27 March 2012

Une Sensation de Vide

Une Sensation de Vide c
Une Sensation de Vide (2011)

Director: Juanma Carillo
Genre: Short movie Country: Spain
Year: 2011

Cast: Saida Benzal, Luis Tausía, Ander Gaztelu,Juan Gómez,Jose Lecto, Leandro Andrea Huerto,Alvaro Pastor, Goyo Ramos, Alva Moreno, Elena Simón, Gabi González, Julieta Rua, David Luis Fernández, Domingo Fernández

Project From The LOOP festival in Barcelone in The private space gallery about The subject Jour de Fe^te, refers to the idea of festivity and celebration, both widely understood. This concept invites explore the social and collective expression of the celebration from many possible points of view, the symbols of power related to social rituals, the construction of a collective identity, as well as the family environment and the concept of tradition and ceremony.

USDV from EP on Vimeo.

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