18 February 2014

Wedding Plan (2013)

Wedding Plan (2013)


Director: Quentin Lee
Cast: Li Hong, Meng Ting Yi, Wei Jian Gang

Wedding Plan je kratki film američkog režisera Kuentin Lija (Quentin Lee) i govori nam o pritisku na gej ljude u Kini da živi u heretoseksualnim zajednicama kako bi prikrili svoju homoseksualnost.
Medjutim kao i ovom filmu naići ćemo na podršku od onih ljudi od kojih se to najmanje nadamo.

Wedding-PlanHong-Kong-Canadian film director Quentin Lee has made a short film highlighting the practice of ‘fake’ marriages, where a gay man and lesbian woman marry, in China.

The film, Wedding Plan, released on the Queer Comrades website last week shows a male-female couple preparing for their wedding and meeting the man’s mother. The twist is that she is surprised and asks her son what happened to his boyfriend. “Mom just wants you to be yourself,” she says. “Don’t worry what people say.”

Veteran Chinese gay rights activist Xiaogang Wei and actress Meng Tingyi star in the film.

Director Lee, who attended UCLA film school and has released six feature films, said in a press release:

“One of my Beijing lesbian friends told me that she was about to get married with a gay man because she wanted to get her parents off her back, and I was immediately inspired to do something about how young Chinese people, LGBT and beyond, are pressured to get married which is a really hot issue right now.

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