01 November 2014

The Gays (2014)

thw-gays-ccThe Gays (2014)

Director: T.S. Slaughter
Writer: T.S. Slaughter
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2013
Duration: 68 min


Webpage: http://www.thegaysmovie.com/buy.html


Stars: Frank Holliday, Flip Jorgensen, Mike Russnak, Chris Tanner



the-gays-1Film za koji se nebi moglo reći da je za svakog geja, a još manje za str8 ljude, posebno ne za one homofobične.
U suštini ovo je komedija koja na jedan prilično satiričan način opisuje savremeni gej način razmišljanja.
Zamislite da ste odrasli sa gej roditeljima koji vam umjesto klasične cucle davaju minijaturni dildo, da  eto ne bi ste plakali. Naravno uz sve to ide kompletan gej sleng i opis šta je dobro, a šta ne u normalnom gej životu.

Bob ( travestit) i Rod imaju sinove Aleksa i Tomija koje treba lijepo vaspitati i od njih napraviti normalne i poštene gejeve, što priznaćete nije lako u današnjem pokvarenom str8 svijetu.
Iako je film zamišljen kao jedna dark komedija, ostaje da se zapitamo ima li istine u tvrdnji da se gej svjet pretvara baš u ono što smo odgledali u ovom filmu?

Wouldn't it be great if your parents taught you how to hold your own in a fag-eat-fag world? Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris are the streetwise gay mentors you never had. Come revel in the raunchy wisdom they pass along to their two gay sons -- Alex and Tommy -- advice that will empower the boys to bend the world over, lube it up, and snap one off!

The-Gays-Image-2-300Movie, which isn`t for every gay man, less for str8 people, especially for those homophobic. In essence this is a comedy, that in a rather satirical way describes the modern gay way of thinking.
Imagine that you grew up with gay parents who are giving you a miniature dildo instead of classical pacifiers, for not to cry. Of course, with all this going full gay slang anhigh44d a description of what is good and what is not in a normal gay life.
Bob (transvestite) and Rod Gay have sons Alex and Tommy, whoo need to be nice educated and make them normal and decent gays, what you can admit it is not easy in today's corrupt str8 world. While the film is conceived as a dark comedy, it remains to ask is there any truth in the assertion, that gay world is transforming into precisely what we saw in this movie?

It's 1997 and handsome Alex Gay chats up a guy named Kevin in a gay bar in LA. Alex regales Kevin with tales of being raised as gay by his two sexually liberated male parents, one of whom is a transvestite named Bob. Alex and his gay younger brother Tommy's upbringing is revealed to us through a series of raunchy, twisted, and hilarious flashbacks.
- Written by T.S. Slaughter

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