02 October 2012

Hitchcocked (2006)

Hitchcocked-2006Hitchcocked (2006)

Director: David M. Young 
Writer: David M. Young 
Genre: Short movie 
Country: USA 
Year: 2006

Stars: Yuval David and David Grant Beck

Al and Fred hook up for a little casual fun that soon turns ugly, revealing some fateful truths about Internet-dating, love and death.

IMDB | by Gordon-11 (Hong Kong)
This short film is about two men hooking up online for some fun. Only it turns out to be a dangerous rendezvous.
"Hitchcocked" is a low budget thriller short. In this short, we are already led to believe that something is wrong soon after the beginning. The heart warming romance quickly spirals down the drain, replaced with fear and suspense.
It is clearly better than what appears to be soft porn because of the thrill and suspense. The rather anti-climatic ending kills the whole suspense and thrill, even though it is happy and sweet. Overall, I think "Hitchcocked" is fun and entertaining to watch. This has potential to be expanded to become a longer film.
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