31 March 2008

Une robe d'été (1996) aka A Summer Dress

Une robe d'été (1996) aka A Summer Dress

Za ovo jutro vam predstavljam jedan kratak film od briljantnog François Ozon, koji je sa dva filma već predstavljen u ovom blogu.

Mislim da ću se potruditi da pronađem sve njegove filmove i pogledam ih bez obzira da li su sa gay tematikom ili ne.

Ovaj kratak film vam neću opisivati jer ga možete pogledati direktno na blogu.
U download fajlu možete naći film sa engleskim titlom.
Kolko ste puta do sada eksperimentisali sa svojom seksualnošću? Kako godine prolaze sve manje će te to raditi. Valjda znamo svi šta volimo i želimo! A ako neko još uvijek nezna vjerovatno je trajno zarobljen u biseksualnom lavirintu!

Director: François Ozon
Writer: François Ozon (writer)
Genre: Short
Plot Keywords: Summer / Gay Interest / Beach / Bisexual / First Sexual Experience more
Awards: 2 wins & 1 nomination


Sébastien Charles ... Sébastien
Frédéric Mangenot ... Luc
Lucia Sanchez ... Lucia

Also Known As: A Summer Dress (International: English title)
Runtime: 15 min
Country: France
Language: French

Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress) is a 1996 short film directed by François Ozon about a lagging gay relationship that is refueled in an unexpected way.

Luc (Frédéric Mangenot), a young man in his late teens / early twenties, spends his holiday at the sea together with his slightly older and decidedly more effeminate boyfriend Sébastien (Sébastien Charles). At the house they have rented, Sébastien's constant dancing and preening drives Luc crazy and so he heads to the beach, hoping to find some solitude.

There, he meets Lucia (Lucia Sanchez), who suggests for the two of them to have sex immediately. Luc obliges, perhaps also to find out if maybe he is heterosexual after all. During their encounter, Luc's clothes are stolen. After having sex Lucia learns that Luc is gay and has never been with a woman.

Lucia lends Luc her summer dress (hence the title), so he can go home by bike. Wearing a woman's dress improves Luc's mood as people whistle after him and he gets back a sense of freedom. Back at the house, Luc surprises Sébastien, and the two have passionate sex in the kitchen, with Sébastien referring to Luc as his "beautiful girl".

The next day, Luc brings Lucia, who is just leaving, back her summer dress, but she refuses, certainly knowing how important it will be in the sexual role play between the two men and then kisses Luc goodbye.


  1. Great! I had found this elsewhere awhile back, but in really bad quality. This is not only top-notch quality, but it's actually in correct widescreen format!

    Here's a link I found to English subtitles (there were three subtitle choices on the site, but this one is complete....the others didn't have complete titles for all the dialogue):


  2. One other thing I noticed: This has had another language (Spanish?) dubbed OVER on top of the original French language/audio, but not replacing the original French audio. You basically end up hearing TWO different languages/voices at the same time. That's a real disappointment. :-(

  3. thank you for subtitle ! Soon i will put Rapidshare link for all!

  4. Subtitles in spanish:



  5. Spanish subtitles in:



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