23 February 2008

Gymnastikos: Power and Grace (1993)

Gymnastikos: Power and Grace (1993)


Ako je odgovor potvdan, onda je ovo pravi film za vas.
Često sam gledajući gimnastičke vježbe na raznim takmičenjima razmišljao o tome kako to i nije neki sport, već umjetnost koja na jedan poseban način pokazuje snagu i eleganciju tijela.
Ovaj film nam prikazuje upravo to. Goli i polugoli gimnastičari nam kroz jednu skoro baletsku predstavu prikazuju svu ljepotu, eleganciju, snagu i virtuoznost muškog tijela.
Gimnastičari, uglavnom iz Istočne Evrope, kroz režisersko oko Layne Derricka nam prikazuju ovaj sport na jedan drugačiji način, koji možemomo samo naslutiti gledajući njihova takmičenja.
Nakon ovog filma , možete vidjeti trailere za neke filmove iz iste produkcijeske kuće. Zanimljivi su!

Director: Layne Derrick
Genre: Documentary
Plot Summary: For centuries, millions of people around the world have watched in awe as gymnasts perform their athletic feats with amazing strength and elegance...

Plot Keywords: Athlete / Athletics / Eastern Europe / Erotica / Gymnastics



Runtime: USA:45 min
Country: USA

Hypnotic and unusual, this balletic appreciation of the male form in motion features five world-class gymnasts who are filmed while warming up and performing incredible gymnastic exercises. Self-described by the makers as "the video equivalent of a 'high-end' coffee table book," the hook for this visually stunning video is that the young men, all from Eastern Europe, are seen both with and without their clothing. The nudity, gratuitous to some, enjoyable to others, helps in revealing the amazing strength and fluidity of the athletes. Producer and director Layne Derrick was determined to create a gymnastic art film with men in the nude, remarking, "We thought our biggest challenge would be finding top, internationally ranked gymnasts willing to perform without clothes. We learned that nudity was not an important issue to Europeans."

For centuries, millions of people around the world have watched in awe as gymnasts perform their athletic feats with amazing strength and elegance. Experience these remarkable performances first hand in the artful study of male motion and fluidity. Classically presented, this video production focuses on the male human form in the nude and the eloquence of skills refined over the years by five magnificent Easter European, world ranked competitive athletes. Gymanstikos: Power and Grace is an inspiring gymnastic experience of sheer will, intensity and graceful beauty.
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