01 January 2013

All Over Brazil (2003)

All Over Brazil (2003)

Director: David Andrew Ward 
Writer: Jamie Havlin 
Genre: Short movie 
Country: UK 
Language: English 
Duration: 10 min

Stars: Frank Gallagher, Iain De Caestecker, Gemma Morrison

Dok mu je otac gledao fudbalsku utakmicu Jugoslavija - škotska, trinaestogodišnnji Stephen je ušao u sestrinu sobu, obukao njene krpice, našminkao se i pustio muziku uz koju je iskreno uživao. Nakon utakmice otac ga zatekne sa sve šminkom na licu i toliko pobjesni da ga izbaci na ulicu.
Bijes i homofobija mogu čovjeka natjerati da učini nezamislive stvari, ali kada se sve smirilo ocu nije preostalo ništa drugo nego da sa sinom popije piće.

Its summer 1974 and all looks rosy, with the Scotland World Cup team, under Billy Bremner's captaincy, in the Finals.  After being all over Brazil in their first match, Scotland now has to beat Yugoslavia to get into the knock-out rounds. 
But in suburban Glasgow, 13 year old Stephen, is keener on seeing his favorite glam rock band in concert than following the progress of Scotland's World Cup football squad. Meanwhile his football fanatic father Charley isn't about to let "a bunch of nancy boys" turn his son's head away from sporting glory. Stephen's hopes of following his Glam Rock idols appears to be dashed after his father catches him in his older sister  Donna's gold platform boots and full glam make-up. Charley meanwhile is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his wife (and mother to his two teenage children) and when Stephen tells him he thinks his mother would have let him go to the concert, Charley explodes. With nothing now left to lose, Stephen and Donna go to see Slade in concert. Only on their return do they start to worry about the consequences, yet when they arrive back it is to a much chastened and reflective Charley. The film ends with the glimmerings of a new understanding between the members of the family where a father has to come to terms with his son and daughter growingup and facing up to their need for freedom to be what they themselves want to be.

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