12 December 2014

Lady Peacock (2014)

Lady-Peacock-2014-ccLady Peacock (2014)

Director: Jana Mattioli
Writers: Greg Dyrsten (writer and concept), Greg Jackson (contributing writer),
Jana  Mattioli (script editor), Joe Rosario (contributing writer)

Genre: Comedy, Romace
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 99 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Blanche Baker, Kc Comeaux, Joshua Cruz

Distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures


lp1A Drag-tastic new comedy by Mattioli Productions starring Eric Millegan (Bones; Dr. Zach Addy), Emmy Winner Blache Baker (Sixteen Candles), Andrea Verdura and Angela Metz (Flea Market Flip), NYC Drag sensation Dallas Dubois, Joshua Cruz (Big Gay Musical), Rachel Filsoof (Oxygen's Networks The Next Big Thing), Tym Moss from The Radio Show Artist Exposed, Elissa Goldstein (An Affirmative Act), Edvin Ortega (Orange is the New Black) and introducing numerous rising stars in the NY film  scene!!
Lady Peacock is a fun filled comedy full of love, rivalry, and enough sequins to sink a ship.
When Conner first meets newbie Devin, he feels an instant attraction for him. It is practically love at first sight! However, soon into the relationship Conner's nemesis,  Drag Queen, Adora, wants Devin all to herself. Conner soon realizes the only way to compete with a drag queen is to become a drag queen. With the help of his club friends, Conner must make it his mission to destroy Adora if he wants to win back Devin. This film has heart, laughter, love, hot guys, and fantastic performances.

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