12 February 2008

Clapham Junction (2007) (TV )

Clapham Junction (2007)

Ova drama je emitovana u Britaniji na Kanalu 4 u julu prošle godine. U britanskim gay krugovima je izazvala raspravu zbog podijeljenog mišljenja o načinu na koji je ova drama predstavila gay populaciju.
U svakom slučaju po meni je vjerovatno dobrim dijelom predstavila urbanu gay populaciju baš onakvu kakva jeste. Isfrustrirana i tragična. Javni toaleti, parkovi i slična underground mjesta su i danas puna nijemih masturbatora koji nakon što odigraju svoju ulogu na toj sceni biježe što dalje prezirući sebe.
Često na takvim mjestima postabu žrtve homofobičnih manijaka ili isfrustriranih sadistički nastrojenih pedera.

Bilo kako bilo, ova drama nam pokazuje 36 sati života nekolicine Londoskih pedera, koji i pored "sređenog " života srljaju u podzemlje tražeći neka nova zadovoljstva.
Naprosto razne situacije u koje upadaju likovi različitih generacija, odnose sa porodicom itd.

Iznenadile su me scene u kojima se prikazuje sex, i muška anatomija kao da se neradi o tv drami.

U ovoj drami je u jednoj sceni nasilja u pozadini puštena pjesma od Pet Shop Boysa , "I'm With Stupid". U toj sceni jedan nasilnik kada je čuo tu pjesmu pretuče pedera sa kojim je bio u društvu izgovarajući rećenicu -" Mrzim jebeni Pet Shop Boys" . Kada je reprizirana drama ta scena je izmjenjena , bez pomenute pjesme i pomenutog dijaloga. U verziji koju možete skinuti sa neta scena nije izbrisana.


Clapham Junction (TV drama)
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"Clapham Junction" is a provocative and powerful one-off British television drama shown in July 2007. It was written by acclaimed playwright Kevin Elyot, about the mixed experiences of several gay men during 36 hours in London, and the devastating consequences that unfold when their lives collide.
From a civil partnership ceremony to a heated dinner party, five separate stories are woven into the fabric of modern day London from school and work, to bars and clubs, during one hot summer’s night in the capital.


The drama was shown as part of a short season of programming by Channel 4 to mark the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. The drama caused some controversy, and received a mixed reaction - particularly from a number of gay viewers who felt it was a negative portrayal of gay men, though some found it to be an intelligent and thought-provoking piece of work[1]. Producer Elinor Day, however, stated in an interview with The Independent that the intention was to raise public awareness about homophobia which still exists in society despite progress with gay rights[2]. Interviewed in The Telegraph, writer Kevin Elyot has stated that he did not intend to write a drama that "lectured" viewers; “This film is absolutely not that, and I can’t bear being lectured at by any piece of art. I never, ever – I hope – point the finger. There’s nothing worse than sensing that the writer feels a bit self-righteous. You tend to get that with quite a lot of the writing about Iraq, for example.”

Pet Shop Boys track

In Channel 4's first screening of "Clapham Junction" on 22 July 2007, there is a scene depicting a homophobic assault in which the song "I'm With Stupid" by the British band Pet Shop Boys was used as background music (the assailant, played by Paul Nicholls, told his victim that he hated the Pet Shop Boys as he assaulted him). However when the drama was repeated a week later on Channel 4's digital channel "More 4" on 30 July 2007, the scene had been altered and the Pet Shop Boys track was replaced with different music and the character's dialogue dubbed to remove all references to the Pet Shop Boys entirely.

Clapham Junction (2007) (TV)

Director: Adrian Shergold
Writer: Kevin Elyot
Release Date: 22 July 2007 (UK)
Plot Outline: 36 hours in the lives of a number of gay men in Clapham, South London.
Plot Keywords: Masturbation / Male Full Frontal Nudity / Cruising / First Time Sex / Homosexual


Tom Beard ... Roger Hopkirk
James Bellamy ... Black Youth 2
Robin Berry ... Man in Toilet 2

Rachael Blake ... Belinda Hopkirk
Samantha Bond ... Marion Rowan
Stuart Bunce ... Gavin
Philip Childs ... Newscaster
Jason Frederick ... Black Youth 1
Richard Freeman ... Registrar
Rupert Graves ... Robin Cape
Stephen Hagan ... TV Assistant
Jefferson Hall ... Mail Man
Johnny Harris ... Tough Man
Francis Lee ... Murray
David Leon ... Alfie Cartwright

Runtime: 120 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Filming Locations:Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath, Hampstead, London, England, UK
Company: Darlow Smithson Productions


1 comment:

  1. I am a gay man who neither condones drugs nor visits public bathrooms for sex. I did, however, find this film utterly moving and original.
    Obviously the film managed it's intention, as it has all of us thinking and discussing!
    Good drama should do that. Would this be good drama if everyone loved it? Because it was "nice"?
    And like the best tragedies, the effect is a kind of cleansing. It is a relief to have a good sob, don't you think?
    A happy ending would surely be an insult to all those who have suffered at the hands of a hate criminal.
    I love challenging cinema like this. I loved to be moved. I love to release the emotions in the form of tears. I even love the numbness this film gave me.
    I do agree it could give formatative youth the wrong impression, but then this film is for mature adults.
    Well done to all involved for being brave enough to challenge us, and not conform, and to fight political-correctness. Bravo!


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