07 May 2008

Desertion (The Director´s Cut) (2000)

Desertion (The Director´s Cut) (2000)

Jutros, dok sam pio kafu pogledao sam ovaj soft-erotic film. Nema dialoga, nema scenaria, samo gomila prelijepih muškaraca usred neke pustinje u Južnoj africi.

Uz New Age muziku će te uživati u filmskim fotografijama u kojima je na vrelom pustinjskom suncu izložena sva ljepota muškog tijela.
56 minuta ovog filma će vam brzo proteći dok sami ili u društvu gledate modele u scenama iz neke gay maštarije.

Taman da imate inspiraciju za ljeto, dok se sunčate na nekoj pješčanoj plaži i maštate o mogućoj avanturi sa nekim ko leži blizu vas, a jedva vas primjećuje!

Runtime: 56 min
Country: USA
Actors: Roy Black
Year : 2000

Credited cast:
Vaughan Harris,
Michael Jonker,
Marcos Carmargo,
Storm Killian,
Estefan du Prez,
Johan Odendaal,
Matt Twynam,
Damian Pasqual,

Trapped in the middle of a desert, seven men are met by an elusive (and madly passionate) "Desert Man." This stranger will ultimately aid in each man materializing his deepest, most intimate desires: The soldier in love with his commanding officer; the photographer smitten by his young model; the young men making love for the first time in the ocean. Sirocco climaxes in a sensual finale set in the depths of a raging sea. Director Steve Bulfield has included additional explicit footage (previously unseen) to this director's cut.

Seven men, trapped in a desert of their own passions, are brought together by a mysterious and sensual "desert man". Erotically charged and truly sensual, Sirocco brings together spectacular men in an epic story of scorching passions.

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  1. the movie have subtitles in spanish?

  2. This movie have not any dialog! Only music!

  3. where can i download the full clip? 'cos that link above is only its trailer.

  4. just check all text file there!

  5. Orvel,the file desertion has been blocked by rapidshare, upload again please(mediafire hosting is better to download in my country{id},more faster) ... I hope you come back soon,have a good journey..

  6. link is error....

  7. ne radi link :((

  8. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LPDES6O6

  9. Is there an actual link to this movie?


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