07 September 2008

Mauvais Genres FR aka TRANSFIXED (2001)

Mauvais Genres FR aka TRANSFIXED (2001)

Moram priznati da u zadnje vrijeme nisam baš bio raspoložen za gledanje filmova, a osim toga nekako i nisam nalazio ništa zanimljijvo, a da bi bilo prigodno za ovaj blog.
Jutros sam skinuo jedan francuski film i odlučio da ga poledam. Nedelja je i nisam ništa isplanirao za danas pa imam vremena.

TRANSFIXED je jedan klasičan policijski triler produciran u Francuskoj koji će prikovato za ekran sve ljubitelje takvih filmova.
Režiser Francis Girod nas vodi kroz film odavajući detalje priče u mjeri dovoljnoj da iz minute u minut očekujem rasplet i tako da kraja filma. Zato bi bilo bez veze da vam ispričam sve do kraja jer bi vam gledanje ovog filma izgubilo na draži .
Bo je Briselski transexualac, koji je napustio kuću nakon što ga(je)zlostavljao otac. Zbunjuju me transeksualci jer neznam jesu kojeg su pola i kako ih treba oslovljavati.
Bo je u jednoj čudnoj vezi sa mladim i zgodnim susjedom koji je ponižava na javnim mjestima ali ipak poklanja izvjesnu pažnju u trnutcima kada su sami.
Policija sumlja da se susjed odgovoran za serijska ubistva prostitutki po gradu......

Director: Francis Girod
Writers: Francis Girod (scenario and dialogue) &
Philippe Cougrand (scenario and dialogue) ...

Release Date: 8 August 2001 (France)
Genre: Drama

Plot Keywords: Abusive Relationship | Gay Interest | Prostitute | Transexual | Based On Novel
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Richard Bohringer ... Huysmans
Robinson Stévenin ... Bo
Stéphane Metzger ... Johnny
William Nadylam ... Maeva
Frédéric Pellegeay ... Alex
Ginette Garcin ... Louisette Vincent
Stéphane De Groodt ... Pryzuski (as Stéphane de Groot)
Charlie Dupont ... Courtois
Veronica Novak ... Elvire
Micheline Presle ... Violette Ancelin
Marcel Dossogne ... Professeur Ancelin
Thibaut Corrion ... Marlčne
Jean-Michel Leray
Catherine Claeys
Julien Arame

Also Known As:
Transfixed (Canada: English title) (festival title) (USA)
Bad Genres (International: English title) (festival title)
Gender Bias (USA)
Transfixions (France) (working title)

Runtime: 105 min
Country: France | Belgium
Language: French
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Certification: France:-12

Living in a Sexual Playground, Haunted by His Childhood

Published: July 30, 2004

Somewhere at the center of the tangle of plot threads that is "Transfixed," a French thriller that opens today in New York, stands the reedy figure of Bo, a Brussels transvestite prostitute played with stunning cheekbones and a sultry stare by Robinson Stévenin. Bo has a full plate: as the film begins his father, a famous physician, has been arrested for fondling a child in his clinic, and Bo has been summoned by the authorities to testify against him. Bo's childhood abuse by his father instilled his gender confusion (a quaint notion, but then this is Old Europe), and now the authorities, who didn't believe Bo when he reported his father's behavior as a boy, are eager for his help in putting the older man behind bars.

But Bo is reluctant to cooperate with people who spurned him for so long. And he has some other things to worry about, namely the epidemic of violent deaths among his transvestite and transsexual prostitute friends. Richard Bohringer, of the weary eyes and raspy voice, enters the scene as the magistrate in charge of the investigation, who quickly concludes that Bo is a prime suspect.

But even this development is not enough to distract Bo from the obsession that drives his grim existence: he is madly in love with Johnny (Stéphane Metzger), the handsome young thug who lives across the street, where he appears to make a living as a gigolo to wealthy American widows. Though Johnny regularly insults Bo and humiliates him in public, the abuse seems only to feed Bo's passion, and soon the verbal attacks turn physical, much to Bo's delight. Every time Johnny hits him, it feels to Bo like a kiss.

"Transfixed" (called "Mauvais Genres" when it was released in France in 2001), was directed by the veteran French filmmaker Francis Girod, once a specialist in glossy melodramas starring Catherine Deneuve (whom Bo impersonates in his lip-synching nightclub act) and Romy Schneider. More at home among the jewelry stores and fashion houses of the Place Vendôme, Mr. Girod is a fish out of water in the after-hours clubs and deserted industrial districts that constitute the sexual underworld of Brussels. His film feels more like what one would see from the top of a double-decker tourist bus than the work of someone who has immersed himself in a sexual subculture and its particular values. Mr. Stévenin, though, looks great in heels.


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