10 February 2008

Bangkok Love Story (2007)

Bangkok Love Story (2007)

Danas sam pogledao ovaj film koji me je na neki način potresao. U moru melodramatičnih filmova ovo je za mene nešto sasvim drugačije.
Film sa mnogo duše i potresnim krajem.

Maek, je mladić, ubica koji dobije zadatak od Mafije da otme i ubije mladog Ihta. Međutim u Meak pred šefovima odbije da to uradi i u pucnjavi koja zbog toga nastane biva ranjen. Zajedno sa Ihtom onako ranjen bježi. Onako ranjenog Iht ga odvede kući i njeguje ga kako bi mu se zaliječila rana.
Pri svemu tome zaljubljuju se jedan u drugog. Meak navikao na ubistva i nasilje, nemože sebi dopustiti ni da pokaže osijećaje ni da se zaljubi, posebno ne u muškarca. Nakon jedne noći u kojoj su sebi dopustili da strast nadvlada razum, zbunjeni Meak otjera Ihta od sebe. Iht se stalno vraća, moleći meaka da ga razumije, da ga voli i da mu nedostaje.
Meak zna da ih mafija neće ostaviti na miru. Osim toga kući ima majku i brata koji boluju od AIDS-a.

Film je prožet prelijepom muzikom koja ublažava surovost siromaštva u podnožju velelepnih zgrada Bangkoka.
Sjajna gluma, odličan scenario i dobra muzika učiniće da vas ovaj film prilijepi za ekran.

Nakon što je film završio ostao sam mislima o tome kako ne možemo sami odrediti trenutak ni osobu koja će nam osvojiti srce.
Preporučujem vam da pogledate ovaj film.

U fajlu koji skinete će te naći Subtitle na engleskom za ovaj film, slike, trailer i linkove za download filma.

Bangkok love story
Director: Poj Arnon
Writer: Poj Arnon
Release Date: 2008 (USA)
Genre: Drama

Awards: 1 win Brussels International Independent Film Festival 2007

Suchao Pongwilai
Chutcha Rujinanon
Wiradit Srimalai
Chaiwat Thongsaeng
Rattanaballang Tohssawat

Also Known As: Puen (Thailand: Thai title)

Runtime: USA:110 min
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai

Filming Locations:
Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok Love Story (Thai: Puen, literally "friend") is a 2007 Thai film written and directed by Poj Arnon. A gay romantic crime action drama, it is the story of a man who falls in love with a gunman who is assigned to kill him.

A loner gunman named Mhek is assigned to kidnap a police informant named It, but Mhek has a change of heart when he is ordered to kill It. In a gunbattle with his employers, Mhek is wounded, but It grabs Mhek's gun and returns fire. The two men then escape on Mhek's motorcycle. At Mhek's rooftop hide-out, It tends to Mhek's wound and finds himself attracted to Mhek. While giving Mhek a bath one day, It initiates sexual intercourse with the hitman. Conflicted, Mhek demands that It leave him alone. It returns home to his fiancee, Sai, but is no longer interested in continuing a relationship with her. It spends his days pining over Mhek, and tracks down Mhek's brother, Mhok, and their mother. Mhok is HIV positive, as the result of sexual abuse by his and Mhek's stepfather, and their mother is dying of AIDS.

Mhek's dream is to take his mother and brother away from Bangkok to the mountains of Mae Hong Son Province. But after Mhek's mother witnesses Mhek and It kissing each other, she commits suicide by hanging herself. It's fiancee, Sai, also witnesses the kissing by Mhek and It, and terminates their marriage plans. Meanwhile, Mhek's former employers are gunning for him. It decides to take matters into his own hands, and goes to Mhek's bosses' hide-out and shoots them both. Mhek, meanwhile, is planning to meet his brother at the railway station to leave Bangkok for good. But before he can board the train, he is apprehended by the police and sent to prison.

Years pass by. Mhok dies of AIDS at a hospice in northern Thailand. It visits Mhek in prison and reveals that he was left blind in the final gunbattle with Mhek's bosses. Eventually, Mhek is released from prison, and It meets him. But before the two men can leave to start their life together, Mhek is gunned down by an assassin. It eventually gets his sight back, and the first thing he does is to look at his mobile phone, which has a picture of Mhek on it that he took many years before.


In download file you will find pictures, description, subtitle, trailer and links for this movie!


  1. Orvel, just so people know, the version posted here (which I download several weeks ago but finally watched this evening) is indeed the shorter censored version. It only runs 103 minutes long (I suspect the 110 minute running time you have here, which is the same as IMDB's listing, might be slightly off anyway). The love scene, which is non-explicit but obvious what is happening, was most certainly censored/cut from the film in Singapore, but you can find the censored love scene on YouTube (I downloaded it from there). Another moment of censorship is when the one character holds a gun to his head and keeps pulling the trigger (there are no bullets in the gun, by the way)...as soon as the gun is at the side of his head, a big fuzzy square appears over the gun so you cannot see it. I also think there are a few other moments which got censored, but don't recall what I noticed while watching the movie tonight.

    HOWEVER....I located a site on which someone uploaded the entire movie in four parts (it's in Flash/FLV format), and that version is one minute longer than what is posted here, although it still doesn't have the love scene and that FLV version also has Thai subtitles and a watermark logo in the corner. It DOES have uncensored versions of several scenes, such as the gun scene, which not only does not have the fuzzy square I described, but it also contains an additional shot which I don't recall seeing in this censored version. There's also two shots of the one character in a shower, and the censored version has the lower portion of the screen darkened so you can't see his behind....but this other FLV version clearly shows him butt-nude in the shower.

    Here's the links to each page this other version is on:
    Flash format in four parts
    Part 1 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/u565233IdoA/
    Part 2 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/7xQjcpcps8A/
    Part 3 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/dEHraX9v3d0/
    Part 4 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/wlReTFnjXCQ/

    One other thing I wanted to mention: Whatever DVD this video you have here was ripped from seemed to have some glitches or errors in it which tend to throw off the timing of the subtitles from time to time...It's not that bad, but the subtitles do go out of synch with the movie at times. I figured because the glitch errors in the original DVD, which make the movie seem like it momentarily sticks or skips now and then, is what throws the subtitle timing off.

  2. Thank you friend!
    I will check subtitles and all link what you post here!
    I try to find full version with all scenes but everywhere is same copy!
    If somebody have full version please send me links!
    when i find something new i will repost this movie!

    PS maybe i will put some videos from link what you send us!

  3. I was wrong about something: I re-checked that gun scene in the censored version, and the "additional" shot is actually in the censored version, but the gun is again covered with the fuzzy square.

    If you're going to post videos from the Flash/FLV version, try using a program I just used to convert them called Any Video Converter. It's free and will convert FLV to any format you choose. You want to be sure to set the Aspect ratio settings to 16x9 for widescreen, because these Flash videos are "squeezed" instead of being presented in correct widescreen. I'm checking them against what I downloaded here, because I used another program (AVI Recomp) to remove the black bars from the video I got here on your blog, but could only get the image down to 1.75:1 instead of what the Flash version was, which was 1.85:1. Checking them both to see which is correct and how one should look compared to the other.

    Subtitles you have here may not work for this Flash version since it is longer, naturally.


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