17 September 2008

Paris Is Burning (1990)

Paris Is Burning (1990)

Kada su u pitanju Transeksualci, Tranvestiti i Trans populacija ostajem nemoćan da bilo šta tu objasnim. Jedva da poznajem razliku između tih termina. Naprosto potpuno strani svijet za mene. O tome sam najviše naučio gledajući filmove Pedra Almodovara.
Ovaj dokumentarni film sam kao i mnoge druge ovdije našao surfajući na netu.
Isprva sam se smijao kao lud, a poslije mi se mješao osjećaj gađenja i čuđenja. Kako je film odmicao sa zanimanjem sam pratio priče tranvestita iz različitih društvenih slojeva.
Biti drag queen je za većinu ljudi prikazanih u ovom filmu smisao života. Ali za neke je to samo način ispoljavanja svoje seksualne individualnosti.
Film nam opisuje transgender scenu New Yorka 1990. godine koji nastupaju na "balls compettition" za šta ne umijem da nađem adekvatan prevod. Naprosto nekako izraz imati muda mi neide uz ova stvorenja na filmu. Ono što definitivno stoji da bi na našim prostrima bukavalno trebalo imati muda i prikazati se u takvim queen izdanjima kakvih možete vidjeti u ovom dokumentarcu.

English: (from wikipedia)
Paris Is Burning is a 1990 documentary film directed by Jennie Livingston. Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the poor, African American and Latino gay and transgendered community involved in it. Many consider Paris Is Burning to be an invaluable documentary of the end of the "Golden Age" of New York City drag balls, as well as a thoughtful exploration of race, class, and gender in America.

The film explores the elaborately-structured Ball competitions in which contestants, adhering to a very specific category or theme, must "walk" (much like a fashion model's runway) and subsequently be judged on criteria including the "realness" of their drag, the beauty of their clothing and their dancing ability.

Most of the film alternates between footage of balls and interviews with prominent members of the scene, including Pepper LaBeija, Dorian Corey, Anji Xtravaganza, and Willi Ninja. Many of the contestants vying for trophies are representatives of "Houses" (in the fashion sense, such as "House of Chanel") that serve as intentional families, social groups, and performance teams. Houses and ball contestants who consistently won in their walks eventually earned a "legendary" status.

Jennie Livingston, who never went to film school and who spent 7 years making Paris Is Burning, concentrated on interviews with key figures in the ball world, many of whom contribute monologues that shed light on the ball culture as well as on their own personalities. In the film, titles such as "house," "mother," and "reading" emphasize how the subculture the film depicts has taken words from the straight and white worlds, and imbued them with alternate meanings, just as the "houses" serve as surrogate families for young ball-walkers whose sexual orientations have sometimes made acceptance and love within their own families hard to come by.

In explaining the rules of the Balls (and the slang and terminology that goes along with them) the film also shines light on the societal hardships of Ball community members (such as racism, homophobia and poverty) and how these obstacles influence the participants (some are sex workers, some shoplift clothing to wear in the Balls, some were thrown out of their homes by homophobic parents, some are saving money for sex reassignment surgery). It follows several participants through candid one-on-one interviews (both in and out of the Balls) to give insight into their lives and struggles, and ultimately the strength, pride, and humor they maintain to survive in a "rich, white world."

Drag is presented as a complex performance of gender, class and race, in which one can express one's identity, desires and aspirations along many dimensions (see Drag). The African American and Latino community depicted in the film includes a diverse range of identities and gender presentations, from gay men to butch queens to transsexual women.

The film also documents the origins of "voguing", a dance style in which competing ball-walkers freeze and "pose" in glamorous positions (as if being photographed for the cover of Vogue). Pop star Madonna would, one year before Paris Is Burning was completed, bring the phenomenon to the mainstream with her number one song "Vogue".


* 1990 IDA Award, International Documentary Association
* 1990 LAFCA Award Best Documentary, Los Angeles Film Critics Association
* 1990 Audience Award Best Documentary, San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
* 1991 Grand Jury Prize Documentary, Sundance Film Festival
* 1991 Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film, Berlin International Film Festival
* 1991 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards (BSFC) Best Documentary
* 1991 the very first Open Palm Award, now called Breakthrough Director Award Gotham Awards
* 1991 NYFCC Award Best Documentary, New York Film Critics Circle Awards
* 1991 Golden Space Needle Award Best Documentary, Seattle International Film Festival
* 1992 Outstanding Film (Documentary), GLAAD Media Awards
* 1992 NSFC Award Best Documentary, National Society of Film Critics

Director: Jennie Livingston
Release Date: August 1991 (USA)
Genre: Documentary

Plot Summary: This is a documentary of 'drag nights' among New York's underclass. Queens are interviewed and observed preparing for and competing in many 'balls'...

Plot Keywords: Transvestism / Cross Dressing / Homosexual / Gay African American / Gay Interest
Awards: 12 wins & 1 nomination

(Complete credited cast)
Carmen and Brooke
André Christian
Dorian Corey
Paris Duprée
David The Father Xtravaganza
Junior Labeija
Pepper LaBeija
Sandy Ninja
Willi Ninja
Avis Pendavis
Freddie Pendavis
Kim Pendavis
Sol Pendavis
Stevie Saint Laurent
Octavia St. Laurent
Anji Xtravaganza (as Angie Xtravaganza)
Bianca Xtravaganza
Danny Xtravaganza
David Xtravaganza
David Ian Xtravaganza
Venus Xtravaganza

Also Known As:
The Children Are (USA) (working title)
To Be Real (USA) (working title)
Runtime: 71 min
Country: USA
Language: English


15 September 2008

A Queer Try ( Documentary - BBC Channel )

A Queer Try ( Documentary - BBC Channel )

Hehe, može li peder da se bavi sportom? Još ako je onako feminiziran ko kakva dijevojčica... Predpostavljao sam da te curice mogu da igraju bagminton ili da glume navijačice, ali da igraju ragbi???? Strašno ! Pa zamislite odje u Crnoj Gori fudbalsku ekipu sastavljenu od pedera; Navijači bi se sprdali sa njima i umirali od smjeha.

No nije svudje tako. U Belfastu postoji ragbi tim sastavljen od pedera , a BBC je snimio priču o njima u tri serije koja je počela da se emituje u Sjevernoj Irskoj 5.Septembra. Imate priliku da pogledate ovu dokumentarnu seriju i uvjerite se da je nemoguće ipak moguće! Sa ovog sajta mozete skinuti prvu od tri serije, a kako bude nabaljao linkove za druge dvije, dopuniću blog!

'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again' could easily be the motto for rugby team The Ulster Titans.

Formed in the summer of 2007, the Ulster Titans came from virtually nothing – no kit, no playing grounds and no teams to play against – to become one of the most talked about rugby teams in the land. The reason? Because many of the team's members are gay.

A Queer Try, a new three-part series starting on BBC One Northern Ireland on Friday, September 5 at 9.30pm, follows this group of men as they struggle to score a single try through to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the rugby pitch. Against the odds, this motley bunch of guys are determined to make it as a talented and recognised gay rugby team.

Since forming just over a year ago, The Ulster Titans have gone on to attract 25 members, both gay and straight. Some of the team are very fit and have played serious rugby with passion for many years. Other members are perhaps not so fit, but through time have gained both experience and enthusiasm for the game.

This series charts the team's humble beginnings to their search for glory at The Bingham Cup, an international rugby competition named after Mark Kendall Bingham, one of the victims of September 11 who was a keen rugby player, playing for the gay and bisexual rugby team, San Francisco Fog RFC.

But this is not just a story about sport. The cluster of individuals who make up this team each have their own unique personalities and backgrounds which come together to make this series a melting pot of stories from a group of remarkable men who happen to be gay.

A Queer Try follows the team as they try to achieve acceptance in a testosterone-driven and perhaps even blinkered, world and their journey to the Bingham Cup is a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs.

We watch the team as they blossom into better players; swap scrums for 'scrumminess' to hit the catwalk for a fashion show; take part in their first Gay Pride as a team and then literally get their kit off for the obligatory 'nude' rugby team calendar! They even became embroiled in some political controversy when Edwin Poots described the setting up of a gay rugby team as 'apartheid'.

A Queer Try is a story of blood, sweat and tears but with plenty of laughter, and perhaps even triumph, thrown in.

Ian Dougan, producer and director of A Queer Try, says: "When I first heard that Northern Ireland was getting its first gay rugby team, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, after spending a lot of time with the team, I realized that this was going to be something very special. We spent a year with the guys – who were a real mixture of very different types of men – as they evolved into a real team.

"Without giving too much away, the experiences of The Ulster Titans, from kicking a ball around a field to the gay world cup, was beyond what I could have hoped for. A Queer Try will hopefully challenge the way viewers will perceive gay men in sport – and will introduce them to a group of great guys and make their experience on the way to The Bingham Cup one they can also share."

A Queer Try is a Straightforward production for BBC Northern Ireland.

13 September 2008

Sex/Life in L.A. (1998)

Sex/Life in L.A. (1998)

Na žalost, kao i mnogo puta do sada sa neta sam skinuo toliko smeća pa se toliko iznerviram da naprosto ugasim računar, sa namjerom da ga ne upalim bar nekoliko dana. Sudeći po dobrim trajlerima i fotografijama često pomislim kako se radi o dobrom filmu, ali ispadne da je to jedino dobro od njega.
Od nekoliko filmova sa gay tematikom koje sam skinuo zaključio sam da ni jedan ne zaslužuje da se nađe na ovom blogu, čak ni pod rubrikom "loš Film"

Zato vam predstavljam još jedan dokumentarac koji i nije nešto posebno dobro napravljen, ali ima zanimljivu tematiku, Sex life in L.a.
Kroz priču 9 momaka, koji rade u sex industriji L.A. ovaj dokumentarac nam pokušava približiti život koji se odvija oko porno industrije, eskorta, i svega onoga što se odvija iz scene.
Porno glumci, fotografi, eskort momci, modeli itd, koji sanjaju o nekakvom uspjehu, slavi i bogastvu nam pričaju o svom životu , poslu , razmišljanjima...
Jochen Hick se nije libio da nam kao dijelove priča ovih momaka prikaže i najeksplicitnije scene, tako da je ovaj film sa pravom dobio oznaku koju dobija bilo koji pornić.

Director: Jochen Hick
Writer: Jochen Hick (writer)
Release Date: 11 May 1999 (USA)
Genre: Documentary
Plot Keywords: Nudity / Explicit Sex / Intimacy / Porn Star / Prostitution

Ron Athey ... Himself
Matt Bradshaw ... Himself
Rick Castro ... Himself
John Garwood ... Himself
Kevin Kramer ... Himself
Cole Tucker ... Himself
Tony Ward ... Himself

Runtime: 91 min
Country: Germany / USA
Language: English
Certification: UK:18 / USA:Unrated

Michael Sullivan narrates this German-made English-language film, a downbeat documentary about male sex for sale in Los Angeles. German director Jochen Hick focuses on nine diverse interview subjects, including muscular, HIV-positive real estate broker Cole Tucker, actor Matt Bradshaw, fashion model Tony Ward (famed as Madonna's former lover and for his contribution to her "Justify My Love" video), photographer Rick Castro, performance artist Ron Athey, and homeless hustlers David and Patrick. Shot in 16mm, this film was shown at the 1998 San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide

Nine young men who want to have a successful life in Los Angeles. A film about survival. About fashion models, hustlers, porn actors, photographers and performance artists. They all work with their bodies to realize their dreams and each dream is different. The film shows most intimate views of their lives behind cover photographs. It includes very private parts of Tony Ward and his story of success and failure in Hollywood. SEX/LIFE IN L.A. is an intimate encounter with people who are working with their bodies and who are struggling to survive - in L.A..

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12 September 2008

Shelter (2007/II)

Shelter (2007/II)

Primiče nam se ljeto! Ođe na moru sve se priprema za dolazak tursta koji će kao po komandi da krenu na ljetovanje. Užasnut od gužve često se zapitam šta ti ljudi očekuju dolazeći ovamo? Nije valjda da su svi zaljubljenici u more? Zašto onda ne izaberu neko manje mjesto gdje nisu takve gužve?
Vremenom sam shvatio, da cijelu godinu provode radeći , život im postane monoton i za tih 15-tak dana traže nešto dugačije. Nova poznanstva, druženja, sex, možda neka avantura ili ljubav...
Ima jedna plaža , nekako uvučena u stjene, tu se skupljaju pederi. Svi u gradu znaju za to i nijedan mještanin ne ide tamo. A mnogi iz svojih barki naviruju da vide šta se tamo dešava, a ne dešava se ništa. Svi nešto gledaju jedni u druge, glume i pretvaraju se. Poneko zaglavi u obližnje žbunje i tamo odradi neki sex, a rijetko ko se potrudi da zaista i upozna nekog momka sa kojim bi provodio dane i noći i na drugim mjestima. Gay plaža je definitivno najgore mjesto za kupanje i odmor. Idite ljudi na "normalne"plaže i tamo će te naći mnogo više srodnih duša, više nego što i sanjate.

Ovaj film ne opusuje gay plaže i ta sranja, ali možete vidjeti stvaranje ljubavi između dva surfera. Jedan je umjetnik koji radi u fast food restorano, a drugi je naprosto surfer - nisam prokužio ćime se bavi. Obadva zgodna, dijele slična interesovanja, samo što je jedan ( umjetnij) podredio život porodici, sestri i njenom malom sinu , a drugi je ovisan samo o samom sebi!
Namjerno neću da pišem priču iz filma da bi vam bilo zanimljivije da ga pogledate. Onako poslijepodne, udobno zavaljeni u fotelji ovu slatku melodramu pustite u dvd i odgledajte uživajući u muzici, prelijepim pejzažima i priči o dva lijepa momka. Ne očekujte neki soft sex, jer je film prilično nevino napravljen.
Možda vam ipak padne na pamet neka ideja gdje bi mogli ljetovati!?

Director: Jonah Markowitz
Writer: Jonah Markowitz (writer)
Genre: Drama | Romance | Sport

Plot Keywords: Family Conflict | Surfer | Gay | Thrasher
Awards: 9 wins

(Credited cast)

Trevor Wright ... Zach
Tricia Pierce ... Partier

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Christina Blevins ... Partier
Matt Bushell ... Alan
Cherese ... Art Student (as C-Sharp)
Caitlin Crosby ... Actor
Tina Holmes ... Jeanne
Devin Leigh ... Party Goer
Don Margolin ... Father
Sybil Martinez ... Art Student
Albert Reed ... Billy
Brad Rowe ... Shaun
Alicia Sixtos ... Amber
Ross Thomas ... Gabe
Katie Walder ... Tori
Jackson Wurth ... Cody
Tarek Zohdy ... Drunken Partier

Runtime: 97 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Surf buddies find their bliss in 'Shelter'
David Wiegand, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometimes a film that otherwise relies on stock storylines and even skirts the fringes of old-fashioned melodrama can rise up on the strength of other elements. In the case of writer/director Jonah Markowitz's feature film debut, "Shelter" rises very high indeed, thanks to a superb performance by Trevor Wright in the lead role, a strong supporting cast, very good cinematography and, most of all, emotional authenticity.

First seen in the Bay Area at last year's Frameline festival, "Shelter" is a film about a young man named Zach who works as a short-order cook and has turned down a full scholarship from Cal Arts in order to take care of his family, which includes his frail father, who was disabled in a work accident, his loser sister Jeanne (Tina Holmes) and her young son, Cody (Jackson Wurth).

When Zach isn't slinging hash, or either breaking up or making up with his longtime girlfriend Tori (Katie Walder), he's off surfing with his best friend Gabe (Ross Thomas). Of course, the question that goes unasked but becomes nonetheless unavoidable in our understanding of Zach is whether he's really burdened by all of this responsibility, or whether he's hiding behind it. Zach doesn't begin considering that possibility until Gabe's older brother Shaun (Brad Rowe) shows up in San Pedro while waiting to move into a new place back in Los Angeles.

Soon enough, Zach is hanging out with Shaun a lot. They go surfing, they talk and one night, they drink a lot and there's a good-natured and, for the audience, wince-inducing wrestling match. Zach's first kiss from a guy leaves him confused. How many gay first encounters in film or fiction have involved alcohol and good-natured wrestling? Too many to count, and no doubt they've happened in real life, but that just means a director had better have a very sure hand if he wants to make them believable on film. Markowitz almost succeeds, but that's largely because he keeps the scene short.

Other elements of the story border on predictable, including the loser-boozer sister with serial one-night stands who, naturally, isn't happy that her possibly gay brother is tending to her young son. But as in so many other instances in the film, the cast's performances keep things credible. Holmes strikes all the right notes in showing a young woman who, in her way, is just as desperate to find herself as her brother is. And without hitting us over the head with it, Markowitz leads us to consider the essential difference that self-respect can make in finding oneself. Nicely nuanced and credible performances are also delivered by Rowe, who is smart enough to allow Zach room to screw up, Thomas as the best friend who finds he has a lot to come to grips with in the person of someone he thought he's known forever, and Walder as the girlfriend who perhaps understands Zach better and earlier than he does himself.

There aren't any great truths here. This is a film about love, and learning to be true to yourself and those willing to ride the wave with you. Markowitz's script is adequate on the surface, but better than that when we see how he allows his characters to embody his themes and trusts his audience enough to avoid telegraphing meaning at every turn. He often has a good ear for the way people speak in real life, although, occasionally, he falls into a "Stella Dallas" mode.

Wright's performance is the beating heart of the film from the start. It's a tricky role to play, because it calls on the young actor to withhold so much about his inner life yet, at the same time, give us enough information to see things that he is unwilling to look at. In this case, less becomes more and then some through a restrained and delicately balanced performance. It's Wright's careful minimalism that draws us along in the film and has us rooting for Zach all the way.

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Descent ( 2007)

Descent ( 2007)

Danas sam pogledao ovaj film i moram da priznam bio nekako iznenadjen scenama iz filma. Is početka mi je film djelovao bezveze, dosadno i naravno nimalo gay. Neka djevojka koja sa momkom završi u krevet i sve se pretvori u silovanje. Ona viče ne, on i dalje gura i tako dok se nije ispraznio u nju misleće da ova uživa. Valjda nije shvatio da pička mora prvo da ovlaži!
Naravno cura sva izbezumjena i povrijedjena odluči da se osveti za neželjeni ubod!

Neću sada da vas davim pričama o psihologiji silovane žene, valjda je slična silovanom pederu! Ko je silovan zna o čemu pišem!

Ono što je nastrašnije u ovoj priči način na koji se osvetila! Baš onako kako bi se ja osvetio! Baš je smislila plan, nećete vjerovati da tog momka najstrašnije izjebe jedna crnčuga. Lele kako ga je dobro jebao, ja se napalih gledajući to! Pa vidite i vi ako vas zanima!

Director: Talia Lugacy
Writers: Talia Lugacy (writer)
Brian Priest (writer)
Genre: Drama | Thriller

Plot Keywords: Male Frontal Nudity | Male Full Frontal Nudity | Shirtless Male Bondage | Blind Folded | Tied To Bed

(Credited cast)

Rosario Dawson ... Maya
Chad Faust ... Jared
Marcus Patrick ... Adrian
Christopher DeBlasio ... Frat Brother

Runtime: USA:100 min | USA:110 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Certification: Australia:R | USA:NC-17 (original rating) | USA:R (edited version)

"We had faces then," Norma Desmond said in "Sunset Boulevard," but the fact is, we have faces now. Cate Blanchett, Hilary Swank and Uma Thurman are a few modern classics, and so is Rosario Dawson, who could have provided a 100-minute closeup and revealed more about human nature and anguish than all of "Descent," a rape-revenge fantasy that will have auds ankling after the first attack.

First attack? Oh, yes, and considering the one that follows, it seems the far milder of the two -- although to pass that kind of judgment is to get into the sexual-political morass "Descent" wants us to wade through.

A symposium in the "men are pigs" school of gender relations, "Descent" is about one young grad student's violation, metamorphosis and well-planned, gruesome revenge on her assailant -- in a scene which, if said assailant were a woman, would relegate the "Descent" DVD to the little back room at the videostore.

There's nothing pretty either, of course, about the initial attack on Maya (Dawson), a gifted scholar who's just getting her life together when she meets Jared (Chad Faust), the most arrogant preppie ever to get lost en route to a Wes Anderson movie. When flowers and sweet talk don't quite succeed, Jared resorts to handcuffs. What follows is horrible, despite the discreet camera angles and miserly lighting.

What happens next is anyone's guess: Maya, moving through life like the walking wounded, is near-comatose. She alienates her co-workers, who mistake her remoteness for snobbery and interpret her part-time carpentry job as an indication of lesbianism (the girl-on-girl vibe is certainly here, although, like many aspects of "Descent," it's rendered annoyingly indistinct). Strangely, Maya isn't damaged enough to stay out of the clubs, and one night on a dance floor, she meets Adrian (Marcus Patrick), a DJ who introduces her to an all-new world that transforms her, gives her confidence and sets her on a course of payback.

What takes place during this slower-than-snail-mail second act of "Descent"? Who knows? The entire resurrection sequence is so indulgently impressionistic and obscure as to be incoherent. Pic's message is the one thing that's made clear: A victim can sink lower than her predator. Whether receiving that message justifies the cost of watching "Descent' is another question.


Rape scene:

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11 September 2008

Ba'al Ba'al Lev (1997)

Ba'al Ba'al Lev (1997)

Ova kratka , mala pederska priča u trajanju od 36 minuta mi je tako dobro legla uz poslijepodnevnu kafu. Filčić je izuzetno koloritan, nekako prepun boja i emocija. Mogu reći nekako sanjarski! Siguran sam da će se onim pederima koji plaču uz filmove jako dopasti.

Režirao ga je Eytan Fox, nama već poznat po filmovima Buah, Ha- (2006). aka The Bubble, Walk on the water (2004), Yossi & Jagger (2002) i drugim.

Film je priča o četiri prijatelja Mitzy, Merito, Nohav i Guri. Guri i MItzi su odrasli zajedno i znaju sve jedno o drugom. Mitzi zna da je Guri peder iako nepričaju mnogo o tome.

Nohav je pederčić koji radi u jednoj plesnoj školi, uvjek šaren i nasmijan.Za amerikance kaže : Imaju sve, New York, MC Donald's, Hollywood, Madonna, tom Cruise, Chelsey, Klintonovu ćerku... al šta im to vrijedi kada nemaju Euroviziju!:) Ima sve ploče sa Eurosonga!
Merito je macho momak iz plesne škole! I Mitzy i Guri su zaljubljeni u njega.
Merito je biseksualac koji je prvo zaveo Mitzy , a zatim i Gurija, koji ga je uz neko trepčeće svjetlo izjebao.
Ono što ovoj priči daje posebnu draž je muzika iz raznih mjuzikla i francuskih šansona koje se protežu maltene kroz cijelu priču!
Pogledajte ovaj film , uživaće te!

Director: Eytan Fox
Writer: Gal Uchovsky (writer)
Genre: Short | Musical | Romance

Plot Keywords: Homosexuality | Eurovision | Closeted Homosexual | Coming Out | Gay Interest

(Credited cast)
Tzak Berkman ... Guri
Uri Omanuti ... Nohav
Sami Huri ... Merito
Osnat Hakim ... Mitzi

Also Known As: Gotta Have Heart

Runtime: 35 min
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
English subtitle:

Gotta Have Heart, or as it was originally named in Hebrew: 'A Husband with a Heart' (Ba'al Ba'al Lev), was originally produced for Channel 2 of the Israeli Television, as a stand-alone film in a series named: 'Short stories about Love'. This film immediately stood out among the many other excellent films in the series, both due to its gay theme, as well as its campy and fantasy-like style.

The film relates to a classic Jewish musical: 'Kunilemel', telling the story of mixed identities of two identical twins, one an orthodox Jew and the other a secular. The two songs included in 'Ba'al Ba'al Lev' (as well as its title) are borrowed from 'Kunilemel': one dealing with the identity conflicts of its main character, the other with the marriage fantasies of its heroine, looking for 'a husband with a heart'.

The use of music has always played an important role in Fox's movies. This is demonstrated in his first short movie, 'After', where the original score was composed by Yehuda Poliker, an out-of-the-closet gay, one of the most successful and admired musicians in Israel, and the theme song 'Wave, Carry Me' sang by the Israeli mega-star Hava Alberstein (in Hebrew: 'Sa'eni Gal', Gal being the first name of Fox's spouse, Gal Uchovsky, credited for writing / screenplay in Ba'al Ba'al Lev and Walk on Water). In later films (Yossi and Jagger, Walk on Water) Fox has been working with Ivri Lider, another out-of-the-closet gay, a very successful young Israeli musician.

Watching this film several times by now, I still find it a rare gem. It is colourful, campy and fun to watch, and yet manages to entail intelligent notions. But most of all, it is highly touching, and like other Eytan Fox movies, this film leaves you with a tear in the corner of your eye. But unlike other Fox movies, in Ba'al Ba'al Lev this tear is accompanied by a huge smile that walks with you for several days after.

10 September 2008

The Visitor (2002) - Short 30 min

The Visitor (2002) - Short 30 min

Da li vam se ikad desilo da vas spopadne neki matorac na plaži, a vi prokomentarišete nešto u stilu što me ovaj fosil napada!?

Ovaj film me podsjetio na to, ali i na jedan događaj još dok sam bio u Rovinju. Tamo ima Crveni otok, koji ima nudističku plažu sa gomilom pedera koji kruže po okolnoj šume tražeći kurac. Naravno i ja sam tada radio isto, imao sam 23 godine i uvjek puna jaja da se isprazne.

I tako odem ja u šumu da tražim nekog dovoljno sposobnog da me izmrka. Al ne lezi vraže stalno me pratio jedan matorac. Še god ja , tu i on.

Nađem jednog talijana pa se sa njim povatam i izjebem , a ovaj stalno tu, stoji i gleda.

Kada smo završio taj veliki posao , talijan ode, a ja priđem matorom i pitam ga što me prati kad vidi da neću sa njim? On počne priču kako sam jako lijep i da bi htio da me fotografiše. ja mu kažem da može ali samo obučenog i on napravi par fotografija. Odemo na piće pa mi ispriča sve o sebi i čime se bavi.
Inaće živi malo dalje od Rovinja, talijan je , ozenjen, dvoje djece, jedan unuk. Slikar! Pokazao mi i kuću i atelje. Pomislio sam kako je sretan što je imao ispunjen život. Na to mi je rekao: Učini sve da ti život brzo ne prođe! Pitao sam ga kako, a on: To nikad nisam otkrio kako!

He život mi nije prošao , ali godine lete. A ja i dalje ne znam kako da sve to usporim! Često kažem uh ovo je bilo kao da se juče desilo, a ono prošlo već deset ili više godina.

Ovaj kratki film nije baš o tome ali pogledajte ga ! Cjelog sam stavio u Blog, a linkove za kvalitetniji snimak imate dolje u downloadu !

Title: The Visitor
Director: Dan Castle
Genre: Short / Drama
Runtime: 30 minutes
Country: Australia
Cast: Nick Carpenter (C. K.), Barry Otto (Michael), Grant Dodwell (Angus)
Language: English;

Michael is avoiding phone calls regarding his dear friend and former lover Chris who is dying back in America. While trying to write, he is disturbed by the noisy surfers next door as they get ready for a weekend away of surf. C.K., one of the surfers, remains behind to surf the local beach. At the beach cafe for lunch with his old friend Angus, Michael again avoids discussing Chris back in America. Angus catches Michael watching C.K. on the beach and teases him but Michael denies any interest in the surfer.

Left on his own, Michael watches C.K. catch a series of waves. After a big wave and a wipe out, C.K. disappears in the surf. Michael looses site of C.K. until he sees him on the beach taking off his wetsuit before he heads back home. Michael remains on the beach then makes his way home. Once inside his house, Michael sees C.K. walking towards him on his way to the living room where he makes himself at home. Michael does not know why the surfer is in his house but before the night is over he will discover more about himself than he may have been ready for.

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On the Other Hand : A Donald Strachey Mystery

On the Other Hand : A Donald Strachey Mystery

Lično nisam ljubitelj Donalda Stracheya, ali sam dobio podosta mailova sa zahtjevom da u blog ubacim i ovaj film.

Detektivska priča u kojoj je detektiv peder koji živi sa jednim šarmantim likom se vrti oko dvije lezbijke koje su izložene maltretiranju . One su ujedno jedine u susjedstvu koje su odbile da prodaju kuću nekim investitorima za veliku sumu novca. Neko im ubacuje kamenje kroz prozor, piše anti pederske pamflete po zidovima i radi slične pakosti.
Ali tu je čuveni detektiv Donald Strachey koji sumlja da iza svega toga ne stoji homofobija već veliki biznis...

Film ne obiluje nekim nagim scenama, skoro da nema ništa što bi nam zaokupilo pažnju osim par scena u kojima je stidljivo prikazana golotinja. Penis nećete viđeti u ovom filmu. A gluma je na nivou ostalih filmova iz ovog detektivskog serijala - srednje loša.

Al ajde neka ga svrstamo u kategoriju filmova koje će mo pogledati kada nemamo pametnija posla!

Director: Ron Oliver
Writers (WGA): Gillian Horvath (written by) and
Ron McGee (written by)
Genre: Crime | Mystery

(Credited cast)

Gabrielle Rose ... Edith Strong
Nelson Wong ... Kenny Kwon
Daryl Shuttleworth ... Detective Bailey
Damon Runyan ... Andrew McWhirter
Lori Ann Triolo ... Gina Santer
William MacDonald ... Jonas Baskin
Barclay Hope ... Carl Deems
Kerry James ... Joey Deems
Ralph Alderman ... Sheriff Reg Howard

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Chad Allen ... Donald Strachey
Margot Kidder ... Dorothy Fisher
Keegan MacIntosh ... Derek Baskin
David Orth ... Peter Garrity
Sebastian Spence ... Timmy Callahan

Also Known As: On the Other Hand, Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery (USA) (long title)
Runtime: USA:85 min (approx.)
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1 more


When the residents of a neighborhood are offered huge sums of money to sell their homes to a developer, the only ones to refuse are an elderly lesbian couple. Soon after, the couple’s home is besieged by anti-gay vandalism, but Don suspects that the attack is motivated by big-business rather than homophobia. As the investigation progresses, Tim and Don fall in love all over again, as strengthened by their admiration for the elderly lesbian couple.

Gay Detective as it should be played while watching this movie on the HERE! network, I came to realize that no one else could play the lead role except Chad Allen. While the movie pace is relatively slow in nature - it must after all build to the ending - it does so in just slow enough pace to make you want to pull your hair out.

Casting is decent all around - his up-tight husband is borderline annoying, and the gay secretary is becoming more annoying than in the last movie. The hot ex of the husband plays into the gay fear of the hot ex putting the make on the current husband...but it rather backfires on him as he becomes a target himself.

The last 40 minutes of the movie are the best part of the movie - you can almost skip through the first part as the pacing is too slow. But once the shooting starts and the music quickens - the pace of the movie goes into a much needed overdrive! They are currently filming another movie in the series - let's hope that they can pace the next one better - but this one is not too shabby all around - just needs a slightly higher quality of scripts!


08 September 2008

Ice Blues (2008)

Ice Blues (2008)

Ice Blues, the fourth entry in here! Television’s series of movies about a gay detective, isn’t as good as On the Other Hand, Death, the series stand-out so far. But Ice Blues is solid enough and definitely worth watching. In Ice Blues, Strachey’s relationship with his partner Timmy (Sebastian Spence) is finally front and center. But all is not well in this gay household. “We can’t make dinner plans with our friends, I don’t remember the last time we went out to movie,” Timmy complains, fretting about Donald’s late nights at the detective agency. “And it’s dangerous. Some nights I can’t sleep. I worry there’s someone out there bashing your brains in.”

Then Timmy’s pet charity, a local youth center, is threatened with closure over a lack of funds. Late one night in a parking garage in darkened parking garage, a mysterious figure gives Timmy a three million dollar donation. But this donation comes with some serious strings attached. Soon someone is trying to kill Tommy. When the thugs start appearing and bodies start turning up, Timmy “hires” Donald to find out who the money really belongs to. Before long, Donald and Timmy are both drawn into a web of intrigue involving theft, murder, long-buried family secrets, and a child pornography ring. Some of the action sequences in Ice Blues might be a little too pedestrian, and the resolution to mystery itself isn’t exactly mind-blowing (though the movie includes a nicely unexpected twist at the end, revealed to the audience, but not Strachey).

Here! TV has been making a big deal about the fact that the lead in this breakthrough series, played by out actor Chad Allen, is a gay man in a healthy (and monogamous) relationship. The best part of the movie is the joy of seeing two attractive men being affectionate and romantic with each other.


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07 September 2008

Mauvais Genres FR aka TRANSFIXED (2001)

Mauvais Genres FR aka TRANSFIXED (2001)

Moram priznati da u zadnje vrijeme nisam baš bio raspoložen za gledanje filmova, a osim toga nekako i nisam nalazio ništa zanimljijvo, a da bi bilo prigodno za ovaj blog.
Jutros sam skinuo jedan francuski film i odlučio da ga poledam. Nedelja je i nisam ništa isplanirao za danas pa imam vremena.

TRANSFIXED je jedan klasičan policijski triler produciran u Francuskoj koji će prikovato za ekran sve ljubitelje takvih filmova.
Režiser Francis Girod nas vodi kroz film odavajući detalje priče u mjeri dovoljnoj da iz minute u minut očekujem rasplet i tako da kraja filma. Zato bi bilo bez veze da vam ispričam sve do kraja jer bi vam gledanje ovog filma izgubilo na draži .
Bo je Briselski transexualac, koji je napustio kuću nakon što ga(je)zlostavljao otac. Zbunjuju me transeksualci jer neznam jesu kojeg su pola i kako ih treba oslovljavati.
Bo je u jednoj čudnoj vezi sa mladim i zgodnim susjedom koji je ponižava na javnim mjestima ali ipak poklanja izvjesnu pažnju u trnutcima kada su sami.
Policija sumlja da se susjed odgovoran za serijska ubistva prostitutki po gradu......

Director: Francis Girod
Writers: Francis Girod (scenario and dialogue) &
Philippe Cougrand (scenario and dialogue) ...

Release Date: 8 August 2001 (France)
Genre: Drama

Plot Keywords: Abusive Relationship | Gay Interest | Prostitute | Transexual | Based On Novel
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Richard Bohringer ... Huysmans
Robinson Stévenin ... Bo
Stéphane Metzger ... Johnny
William Nadylam ... Maeva
Frédéric Pellegeay ... Alex
Ginette Garcin ... Louisette Vincent
Stéphane De Groodt ... Pryzuski (as Stéphane de Groot)
Charlie Dupont ... Courtois
Veronica Novak ... Elvire
Micheline Presle ... Violette Ancelin
Marcel Dossogne ... Professeur Ancelin
Thibaut Corrion ... Marlčne
Jean-Michel Leray
Catherine Claeys
Julien Arame

Also Known As:
Transfixed (Canada: English title) (festival title) (USA)
Bad Genres (International: English title) (festival title)
Gender Bias (USA)
Transfixions (France) (working title)

Runtime: 105 min
Country: France | Belgium
Language: French
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Certification: France:-12

Living in a Sexual Playground, Haunted by His Childhood

Published: July 30, 2004

Somewhere at the center of the tangle of plot threads that is "Transfixed," a French thriller that opens today in New York, stands the reedy figure of Bo, a Brussels transvestite prostitute played with stunning cheekbones and a sultry stare by Robinson Stévenin. Bo has a full plate: as the film begins his father, a famous physician, has been arrested for fondling a child in his clinic, and Bo has been summoned by the authorities to testify against him. Bo's childhood abuse by his father instilled his gender confusion (a quaint notion, but then this is Old Europe), and now the authorities, who didn't believe Bo when he reported his father's behavior as a boy, are eager for his help in putting the older man behind bars.

But Bo is reluctant to cooperate with people who spurned him for so long. And he has some other things to worry about, namely the epidemic of violent deaths among his transvestite and transsexual prostitute friends. Richard Bohringer, of the weary eyes and raspy voice, enters the scene as the magistrate in charge of the investigation, who quickly concludes that Bo is a prime suspect.

But even this development is not enough to distract Bo from the obsession that drives his grim existence: he is madly in love with Johnny (Stéphane Metzger), the handsome young thug who lives across the street, where he appears to make a living as a gigolo to wealthy American widows. Though Johnny regularly insults Bo and humiliates him in public, the abuse seems only to feed Bo's passion, and soon the verbal attacks turn physical, much to Bo's delight. Every time Johnny hits him, it feels to Bo like a kiss.

"Transfixed" (called "Mauvais Genres" when it was released in France in 2001), was directed by the veteran French filmmaker Francis Girod, once a specialist in glossy melodramas starring Catherine Deneuve (whom Bo impersonates in his lip-synching nightclub act) and Romy Schneider. More at home among the jewelry stores and fashion houses of the Place Vendôme, Mr. Girod is a fish out of water in the after-hours clubs and deserted industrial districts that constitute the sexual underworld of Brussels. His film feels more like what one would see from the top of a double-decker tourist bus than the work of someone who has immersed himself in a sexual subculture and its particular values. Mr. Stévenin, though, looks great in heels.


06 September 2008

A Four Letter Word (2007)

a_four_letter_word_coverA Four Letter Word (2007)

Director: Casper Andreas
Writers: Casper Andreas, Jesse Archer
Country: USA
Year: 2007
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: English 
Runtime: 87 min


Stars: Jesse Archer, Charlie David and Jeremy Gender



Like a diva in an opera, Luke (Jesse Archer) makes a flamboyant entrance in the romantic comedy "A Four Letter Word." With his bottle-blond hair and a propensity for outfits that glitter, his appearance screams "Look at me." Luke is the Samantha of his clique of Manhattan friends, a stepping-out kind of guy obnoxiously on the make.

2007_a_four_letter_word_005By living very much in the moment, he's a throwback to the anything-goes, pre-AIDS generation. Pals keep warning Luke to find other ways to express himself besides through sex. The risk of AIDS isn't mentioned (if there is a whisper, it escaped this critic's ears).

This film certainly has flaws, lack of character development for one. For another, dissolving into sheer silliness rather than aiming for the hard laughter that comes with recognition of shared behavior.
To the extent that Luke is presented as a confused New York single, a man-child stomping his feet and refusing to grow up, "A Four Letter Word" succeeds as a romantic comedy that need not be prefaced with "gay."

images (1)The title is a tease. It doesn't stand for what filmmaker Casper Andreas would lead you to believe. There are two versions mentioned of what it stands for: home and love. Both connote domesticity and coming in from the wild.
In early scenes Luke is luxuriating in his untamed life. Entering a gay bar, he shouts out, "Let the manhunt begin." He meets a hunk named Stephen (Charlie David) and is so impressed with him and his position in life - he's a trust baby who paints colorfully large canvases - that Luke considers settling down.
Luke soon learns that his lover has lied to him. How he handles it takes up a chunk of the movie. There also are side stories. The best concerns Marilyn (Virginia Bryan), who hangs out with the boys and enlists their help in planning her wedding. Bryan is amusing playing a hyper neurotic who badgers her fiance about their nuptials while he's under the sheets attempting to please her.

4letterinsideSelf-help organizations are mocked in the script, co-written by Andreas and Archer. Luke, who attends to cure his sexual compulsion, has a hard time spitting out his "problem," as do the other afflicted. While Marilyn is being treated for alcoholism, her female AA sponsor comes on to her. That could make anyone crave a drink.
Luke and Stephen have been given some crisp repartee, almost worthy of a '40s romantic comedy. Luke's opening line at the bar: "Honey, if you're not sparkling, what are you?" to which Stephen responds by branding him "a gay cliche."
Luke also banters with Zeke (Cory Grant, a name that has to be made up). They're work together at a sex store, leading to lots of jokes about the merchandise.
"Four Letter Word" is a perfectly harmless little comedy. The few moments of seriousness, when Luke ponders his future, may resonate with some audiences but are unlikely to change anyone's life. The best four-letter word to describe this film is fizz.

-- Advisory: Sexual content, profanity.

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