09 February 2008

Wedding Wars (2006)

Wedding Wars (2006)

Wedding Wars gay komedija koja postavlja goruće pitanje gay prava na brak. Dozvoliti gay brakove ili ne?

Shel ( John Stamos ) sa oduševljenjem pristaje da organizuje vjenčanje svoga brata Bena (Eric Dane)i negove izabranice Maggie (Bonnie Somerville). Sve teče glatko dok nevjestin otac, inače kandidat za guvernera ne izjavi na Tv kako je protiv gay brakova. To toliko razljuti Shela da stupi u štrajk tražeći podršku za gay brakove.
Komedija je laka za gledanje i siguran sam da će vam
sat i po vremena uz ovaj film proteći vrlo brzo.

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Wedding Wars is a 2006 LGBT romantic comedy film about gay marriage, but also family and politics. It handles a very sensitive emotional issue both lightly and seriously. It stars John Stamos as the lead character, wedding planner Shel, Eric Dane as his brother, James Brolin as the Governor of Maine, Bonnie Somerville as the Governor's daughter, a gay marriage supporter, and Sean Maher as Ted, boyfriend of Shel (Stamos). It premiered on Monday, December 11, 2006 on the A&E Network.

It was well-received by gay audiences and Stamos appeared on the cover of The Advocate to promote the film. Although it is not the first television movie to have gay themes, it is the first about gay marriage.[citation needed] The movie was filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Shel (Stamos), a gay party planner, agrees to organize the nuptials for straight brother Ben (Dane) to Maggie (Somerville), the daughter of Maine's Governor (Brolin). After Shel finds out that Ben, a campaign manager for his future father-in-law, is behind the governor's speech against gay marriage, he decides to go on strike for equal rights. Shel's strike picks up steam and eventually spreads nationwide, leaving the impending wedding vows in the hands of a tacky planner and overall, in question..

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Director: Jim Fall
Writer (WGA): Stephen Mazur
Release Date: 11 December 2006 (USA)
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Plot Outline: Gay people across the U.S. go on strike when a governor refuses to approve of gay marriages.

Plot Keywords:Wedding / Brother Brother Relationship / Gay Marriage / Gay Brother / Gay Interest
User Comments: Sugar coating made an important message go down

John Stamos ... Shel Grandy
Eric Dane ... Ben Grandy
Bonnie Somerville ... Maggie Welling
Sean Maher ... Ted Moore
Rosemary Dunsmore ... Claire Welling
Jayne Eastwood ... Wanda Grandy
Linda Kash ... Mrs. Fairfield
Sean McCann ... Verne Grandy
James Brolin ... Governor Conrad Welling
Lee Smart ... Casper Tisdale
Doug Barron ... Matt Wildman
Suzanne Hawkins ... Katie Gonzales
Rejean Cournoyer ... Ken Caldwell
John Beale ... News Show Host
Matt Gordon ... Wayne

Also Known As: Wedding March (USA) (working title)

Runtime: 87 min
Country: USA / Canada
Language: English

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