikeable lot.
This is a story that won’t give you many laughs – it is a bleak insight into a world that you don’t really want to be part of. It does however shine a light into the spiral of despair that drug addiction can create.
Observational film-making with a message.

06 September 2015

Miles Apart (2003)

Miles Apart (2003)

Director: Jonathan M. Guttman
Writers: Writer: Keith Humphrey
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 19 min

Stars: Craig Burke (Jeffrey), Brad Schmid (Miles), Kathleen O'Neel Toleedo (Darleen), Megan Hamaker (Kathryn)

Miles Apart is a short gay movie about two gay men dealing with a parent who resents their homosexual relationship. Miles and Jeffrey are travelling to attend Kathryn's wedding. Kathryn is Jeffrey's sister. Jeffrey is gay and has been in a relationship with Miles. Jeffrey's mother does not approve of their homosexual affair.
Miles has reservations about having to stay at Jeffrey's home because of his mother's attitude towards their sexuality. Jeffrey convinces him to come along. They arrive and the mother is already very ignorant of Miles existence. She even asks them not to lock the door while in the room. At the dinner table she asks Miles to pray for the food with an ulterior motive. Miles starts to pray invoking his gay relationship with Jeffrey. The mother stops him and they argue. He goes away upset and Jeffrey goes after him. Miles asks that they leave but Jeffrey pleads with him to stay at least until they attend the wedding. He agrees and on the wedding day the mother treats them no different with the same homophobic discrimination.

05 September 2015

When I'm Sixty-Four (2004

When I'm Sixty-Four (2004)

Director: Jon Jones
Writer: Tony Grounds
Genre: Drama
Country: UK
Language: English
Duration:90 min
Year: 2004

Stars: Paul Freeman, Alun Armstrong, Peter McNamara

When I'm Sixty-Four is a British gay movie about two old men who fall in love with each other. Jim is a teacher at a school but has hit the age of 65 which means he has to retire. He has spent almost all his life in that school. He started there as a student at 8 years of age. A man around his age picks him up with a taxi. The man's name is Ray. Jim asks to be taken to a clinic instead of the earlier planned airport. Ray drops him off. Ray arrives home and realizes Jim left his jacket in the car. In it is a diary written things he must do before death. Number one is see the world and number two is fall in love. Ray lost his wife to cancer eight years back. His two children a son and daughter are married with children and come to visit him sometimes. He is however lonely.
Ray takes the jacket to the clinic. The receptionist shows him to Jim's room. He finds Jim was having a nose job done on him. They exchange numbers. Jim calls Ray to take him to his father's house. On arrival they find him collapsed on the lawn. They rush him to hospital. Jim's plans for a trip to Botswana are interrupted by his dad's health.
Ray and Jim continue to bond. Jim has a crisis over his looks and age. He wants to experience life before his death. He takes Ray along for shopping. Jim has saved almost 200,000 pounds because he almost had no expenses while in school. Ray is a football hooligan who is lonely and sad especially after his friend was diagnosed with cancer. Jim must be gay as he makes homosexual advances at Ray. Ray resists but later agrees. They begin an intimate relationship. Ray's son notices the two. He tells the sister and they confront Ray asking if he is gay. The son is especially upset that his dad might be queer. Ray denies it and lies. Ray and Jim however continue meeting. Jim decides to take the trip to Botswana and Ray joins him just before he leaves.

04 September 2015

The Sum of Us (1994)

The Sum of Us (1994)

Directors: Geoff Burton, Kevin Dowling
Writers: David Stevens (play), David Stevens (screenplay)
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 100 min

Stars: Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson

Review by Queer Beacon
Good movie. You'll feel all good and hoping the world could be like the movie, with fathers getting along with their gay sons. Here, Russell Crowe, yes him, plays a big gay. Jack Thompson plays his father. They have an awesome relationship. Jack is extremely supportive and accepts Crowe's homosexuality like I've never seen in a father-son relationship before.
There are constant reminders that the father is super supportive. He pushes for safe sex. He keeps hoping Russell will find Mr. Right. He tells Russell how lucky he is to have him for a son, it goes on and on. Seriously, see the movie with someone you like because you'll want to kiss someone.
To top it all off, Russell's grandmother was a lesbian and she is remembered fondly, and Russell plays footy. He's just a nice and ordinary guy. You will also get to see various types of gays in the movie. Queens, older gays, butch gays (like Crowe) etc. It's great when movies reflect the wide range of gays available.
Forget that you hate Russell. If you see this movie you might actually like him. The movie was shot in 1994, he was 30 then.

There was some homophobia elsewhere in the movie but not inside Crowe's house, and the homophobia was portrayed as something bad.After the jump there is a little discussion on the mentioned homophobia (which will sort of give away part of the plot).

03 September 2015

Crossway (2008)

Crossway (2008) "Chemin de croix" (original title)

Director: Cyril Legann
Writer: Cyril Legann
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Language: French
Duration: 53 min

Stars: Fabien De Marchi, Johan Libéreau, Alexandre Palmieri

Jonathan, a working-class teenager from the suburbs is living with a distant father and a tyrannical pregnant step mother. He has a privileged relationship with the priest of his neighbourhood church, who serves in him in answering the questions he cannot ask his own family.
When he finds out he is to be sent to boarding school, he steals money from his father and decides to run away from home. He goes to his friend Steve and convinces him to go on an afternoon trip to Paris where they can have fun spending the money.
After a failed attempt to enter the sex shops in Pigalle they decide to go to a squat and find some weed. They meet a nervous dealer, «Shooter», who gets them what they want. After smoking a couple of joints, Steve has to go back home and Jonathan decides to stay in a hidden place of the squat . Weakened by the smoke, he falls asleep very quickly.
When he wakes up, he finds himself tied up by Shooter, whose real name is Antoine, who wants to keep him as a hostage in case some of the thugs he had an argument with decide to turn him in to the police. An ambiguous relationship grows between the kidnapper and its victim.

02 September 2015

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006)

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006)

Director: Aaron Salles Torres (as Aaron Sallfertorr) 
Writer: Aaron Salles Torres (as Aaron Sallfertorr)
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English 
Duration: 27 min
Year: 2006

Stars: Kathleen Lawlor, Brekk Bailey, Brandon Anthony

Full short film by Aaron Salles Torres. The Sea In Your Eyes is the story of a mother-son relationship damaged by the loss of the father figure. Ella is unhappy. She has lost a husband years ago and is not satisfied with her present life. She has a son from her first marriage, Brian, and for years she unconsciously hoped he would replace her deceased companion. Brian always tried to please his mother and to be as much like her idealized memories of his father as he could. Something mysterious has happened, however, and Ella and Brian have not exchanged a word for years. But they still meet on one yearly occasion, the dinner party Ella gives to commemorate her birthday. This years dinner party is special because it is centered on a pivotal argument that will reveal the foundations of Brian and Ella's relationship.

The Sea In Your Eyes (2006) from Aaron Salles Torres on Vimeo.

La Fleur de Mai ~ Chapter III AQUARIUS

La Fleur de Mai ~ Chapter III AQUARIUS

Viewers of La Fleur de Mai Chapter III: Aquarius are in good company with intriguing storylines, grand estates, big cities and idyllic country settings. Ride through beautiful landscapes, haunting societies and into a mysterious and secretive world in which the Geary family and the people around them live: a thrilling roller coaster-life of an American family dynasty. People may grow old, but their love remains forever young. Meet those of the country gentry or the bourgeois milieu, with their everyday problems, worries and search for happiness and love.

Full seasons are available at lafleurdemai.com

01 September 2015

Into It (2006)

Into It (2006)

Director: Jeffrey Maccubbin
Writer: Jeffrey Maccubbin
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 2006
Stars: Bradley Baloff, Richard Jones, Zach Welsheimer

Chicago filmmaker Jeffrey Maccubbin's newest work looks deeply into how two men strive to find peace with their innermost demons. Simon is a hustler caught in the underbelly of queer culture. Late one night Simon slips on the ice that throws him into the arms of Evan, the host of a cable show who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. After a night of unbridled sex, Simon realizes that Evan's ticks have subsided. He believes that he is meant to save Evan from his afflictions, leading them to unabashedly dive into a sado-masochistic relationship. Simon basks in a world where sadness and depression have become his new turn on and where his emotional destruction is the only true way to give Evan his soul.

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