26 January 2008

Different for Girls (1996)

Different for Girls (1996)
Paul Prentice (Rupert Graves) and Karl Foyle (Steven Mackintosh) bili su drugovi u školskim danima kada je Prentice imao zaštitnički odnos spram Karla.
Nekoliko godina kasnije se ponovo susretnu, al na Paulovo iznenađenje Karl je postao Kim.
Lagana Britanska komedija u kojoj prijateljstvo između Paula i Kima izaziva mnoge dubioze, ali i pretenduje da njihov odnos postane mnogo dublji i intimniji.

Directed by Richard Spence
Produced by John Chapman
Written by Tony Marchant
Starring Steven Mackintosh
Rupert Graves
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Cinematography Sean van Hales
Distributed by First Look Pictures (USA)
Release date(s) 1996 (UK); 1997 (USA)
Running time 97 min.
Language English


* Steven Mackintosh - Karl/Kim Foyle
* Rupert Graves - Paul Prentice
* Miriam Margolyes - Pamela
* Saskia Reeves - Jean
* Charlotte Coleman - Alison
* Neil Dudgeon - Neil Payne
* Nisha Nayar - Angela

Awards and acclaim

* Grand Prix of the Americas Award at the 1996 Montreal World Film Festival
* critical praise at the Sundance Film Festival


Paul Prentice (Rupert Graves) and Karl Foyle (Steven Mackintosh) were close friends during their prep school days. Prentice used to defend Karl from the violent attacks of their classmates, who ridiculed Karl for being effeminate.

Some years later they are reunited literally by accident, when Prentice, on the motorcycle he drives as a courier, runs into the cab that Karl (who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery and become Kim) is riding in. Paul is initially surprised to discover that Karl has become Kim, but asks her out to get re-acquainted.
Their first date goes badly and Kim assumes that it's because Prentice is nervous about being seen in public with her. Prentice brings her flowers at her workplace (as a verse writer for a greeting card company) and they go out again. This date works out better and they end up back at Prentice's place listening to music.
The two continue to spend time together, with Prentice teaching Kim how to ride a motorcycle. Their next dinner date, at Kim's place, is disastrous. Prentice, struggling to understand transgenderism, drinks too much and ends up in the courtyard outside Kim's apartment, exposing his penis and ranting. The police arrive and arrest him for indecent exposure. Kim places a hand on one of the officers and he arrests her for "interfering" with an officer. In the paddy wagon one of the officers makes crude remarks about Kim and places his hand under her skirt. Prentice intervenes and is beaten by the officer.

At the police station, Prentice is charged with assaulting the officer. Kim, his only witness, is terrified of being in trouble and intimidated by the police into keeping silent. She flees to her sister's home.
At Prentice's trial on the assault charges, Kim is able to screw up her courage and testify for Prentice. While he is still convicted, he receives only a token fine. A reporter at the courthouse tries to buy Kim and Prentice's story but they refuse. They return to Kim's place, where Prentice is surprised and delighted to discover that he and Kim are sexually as well as emotionally compatible.
Prentice, desperate for money following the repossession of his motorcycle, sells Kim's and his story to a London tabloid. With the story splashed all over the papers, Kim thinks she's going to be sacked from the greeting card company. Instead, her boss stands behind her. As the film draws to a close, it's revealed that Kim and Prentice are living together and that it was Kim's idea for Prentice to sell the story.


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