01 October 2012

Mentiras y gordas (2009)

mentiras_y_gordas_cartelMentiras y gordas (2009)

Directors: Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes
Writers: Alfonso Albacete (screenplay), Ángeles González Sinde (screenplay) Genre: Drama Year: 2009 Country: Spain Language: Spanish ( with subtitles)
Duration: 107 min

Stars: Mario Casas, Ana de Armas and Yon González

mentiras y gordasMentiras y gordas je 2009 španjolski film u režiji Alfonsa Albacete i David Menkes, s mladim glumcima poput Mario Casas, Ana de Armas, Yon Gonzalez, Hugo Silva i još dosta drugih. To je film koji objedinjuje teme ljubavi, droge i seksa. Konzumaciju droge i seksa prikazuje u nekom haotičnom stanju sa potpunim nedostatkom zdravog razuma.
Film nam prikazuje dobar dio današnje omladine dezorjentisane u vremenu i prostoru u kojem žive. Konzumacija lakih i teških droga je skoro pa uobičajena stvar na festivalima poput egzita u Novom Sadu.
Film me je podsjetio na jednog momka koji me je kada se naduva neke trave ili naguta nekakvih pilula uvjek zvao na mob i govorio mi nebuloze da me voli, da ne može bez mene i slično. Jednom mi je pred zoru upao u kuću i nije mi dao mira dok nisam legao sa njim go u krevet i tako zaspao.
Naravno kada se ujutro probudio u nekom depresivnom stanju ničega se nije sjećao. Srećom u tragovima mu je ostajalo da me "VOLI".


myg08SEX, PARTY & LIES (Spanish, with subtitles) is populated by a variety of characters in their 20s and 30s, linked by their excursions into the world of drugs and partying. These include Carlos, a musician/DJ who consumes vast quantities of drugs amid a parade of one-night-stands; Paz, who is fired from her bar-tending job and dumped by her boyfriend when she gains weight; Leo, a 29-year-old model and lesbian; 19-year-old Tony, who has an unrequited crush on his straight best friend Nico; and Sonia, a 30-something drug-dealer who keeps promising herself 'just one last time'.
The first half of the film could place it in the league of any of the (numerous) nihilistic-alienated-youth-on-drugs-films that have burgeoned since the 1990s - plenty of nudity, physical encounters, and disenfranchised angst. It is easy to imagine that some viewers will see only this superficial layer, and as such, may well be be disappointed. Writer/director Alfonso Albacete is both experienced and accomplished, however, and familiarity with his work facilitates an appreciation that there is actually a lot more going on in this film.

mentirasygordasMisc2The crux revolves around the multitude of 'lies' that constitute our existence: the grand lie of capitalism, promises that will never be kept, concealed desires, self-deceptions, the belief that happiness is one pill - or one love - away. In this regard, the youth-on-drugs backdrop proves to be almost incidental. There is a challenge to the viewer, as she/he observes each of the characters living out these all-consuming lies, to locate an integrity to existence.

Ultimately, the overtly religious denouement at the final rave (a 'Last Supper' of sorts) - which is absolutely breathtaking in this respect - seems almost inevitable as a Christian crisis of salvation / redemption. (Lest this summation unfairly reduce the film to some sort of 'gritty drama' category, it should be noted that there are also occasions of cheeky and playful humour, such as a most awkward threesome scene involving Tony, Nico and a random girl they meet at a party.)


SEX, PARTY & LIES could easily be watched, and enjoyed, for its profusion of sultry, beautiful Spanish skin, entwined in various passionate physical encounters. It can also offer more, however; and perhaps to those who initially would be put off by its title. Complex characterization (aided by some strong performances from the diverse cast) and unexpectedly deep themes, bolstered by some stunning moments of quasi-religious visual imagery. *If* you're prepared to look beyond the façade, this film is highly recommended.

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