08 September 2008

Ice Blues (2008)

Ice Blues (2008)

Ice Blues, the fourth entry in here! Television’s series of movies about a gay detective, isn’t as good as On the Other Hand, Death, the series stand-out so far. But Ice Blues is solid enough and definitely worth watching. In Ice Blues, Strachey’s relationship with his partner Timmy (Sebastian Spence) is finally front and center. But all is not well in this gay household. “We can’t make dinner plans with our friends, I don’t remember the last time we went out to movie,” Timmy complains, fretting about Donald’s late nights at the detective agency. “And it’s dangerous. Some nights I can’t sleep. I worry there’s someone out there bashing your brains in.”

Then Timmy’s pet charity, a local youth center, is threatened with closure over a lack of funds. Late one night in a parking garage in darkened parking garage, a mysterious figure gives Timmy a three million dollar donation. But this donation comes with some serious strings attached. Soon someone is trying to kill Tommy. When the thugs start appearing and bodies start turning up, Timmy “hires” Donald to find out who the money really belongs to. Before long, Donald and Timmy are both drawn into a web of intrigue involving theft, murder, long-buried family secrets, and a child pornography ring. Some of the action sequences in Ice Blues might be a little too pedestrian, and the resolution to mystery itself isn’t exactly mind-blowing (though the movie includes a nicely unexpected twist at the end, revealed to the audience, but not Strachey).

Here! TV has been making a big deal about the fact that the lead in this breakthrough series, played by out actor Chad Allen, is a gay man in a healthy (and monogamous) relationship. The best part of the movie is the joy of seeing two attractive men being affectionate and romantic with each other.


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