25 January 2012

Diez Pesos (2003) by Matías Risi

Director: Matías Risi
Writer: Matías Risi
Country: Argentina
Genre: Short
Year: 2003
Stars: Gabriel Carranza, Hernan Munoa and Alejandro Bonomo

Sta sve može da ispriča jedna novčanica od 10 pezosa u 6 minuta?
Interesantan kratki film koji vrijedi pogledati!
Following the concept of seeing where a 10 peso note passes, this short takes a wild journey showing bits and pieces of the lives of various characters who come in contact with the bill in question. This short is well filmed and edited, giving enough time with each character and not making one feel rushed through the film especially with its short duration. You are given just enough of a taste for each character before you're off to another, often leaving you wanting to know more about the characters that are being dropped at the wayside. From the gay for pay hustler, to the cop, to the school child, to the maid, each character is given a full story and reality that lasts only as long as they have the 10 pesos. Worth watching.

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