25 December 2013

Love Bytes (2013)

Love Bytes (2013)
Director: Tonnette StanfordProducer: Emma Mckenna
Co-producer: Ravi Kambhoj
Genre: Web series, TV Series
Country: Australia
Language: EnglishYear: 2013
Website: http://www.lovebytes-theseries.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lovebytesseries/videos
Stars: Emily Rose Brennan (Stacey), Billie Rose Prichard (Jade),Adriano Cappelletta (Michael)

Love Bytes is a eight-part web series. Housemates Jade, Michael and Stacey are the Neapolitan ice cream of sexuality. Young, sexy and single, they search for love and happiness in Sydney’s modern hetero-flexible dating scene, but instead they often find humiliation and hilarious misadventure.
Love Bytes was made under the Metro Screen Story to Screen initiative.

Episode 1 – Herpes of the Lips:
Jade shows off her new girlfriend, ce-lez-bian DJ, Samantha Fox, whilst Michael looks forward to meeting up with the man of his online dreams. That is until he realises the hot bollywood actor-slash-model has a fake profile and is more of a dud than a dream. Jade and Stacey get caught up in his dating dilemma and it becomes a herpes fuelled nightmare for all of them.

Episode 2 – Justin Beaver:
Jade steals Stacey’s precious ring for an exciting night out on the red carpet with her celebrity lover, Samantha Fox. Unfortunately the ring gets lost in the most unusual (and intimate) of places and Michael and his ‘doctor’ boyfriend get called in to solve this unconventional medical emergency.


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