12 February 2008

Dante's Cove - Season 3 (2007) - repost

Dante's Cove - Season 3 (2007) - repost

Zbog dosta pitanja oko ranijih linkova za ovu seriju ponoviću ovaj post . ovi linkovi su laksi za sastavljanje , dovoljan je 7zip!

Neznam jeste li gledali prve dvije sezone dante's Cove ali trec'a je vec' dogurala do 5. epizode.
Americ(ka HereTv je emituje vec' drugi mjesec. Mistika, erotika, gomila lijepih (golih)
glumaca garantuju joj uspjeh.
preporuc(ujem da pogledate. Ako niste odgledali prve dvije sezone javite da Vam posaljem linkove!


Dante's Cove is a LGBT oriented horror television show. The series airs in the United States on here!, a premium gay-oriented network.

Created by Michael Costanza and directed by Sam Irvin, Dante's Cove combines elements of horror and soap opera in telling the story of Kevin (Gregory Michael) and Toby (Charlie David), a young couple seeking to be together and overcome the dark mystical forces that conspire to separate them. The show debuted in 2005 to a mixed critical reception. It recently finished its third season.


The first season was shot in the Turks and Caicos Islands[1] on 35mm film.[2] Initially intended as three episodes, the footage was re-edited and packaged as two episodes, consisting of an 84-minute first episode and a 106-minute second episode. These episodes originally aired in the fall of 2005.

The second season was shot on the north side of Oahu in Hawaii in the spring of 2006. Shooting took place near the filming location of Lost; the cast and crew of the two shows socialized during the shoot.[3] The change in locale and obvious change in sets was for the most part ignored within the series, though actor Tracy Scoggins was given a line about "what a fresh coat of paint can really do."[4] Behind the scenes, however, the change led to shifts in the shooting schedule, notably changes in the number of night scenes filmed because of curfew issues and restrictions imposed by neighbors of the locations. This season was shot entirely on high definition videotape. Season two was originally intended to be six one hour episodes. During production episodes five and six were condensed into a single episode and the five-episode season originally aired in the fall of 2006.[2]

A third season of five one-hour episodes, again filmed on location in Hawaii,[5] began airing on October 19th 2007.


William Gregory Lee: Ambrosius Vallin (season 1 - )
Tracy Scoggins: Grace Neville (season 1 - )
Gregory Michael: Kevin Archer (season 1 - )
Charlie David: Toby Moraitis (season 1 - )
Nadine Heimann: Van (season 1 - 3)
Josh Berresford: Cory Dalmass (season 1 - 2)
Diane Davisson: Sadia (season 1)
Michaela Mann: Chrissy (season 1)
Zara Taylor: Amber (season 1)
Rena Riffel: Tina (season 1)
Stephen Amell: Adam (season 1)
Jon Fleming: Adam (season 2 - )
Thea Gill: Diana Childs (season 2 - )
Erin Cummings: Michelle (season 2)
Jill Bennett: Michelle (season 3 - )
Gabriel Romero: Marco Laveau (season 2 - 3)
Michelle Wolff: Brit (season 2 - )
German Santiago: Kai (season 2)
Dylan Vox: Colin (season 2)
Jensen Atwood: Griff (season 3 - )
Jenny Shimizu: Elena (season 3 - )
Reichen Lehmkuhl: Trevor (season 3 - )

Format Horror
Created by Michael Costanza
Starring William Gregory Lee
Tracy Scoggins
Charlie David
Gregory Michael
Nadine Heimann
Michelle Wolff
Opening theme Dying to be with You (Theme from Dante's Cove)
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 12
Running time 47-52 minutes per episode
Original channel here!
Original airing October 7, 2005


  1. fenomenalna serija :)


  3. Evo u postu sam dodao fajl gdje su navedeni linkovi za sve sezone, sve što sam našao na netu!


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