15 January 2008

Longtime Companion (1990)

Moram priznati sinoć dok sam gledao ovaj film zaspao sam!
No bez obzira na to preporučujem vam da pogledate ovaj film, a posebno oni koji AIDS smatraju nečim na što su imuni.
Film je snimljen 1990 i govori o prvim danima AIDSA, kada je ta bolest najviše ugrožavala gay populaciju, narkomane i hemofiličare. Srećom danas nije tako jer je velika većina gay populacije naučila kako da se zaštiti od ove na žalost smrtonosne bolesti.


User Rating: 7.5/10 (1,733 votes)
Writers: Craig Lucas (play)
Craig Lucas (screenplay)
Release Date: 11 May 1990 New York City
Genre: Drama / Romance
Plot Summary: Perhaps the first film to put a human face on the AIDS epidemic, Longtime Companion follows the lives of a small circle of friends from the first mention of the disease in the New York Times in 1981. First referred to as "Gay-Related-Immune-Disorder," we watch the effect of the disease as it devastates the lives of our protagonists. Jumping between Manhattan and Fire Island, vignettes carry us from the it-couldn't-happen-to-me mentality of the early days of the disease to the invasive effect it has had on all of our lives, today. The title of the film comes from the New York Times' refusal to acknowledge homosexual relationships in their obituary section during this period. Instead, survivors were referred to as "Longtime Companions" of the deceased. Written by Mark Fleetwood {mfleetwo@mail.coin.missouri.edu}
Plot Keywords: Male Nudity / AIDS / Homosexual / Bereavement / Fire Island
Awards: Nominated for Oscar.
Cast: Campbell Scott... Willy
Patrick Cassidy... Howard
John Dossett ... Paul
Mary-Louise Parker... Lisa
Stephen Caffrey... Fuzzy
Tanya Berezin... Office Manager
Welker White... Pochelle
Michael Piontek... Office Worker
Joyce Reehling... Office Worker
Bruce Davison... David
Mark Lamos... Sean
Dermot Mulroney ... John
Michael Schoeffling... Michael
Brian Cousins... Bob
Marceline Hugot... Soap Opera Reader
Runtime: 96 min (approx)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Filming Locations: Fire Island, Long Island, New York, USA more
Company: American Playhouse
Also Known As:
Che mi dici di Willy? Italy
Compañeros inseparables Spain
Companys inseparables Spain (TV title) (Catalan title)
Freundschaft fürs Leben West Germany
Ikuinen ystävyys Finland
Un compagnon de longue date France
Trivia: In the poster art and DVD cover, the image of the guys walking on the beach has been altered - some might say censored. In the scene where the poster/cover image is taken from in the movie, the character "Fuzzy" is wearing an ACT-UP t-shirt that depicts two sailors kissing with the tag line that read "Read My Lips", a play on then President Bush's "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" slogan. In the cover art, the t-shirt graphic has been removed so that he only has a blank white t-shirt now. more
Quotes: Michael: I love my ears. I love my nose. I love myself.
Movie Connections: References "Dynasty" (1981)
Soundtrack: Things That Dreams Are Made Of

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