16 January 2014

Lost & Broken (2013)

cc300Lost & Broken (2013)

Director: Alexander Roman
Writer: Alexander Roman
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Phil Biedron, Alexander Roman, Ken Warfield

Bila je hladna kišna noć. Scott se spremao da zatvori jazz kada je naišao bivši model Jimmy i zatražio viski.Tužna ali i priča puna nade da će imati sretan kraj.
Podsjetio me je na jednog momka koji je radio u baru u prizemlju moga stana. Jedno veće nakon vraćajući se sa jednog rođendana svratim da popijem išioće i vidim ima li nekoga poznatog. U praznom baru je bio samo on. Sjedao za šankom i pušio cigaretu. Zatražio sam mu vodku začuđem kako nema nikoga. Ostao sam tu sa njim 2-3 sata. Niko nije dolazio, a nije nam ni trebao.

It's been a long dark rainy night. Scott is ready to close up the bar when a broken down ex-model named Jimmy walks in asking for a drink. A sad, but hopeful Gay Love Story with Film Noir undertones.


15 January 2014

Jackpot (IV) (2012)

ccJackpot (IV) (2012)

Director: Adam Baran
Writer: Adam Baran
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 10 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Ethan Navarro, Adam Fleming, Ryan DeLuca, Georgie DeNoto, Christopher M. Gray, Evan Jake Goldstein

It's 1994 and there's no internet, so when closeted 14-year-old Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of porno hidden across town, he decides to brave the bully infested streets of his small New Jersey town, in hopes of getting what he wants. What happens over the course of the day will change everything.
Jackpot has screened at mainstream and LGBT film festivals around the world including Reykjavik, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Montreal, Halfix, Memphis, Tampa, New York and Oslo.


14 January 2014

Shabbat Dinner (2012)

Shabbat-Dinner-cc-300Shabbat Dinner (2012)

Director: Michael Morgenstern
Writer: Michael Morgenstern
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 14 min

Stars: Eva Kaminsky, Chris London, Dan Shaked, Peter Tedeschi, Dawn Yanek

Shabbat-Dinner-2The year is 1999, and Shabbat Dinner is boring as usual for William Shore. His mother has invited two crazy hippies and their son and is doing her best to show off, his father is berating their oddball guests, and he doesn't have much in common with their son Virgo. That is, until Virgo tells him that he has just come out as gay. In William's room, the boys speak directly to each other about themselves, while just a few feet away the adults discuss trivialities about prep school, marrying Jewish, and nonfat ice cream. It’s not just another Friday night.

The film presents a realistic high school experience in lieu of a heavyhanded message, and in doing so encourages viewers to come to their own conclusions.


13 January 2014

Solo (2010)

Solo-ccSolo (2010)

Director: Geison Ferreira, Ana Maria 
Writer: Geison Ferreira, Ana Maria Saad
Genre: Drama
Country: Brasil
Language: Portuguese with english subtitle
Duration: 34 min

Stars: Geison Ferreira, Ulysses de Santi, Ana Maria Saad, Paulo Modolo, Naninha Borges and Anna Paula Zepa

Website: http://www.pensamentosfilmados.com.br/en/solo/

Ponekad se osjećam jako usamljeno iako je oko mene mnogo ljudi. Nekako prolaze oko mene, a nikako da se zadrže u mom životu i da bar na trenutak zavire u neki djelić onoga što osjećam i želim.
Jutros sam nakon novogodišnjih praznika sjeo sa prijateljem u kafanu i ispričao se sa njim bez imalo zadrške. To su trenuci kada sam srećan što imam nekoga ko me dobro poznaje. Nije gej, ali me poznaje bolje od većine njih sa kojima se kao nešto družim i postavljao mi je pitanja na koja većini ljudi ne bih nikada odgovorio.
solo1Neki dan sam pričao sa nekim gejevcem preko sajta romeo. Jadao mi se kako ne može da nađe nekoga sa kim bi bio blizak. Rekoh mu da bi sa nekim bio blizak, mora za početak da bude iskren. Na to mi je odgovorio kako ne želi da bude iskren i da odmah na početku otvori sve karte o sebi.
Vjerovatno mu je lakše da neznancu otvori sopstveno dupe i upozna nečiju kitu nego da upozna onog ko nosi tu kitu koju sa takvim zadovoljstvom prima.
I tako zatvorene duše i otvorenog dupeta prolaze mu dani u samoći.
Solo nije film o geju koji lakše otvara dupe nego dušu, ali nam kroz jednu dirljivu priču prikazuje odnos između dva usamljena čovjeka.
Have you ever felt alone even though you are surrounded by people?
solo2Solo, a movie directed and written by Ana Maria Saad and Geison Ferreira, talks about loneliness, which, contrary to what most people think has got nothing to do with being alone but rather with a feeling of emptiness and solitude, even when in other people´s company. That sensation can turn into something really bad if their reasons are not identified and eliminated.
Geison Ferreira, who came up with the idea of the movie, believed during his childhood and adolescence that to be someone it was necessary to be anyone but him. The low self-esteem – resulted from the maltreatment he suffered from people who were supposed to give him love and care – made him engaged in isolation behavior and he started to believe he was the worst person on Earth. Watching films gave him comfort, as he realized that “a film can be someone´s best friend, because it shows possibilities in life without being judgemental. No right or wrong”. He then became aware of what loneliness was and discovered the beauty of being unique, learning that moments of isolation are necessary for self knowledge and personal growth, and that doesn´t have to be sad and bad.

solo3Solo shows that facing yourself is not an easy task. Sometimes, we choose the easy way out through shallow relationships that take us far from our inner selves. However, in such moments, the other can be the one who throws light in the darkness that needs to be explored. Those “catch-ups” renovate us. We need to be aware as they may be around us, especially because loneliness can result from every day superficial relations.
Are we not seeing those especial beings that cross our ways because we can´t even see our real selves?


11 January 2014

Midnights with Adam (2013)

cc300Midnights with Adam (2013)

Director: Yudho Aditya
Writers: Yudho Aditya (story), Sarah Shuya Xie
Genre: Short movie, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2013
Duration: 32 min

Stars: Paul Yen, Amanda Kathleen Ward, Ben Whalen,Ryan Tsang, Autumn Harrison

2J. Harper Lee je gej momak koji se nakon outovanja nekako ne umije ponašati u društvu str8 prijatelja. Nakon sms dopisivanja sa anonimnim gay likom, ode na zabavu koju je organizorala njegova najbolja prijateljica Annie.
Tokom noći pokušavajući da savlada osjećaje koje ima prema jednom str8 momku, osjeti da se nalazi na mjestu kojemu ne pripada.
Nakon što je nazvao anonimnog prijatelja i pojebao se sa njim u kolima, shvati da mora da pronađe svoje mjesto u hetero-normativnom svjetu.

Midnights with Adam from Yudho Aditya on Vimeo.

After engaging in an anonymous sexual act, J. Harper Lee, a detached and newly out-of-the closet young man, arrives to a soirée planned by his best friend, Annie. Throughout the night, as he catches up with close acquaintances and struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight friend, Danny, Harper agonizes to build a façade of belonging in a world that is not meant for him. As midnight approaches, Harper exploits himself in a brief sexual encounter to mitigate his loneliness and disconnection only to realize that he must come to terms with his identity in order to find his place in this hetero-normative world.


10 January 2014

Holding Trevor (2007)

Holding-Trevor-ccHolding Trevor (2007)

Director: Rosser Goodman
Writer: Brent Gorski
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2007
Duration: 88 min

Stars: Brent Gorski, Christopher Wyllie, Melissa Searing, Jay Brannan, Eli Kranski

Trevor is an escapist
Author: Dr Jacques COULARDEAU from Olliergues, France, IMDB
7 January 2013

ht2A small film about love but though it is interesting, there are many shortcomings.
The first one is that there are a great number of scenes in very dark atmosphere, I mean lacking lighting and that creates a sombre atmosphere that is not in touch with the subject.
The second is that Trevor's psychology is not very constructive. He seems to be going through a rejection phase. He has made a choice and that choice turns sour. So he rejects everything and everyone when he is most needed and as if he had no responsibility in what is happening around him. In other words he is an escapist.
Holding-Trevor-5One of his friend and, ex-boyfriend, is on drugs and Trevor is satisfied with knowing that he is on methadone and he does not want to have anything to do with him any more, and he is brutal about it. His brutality ruins the party of his female room mate and he does not seem to give a damn and he even insults this room mate when she protests.

Another shortcoming is the fact that the gay scene, and more widely the young people's sex scene is seen as being intertwined with binge drinking and drug addiction, with irresponsibility in such states that makes you take risks and play it bareback instead of safe. It is the female room mate who falls in that trap and she gets HIV positive of course. Slightly superficial and easy and hardly pedagogical about the problem.

3Trevor insists, even too much, on his father as a negative castrater and depriver and frustrater, etc, that forced him all the time to leave what he liked behind and yet this father is magically regenerated when it is needed with a sentence that is more than surprising: when you go away you don't have to leave things behind, or something like that. And he feels justified to go away from Los Angeles to New York with his lover who might be a life affair and leave behind without one thought about it all those who were his friends, shared his life and helped him in many ways to be what he is and even to meet his new and maybe lasting love of his, the doctor taking care of his drug addicted ex-boyfriend.


07 January 2014

Out in the Silence (2009)

ccOut in the Silence (2009)

Directors: Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 56 min
Year: 2009

Stars: C.J. Bills, Diane Granley, Linda Henderson,Roxanne Hitchcock,Mark Micklos

Out in the Silence is a 2009 documentary film by Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer. It chronicles the chain of events that occur when the severe bullying of a gay teen draws Wilson and his partner back to the conservative rural community of Oil City, Pennsylvania where their own same-sex wedding announcement had previously ignited a controversy. The film focuses on the widely varying, emotional reactions of the town's residents including the teen and his mother, the head of the local chapter of the American Family Association, and an evangelical pastor and his wife.
cjbillsThe Out in the Silence Campaign for Fairness and Equality in Rural and Small Town America uses the film as a tool to raise the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and promote dialogue and bridge building[14]. The campaign has held over 500 grassroots screenings in town halls, schools, churches, and community centers, many in isolated areas that had not previously experienced any openly LGBT events. The Center for Social Media and the BRITDOC Foundation have highlighted the campaign as an example of using film for social change.
In 2011, the Campaign initiated the Out in the Silence Youth Activism Award to highlight the work of young people on LGBT inclusion and equality.

02 January 2014

Vacationland (2006)

cc1Vacationland (2006)

Director: Todd Verow
Writers: Jim Dwyer (screenplay), Todd Verow (screenplay)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 104 min

Stars: Brad Hallowell, Gregory J. Lucas, Hilary Mann, Michael Dion, Charles Ard

vacationland-(1)Filmmaker Todd Verow revisits his own youth for his latest work. The film's main character is Joe, who, like the director, grew up in Bangor in Maine. Joe, an 18 year old high school senior who longs to move away from poor white trash roots and this town, and dreams of attending art school, lives with his single mother and older sister Theresa on a notorious council estate called "Capehart Projects". Molested at the age of ten, Joe nevertheless decides to keep the incident to himself. He befriends an elderly disabled artist named Victor who hires him as houseboy/model. Joe moves in with Victor in his loft above the local opera house, hoping to escape Bangor with his help. He also works part time at a local market along with his sister, who wants to get out of town as much as he does. For most of high school, Joe has also had a crush on his best friend, Andrew, who plays on the high school football team.
vacationlandHe also fools around with his French teacher, whom he blackmails into helping him apply to the Rhode Island School of Design. Andrew uses alcohol to try to relax with girls, but he hangs out in public bathrooms and lets strangers play with his leg hair and actually has a crush on Joe. Two girls they dated eventually convince them to explore their mutual attraction for each other. and they also check out the local gay disco. Joe is secure about his sexuality and his plans for school, although he has no idea where the money will come from, while Andrew continues to drink heavily while trying to reconcile what he wants to do with the rest of his life, and if Joe should be a part of it. One night, a face out of Joe's past returns to haunt him, and brings to the surface feelings he thought were long buried.
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