24 November 2014

Other Man (2014)

Other Man (2014)

Director: Stephanie Coffey
Writter: Ben Ladouceur
Genre: Webseries
Country: Canada
Language: English
Year: 2014

Stars: Nathan Carroll, G. Kyle Shields & Jonathan Nathaniel

OTHER MEN is a collaboration between critically-acclaimed poet Ben Ladouceur and visionary director Stephanie Coffey. It is the second web series produced by Klymlove Incorporated.

Jerry (Nathan Carroll), a small-town jock, enrols in a Toronto university hoping to discover his identity within the city's queer community. After meeting his Teaching Assistant, Hank (G. Kyle Shields), he embarks on his first real relationship and lets his academic life fall to the wayside.
Months later, he is a drop-out living with his boyfriend and no closer to discovering anything new about himself. Hank becomes Jerry's only gateway to this new urban lifestyle. But because of Hank's ties to the theatre as a playwright, Jerry finds himself lingering in his former small-town habits and not experiencing anything new.

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