29 December 2008

Poltergay (2006)

Poltergay (2006)

Zar nisu duhovi sami po sebi dovoljno strašni? A u ovom filmu se pojavljuju duhovi koji su uz to još i pederi! Užas, čovijek se jedva odbrani od živih pedera, a ako vas napadnu pederi duhovi, mislim da nema šanse da se izvučete! Kad počnu da vam zaviruju pod pokrivač, ulaze u tuš kabinu...
Taman se opustite da uz pornić izdrkate , a duh vam pusti na razglas pjesmu "raspuchin" od Boney M.
Ova komedija je super osmisšljena. Zgodan lik (Clovis Cornillac ) se tek oženio i sa svojom ženom uselio u jednu staru kuću, s namjerom da je urede po svom ukusu! A onda počne veselje, pederi iz sedamdesetih godina počnu da prave party u podrumu kuće, muzika trešti na sve strane pri čemu sve to vidi i čuje samo mladoženja. A žena pojma nema! haha

Ovi duhovi , veseli i razdragani jako vole ono što i većina pedera, dobru muziku, ples i glamur!

Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Director: Eric Lavaine
Duration: 93 min
Country France
Actors: Clovis Cornillac, Julie Depardieu, Lionel Abelanski, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Jean-Michel Lahmi, Philippe Duquesne, Georges Gay, Alain Fromager, Anne Caillon, Michel Duchaussoy, Christian Pereira, Héctor Cabello Reyes, Christophe Guybet, Gérard Loussine, Stefan Wojtowicz

Poltergeist meets Saturday Night Fever with a gay spin in the French high-concept comedy Poltergay, but not everything is rosy. Rookie director Eric Lavaine wastes a potentially brilliant premise for a cult classic with pedestrian execution, lame jokes and sequins instead of character development. A bulked-up Clovis Cornillac stars as Marc Modena, a construction worker who has recently moved into a decrepit mansion where he sees gay disco ghosts that his wife Emma (Julie Depardieu) cannot fathom. Only in a French comedy would a psychiatrist advise that he might be gay and should act on his impulses -- and almost kill his father-in-law in the process. The denouement does go somewhere unexpected, but is unlikely to be the place where potential audience members want to be. The film will possibly surface at some gay festivals and on TV as a cinematic oddity.

Versatile French actor Clovis Cornillac may be mostly known for headlining big budget fare like Les chevaliers du ciel (Sky Fighters), Les brigades du Tigre (The Tiger Brigades) and the upcoming live-action Astérix film (in which he will play the title role), but he is equally at home in smaller, more dramatic films (La femme de Gilles/Gilles' Wife). Under the direction of first-time director Lavaine Cornillac fares less well, perhaps also because the strange genre hybrid of Poltergay puts the actor out of his depth. A more straightforward comedian might have been better suited to the role (perhaps Jean Brice de Nice Dujardin, or even someone like Michaël Youn) because Cornillac overplays the drama, which is slight to begin with, and never relishes the film's attempts at comedy, which subsequently fall flat. Since his character is supposedly providing most of the laughs, this is a serious problem.

The gay disco ghosts have all of one characteristic each, the most depressing being a ghost who might actually be a closeted heterosexual. As his wife, Depardieu has little to do, and a sub-plot involving her archeological expidition abroad is never fully exploited. Likewise, Marc's Italian heritage is only touched upon briefly, and more on this could have added some character insight and spice. What these two elements lead to (namely, the ancient Romans) is also fussy because from what information we are given on the poltergays, it suggests a maximum age of 700 years.

Technical package is what we have come to expect of a French comedy, and light special effects (mainly adding pixie dust to the ghosts' entrances and exits through the walls, and one inventive scene involving billiard balls) is adequate. Musical score is what is to be expected of gay disco ghosts who hail from 1979; the film's only laugh-out-loud moment involves Boney M. The explanation of why Marc can see the poltergays is odd, especially when considering the target audience of a pink Poltergeist. Product placement is ostentatious, to the point of being distracing.

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