21 September 2015

Disc Of Love (2013)

Disc of Love (2013)

Director: Ryan DaveyWriters: Brandon Bushman (screenplay) (as Josh Brandon Bushman) , Ryan Davey (additional material)
Genre: Short movie
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2013

Stars: Luke Cosgrove, Brandon Taylor-Cotton

Jake has packed his bags and is heading off to visit his parents.
His roommate, Lucas seems all too disillusioned by the idea of Jake being gone for the entire weekend, and is acting in a very strange manner. Jake tries to find out why, but all he receives is this mixed CD.
Odd as it may be, Jake willingly accepts it and is wished a safe journey. While the entire trip seems to be going just as planned, he soon discovers what is on this mysterious disc, and all hell breaks loose!

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