12 December 2014

In Half (2012)

In Half (2012)

In Half (2012)

Director: Adam Tyree
Writer: Adam Tyree
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 14 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Jake Brown, Adam Bucci, Kim Estes, Judy Baker


In Half from Adam Tyree on Vimeo

A good reflection on how grief is
12 October 2014 | by Gglove (Ireland) – IMDB

The movie starts with James grieving for the loss of his brother, the funeral scene was really well done but sad at the same time. However when you move along with the film, you get to know the homophobic folk that attended the funeral. Then suddenly James twin brother's ex boyfriend Adam comes to the rescue in a very brave way. I didn't like the way James took these guys side in the first place but thankfully Adam dragged into the good side of being gay. Adam had the good personality in him when he was trying to cheer up James grief of his brother regardless of being a dipstick but anyway! At the end of the film, James damages Sam's car window and you have the enlightenment touch like a message saying its OK to be gay. Such an inspiring film to lighten up your heart :)

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