20 December 2013

Julian - gay web series


Julian #1 - gay web series
by queerblickTV
Germany - Julian is a 16-years-old boy like any other. He goes to school, has a never ending problem with his parents and dates a girl. But one day, he is attracted by somebody else – a boy. This feeling leads to a lot of confusion in Julian's mind and certain troubles with friends and family. What does is it mean to be gay or bisexual?  How does it feel to kiss somebody of the same gender? Will my parents and friends accept me? These are the typical question that queer teenagers have. The web series "Julian" is based on it.

"This series is an excellent work that empowers teenagers during their coming-out. It gives them the chance to identify with the main characters as a role-model. This is extremely important - especially to those that don't know any queer to look up to as an idol", says Falk Steinborn, the founder of the organisation queerblick from Germany. It tries to empower young LGBT through media. His volunteers and him have subtitled the series into English. Originally it was produces by a team of young queers from the LGBT youth center anyway in Cologne (Germany). Among them were some up-and-coming filmmakers that had the idea for the series and produced it with other attendees of the youth center on super low budget. "We are very happy that the LGBT youth center 'anyway' wanted to cooperate with us in order to spread the message of the series world wide", says Steinborn. The chances for that are not too bad. The YouTube channel of queerblick counts more than 400.000 views every month and has more than 13.000 subscribers. The first episode of the series can be watched now. Further eight episodes and one series finale in the format of a 17-minutes short film will follow week by week.

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