16 February 2008

Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story (1997) (TV)

Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story (1997) (TV)

Najverovatnije ne postoji bolji skakač u vodu od olimpijskog pobijednika Grega Louganisa. Osvojio je zlato 1984. godine i još dvije 1988. godine. Kako je napisao u svojoj autobiografiji Breaking the Surface (1995.) sam je imao najviše problema zbog neprihvatanja samog sebe. Gay igre su mu izgledale kao savršena prilika za coming out. Kada je izjavio da je HIV pozitivan, priča je opet stigla na naslovne strane.

Ovo je film napravljen po autobiografskom romanu koji je napisao sam Greg Louganis.
Ukoliko volite da gledate skokove u vodu ovo je pravi film za vas. Osim što film obiluje scenama prelijepih sportista čija se tijela izvijaju u vazduhu dok ne dosegnu površinu vode, film nam priča i poznatu gay priču o tome kako prihvatiti samog sebe . Kada se učinilo da je jedna bitka privedena kraju, dolazi druga čiji kraj je savim izvjestan!
Zanimljivo napravljen film, sa tuznim završetkom.
Inače ako nabavite Playgirl 1987 godine pronaćićete slike ovog sjajnog skakača. Ako neko nađe slike iz ovog časopisa neka mi pošalje da ih stavim u post.


Gregory ("Greg") Efthimios Louganis (born January 29, 1960 in El Cajon, California) is an American diver, who is best known for winning back-to-back Olympic titles in both the 3m and 10m diving events. He received the James E. Sullivan Award in 1984 as the top amateur athlete in the United States.

Louganis is of Samoan/Swedish descent and was raised in California by his adoptive parents, a Greek-American couple. At age 16, he took part in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, where he placed second in the tower event, behind Italian Klaus Dibiasi. Two years later, with Dibiasi retired, Louganis went on to win his first world title in the same event.

In 1978, he accepted a diving scholarship to the University of Miami where he studied theater, but in 1981 transferred to the University of California, Irvine, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Louganis was a favorite for two golds in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. But an American boycott of the games, instituted by U.S. President Jimmy Carter, in protest of the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, prevented him from participating.

Louganis won two world titles in 1982, and in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, with record scores and leads over his opponents, Louganis won gold medals in both the springboard and tower diving events.

After winning two more world championship titles in 1986, he repeated his 1984 feat in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, although not without difficulties. In what is considered one of the greatest feats in sporting history, Louganis suffered an injury, hitting his head on the diving board during the preliminary rounds while performing a reverse 2 1/2 pike; he completed the preliminaries, despite a concussion, then went on to repeat the dive during the finals, with nearly perfect scores, earning him the gold medal. His incredible comeback earned him the title of ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year for 1988.

Louganis posed nude for Playgirl magazine in 1987.

In 1994, Louganis announced he was gay; he took part in the 1994 Gay Games as diving announcer, and performed an exhibition of several dives to a standing-room only crowd of nearly 3,000 spectators.

In 1995, Louganis's autobiography co-written with Eric Marcus, entitled Breaking the Surface, was published. Louganis revealed publicly the domestic abuse and rape he suffered from a live-in lover and that he was HIV-positive. The announcement caused some controversy because of the belief, as expressed by then-United States Olympic Committee executive director Dr. Harvey Schiller,[1] that he should have disclosed his HIV status during the 1988 Olympic games because his diving board injury resulted in light bleeding. Louganis had agonized over whether to disclose his status but was later advised by AIDS expert Dr. Anthony Fauci that the injury posed no danger of infection to fellow competitors.[2]

Following the announcement of his HIV status, Louganis was dropped by most of his corporate sponsors, with the exception of the aquatics gear manufacturer Speedo, which continues to sponsor him as of 2007.

Director:Steven Hilliard Stern
Writers (WGA):Greg Louganis (book) and Eric Marcus (book)
Release Date: 19 March 1997 (USA)
Genre: Biography / Drama / Sport more
Plot Summary:
Breaking the Surface is about the tough times Greg Louganis had on his way to becoming one of the world's top Olympic divers..

Plot Keywords: Shower Scene / Male Nudity / AIDS / Diving / Olympics more
Awards: 1 nomination more

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Mario López ... Greg Louganis
Michael Murphy ... Pete Louganis
Rosemary Dunsmore ... Frances Louganis
Jeffrey Meek ... Tom Barrett
Megan Leitch ... Megan
Jonathan Scarfe ... Keith
Fulvio Cecere ... John Anders
Patrick David ... Young Greg Louganis
Rafael Rojas III ... Greg (age 9)
Bruce Weitz ... Ron O'Brien
Andrew Francis ... Bully Boy #1
Nathan Evans ... Bully Boy #2
Noah Dennis ... Bully Boy #3
Kristina Krapic ... Despina (age 11)
Gabrielle Miller ... Despina

Runtime: 95 min
Country: USA
Language: English


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