25 April 2012

Winner Takes All (2011)


Winner Takes All (2011)

Director: Camille Carida
Writers: Hunter Lee Hughes (story), Hunter Lee Hughes
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Year: 2011

Stars: Hunter Lee Hughes, Alec Mapa and Gavyn Michaels

Winner Takes All, self-involved but seductive beauty Ryker (Gavyn Michaels) convinces his two lovers (Hunter Lee Hughes and Adrian Quinonez, pictured above) to fight over him. And we mean, really fight.
Performance artist Ryker forces his self-appointed slave Simon (Alec Mapa) to convert his critically drubbed one man show into a fighting ring for the modern day duel between successful songwriter Brian (Hughes) and former champion fighter Ernesto (Quinonez).

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Author: steven
(From IMDB user comments)
Thank God not another coming out story or about how oppressive being gay can be. This is a straightforward short that tackles gay relationships with dark humor. This goes beyond seeing a bunch of hot guys on the screen...though there is that too. The boxers in this are hot but don't think this is about getting sweaty for the sake of sexy shots. They're fighting for a reason--their ex has arranged it. The cinematography is amazing without being too obvious. Great performances by everyone involved. We all know Alec Mapa and love him but it's hard not to love him more after this film. It's clear the writer knows the psychology of gay relationships.

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