07 January 2013

A Lower Power (2009)

A Lower Power (2009)

Director: Robert O'Geen 
Writer: Tim Bland 
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Duration: 98 min

Stars: Mathew Lotto, William McMichael, Terri J. Freedman

Not everyone gets to watch a video of his conception - or wants to. Thibodeaux sure doesn't, but such openness is the exasperating norm for his free-love parents, Hank and Stormy, whose nest Thibodeaux can't wait to leave. Thibodeaux sets off to college seeking a sexless social life but his chastity strategies meet their match when he meets a hottie that unleashes his appetites.. But what this young man thinks he wants collides with the hard reality of desire in the idiosyncratic, unrepentantly sexual comedy-drama, A Lower Power, a gay coming-of-age story where the coming of age isn't about being gay.


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