12 January 2008

October Moon (2005) (V)

Nakon što sam utrošio dosta vremena da skinem ovaj film
uslijedilo je totalno razočarenje. Gledao sam dosta loših filmova ali ovako nešto se rijetko srijeće.
Ukratko, nemojte se truditi da trošite svoje vrijeme za gledanje ovog filma.
Očajna gluma, loši glumci, scenario katastrofa.
Preskočite ovaj film !!!!!!!!!!!!

From the official site:
October Moon weaves its story through the lives of three gay men and how an obsession between them leads to deadly consequences for them and those around them. While other gay-themed terror tales have begun to pop up in recent times, October Moon is neither slasher-based nor filled with beefcake shots. It's a drama which slowly and eerily evolves into a horror film. Though exaggerated in several aspects, it is based upon real people and real events and conversations. In other words, Corin, Jake, Elliot, Marti, Nancy and Elliot's mother, Mrs. Hamilton, all really exist... we just had to change some names to keep from the legal issues thing.... So now you're wondering, what exactly is the storyline? As many gay men and women will be able to relate, October Moon follows Elliot (Jerod Howard), a young, "straight" man who is shunned by his family, friends and fiancée when he falls for another man, Corin (Sean Michael Lambrecht). Unfortunately, Corin already has a significant other (Jeff Dylan Graham), and as Elliot finds himself rejected at every turn, things get ugly…
very, very ugly, and bloody.
The movie also features horror vets Judith O'Dea (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) as Elliots homophobic mother, Brinke Stevens (THE SLUMBER PARTY MASACRE) as his boss, Jeff Dylan Graham (DEAD & ROTTING) as Jake - Corin's long-term boyfriend, Tina Ona Paukstelis (ASWANG: THE UNEARTHING) as Elliots jilted fiancée, and Darcey Vanderhoef (BAD MOVIE POLICE, CASE #1) as Jake's fruit fly best-friend, Maggie. Elliot, a shy young man, is shunned by his family, friends and fiancée when he falls for another man, Corin. Unfortunately, Corin already has a significant other, and as Elliot finds himself rejected at every turn, he slips into paranoia and rage, determined to get what he desires most...
While there is a good film at the core of October Moon it runs way too long and there's lot of footage to cut here. This gay Fatal Attraction has lots to recommend, it's a shame that the runtime is nearly two hours, and the film shouldn't even be 90 minutes.
Corin and Jake have been together for five years. Their relationship isn't perfect but these two young guys are trying. Corin works at an ad agency and Jake is currently unemployed. There's an opening at the agency for an assistant and Corin co-worker Marti hires Elliot, a young man due to be married soon. After a few weeks it becomes obvious that Elliot is a repressed homo and he's got the hots for Corin. As this obsession builds, shrines are made and evil plans are hatched by the deeply troubled Elliot. Here's where the film needs clipping -- it takes forever to get to what we know is coming -- after all, the film is classified as horror.
With strong performances from the lead actors and good dialogue we enjoyed October Moon to a limit. We just wish a strong editor took over and completed the film properly.

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