25 February 2014




Director: Omar Zúniga Hidalgo
Writer: Omar Zúniga Hidalgo
Genre: Short Film
Country: Chile | USA
Language: English
Duration: 15 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Ryan Leach, William Moody, Kathryn Danielle

Patke su ptice selice. Dolaze nam svako proljeće i odlaze na jesen. Jednog proljeća je došao patak i ja sam ga zavolio. Otišao je na jesen i ostao sam sam. Čekao sam ga ali nikad se nije vratio.

Dva prijatelja, Jeremy i Alphonso provode nekoliko sedmica u Bruklinu. Jeremy opsjednut patkama i njihovim migracijama piše školski rad o tome, a Alphonse radije provodi vrijeme vozeći biciklo.
Alphonso se vratio u Paris, Jeremy ostaje u Brooklynu, ali obadvojica znaju da neke stvari više nikad neće biti iste.

“The Ducks’ Migration” is a fiction short film about the sexual discovery and growth of two teenage boys who coincide in contemporary New York City.

“Two boys and close family friends, Jeremy and Alphonse, American and French, spend a few weeks together in Jeremy’s house in Brooklyn. Jeremy is confused about his understanding of the friendship, while obsessed with the ducks in the Prospect Park’s lake and finishing a school paper about their migration. Alphonse likes to ride bicycles and doesn’t want to leave town. The ducks inevitably leave, Alphonse goes back to Paris, and Jeremy stays in his house, but all of them depart to something new.”

"The Ducks' Migration" is a short film about the sexual discovery and growth of two 15-year-old boys who coincide in contemporary New York City. The project will be shot in HD (High Definition) format in location, both in a brownstone house in the neighborhood of Park Slope and in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It will also include archival footage shot in Paris, France.

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