11 February 2012

After Sex (2007)

after sex coverAfter Sex (2007)


Director: Eric Amadio
Writers: Eric Amadio
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Year: 2007


Cast: Mila Kunis, Jane Seymour, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Emmanuelle Chriqui, John Witherspoon, Keir O'Donnell, Charity Shea, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Tanc Sade, Bai Ling, Wayne Duvall, Marc Blucas, Timm Sharp, Noel Fisher


Film Eric Amadia 'After Sex' se ne bavi samo gay parovima već parovima uopšte. Kroz nekoliko priča nakon seksa prikazuje nam različite poglede o prihvaćanju sopstvenih pogleda na sex i emocije u vezi sa partnerom. Freddy i Jay su dva momka čija priča nakon seksa nam je najinteresantnija. Nakon što je ga je Freddy izjebao Jay se zapitao:'Jesam li sada gay?' Klasična priča momka koji je doživio prvo iskustvo sa muškarcem u kojoj su pomješani strahovi pa i gađenje na ono što je uradio. Interesantno je da se ta faza uvjek dešava nakon seksa. Jay o tome nije razmišljao dok ga je Freddy guzio, ali nakon toga ide grižnja savjesti i strah. Uostalom pogledajte taj dio filma sa prevodom na naš jezik.


If you can’t watch this video try here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_kMlmv_cj4

Freddy (Tanc Shade) has just finished blowing the ass out of Jay (Noel Fisher). Noel is a college frat boy who is ‘confused’ about his sexuality and Freddy likes to go around un-confusing college frat boys. Allow me to assist Jay, or any young man, in bringing some clarity to their lives. If you’re a guy and you willingly take a dick in the ass, you’re gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but just an old man trying help you move forward with your life with that niggling question of sexuality out of the way. Jay however is all upset and in an argument he calls Freddy a ‘faggot’. This young man has just volunteered to have his ass blown out and he has the nerve to call somebody else a ‘fag’. Oh my. Freddy is the compassionate sort and tells Jay a couple of stories which seems to put Jay at ease a bit, though he is still confused. Freddy asks him if he wants to try again, Jay says yes. The confusion is why is the young man is confused. 



Neil je rok zvijezda koja je upravo izjebala fudbalskog trenera Boba kojega je od toga zaboljela guza. (Slatko sam se nasmijao) Neil koji izgleda kao muškobanjasta žena je 'Butch' ili kako bi mi balkanci rekli jebač i to je odmah stavio do znanja Bobu koji neravno ne želi da prihvati gay stereotip. Pogledajte kako je izgledao taj razgovor između njih dvojice. 


Neil (Timm Sharp) is rockstar who has just finished drilling Football Coach Bob (James DeBello) a new asshole. Unlike our gay college boy, these two aren’t the least bit confused about anything and we’ll go ahead and move on to David (Keir O’Donnel) who has just knocked off his ex-girlfriend Jordy (Emmanuel Chiriqui). Jordy is love with some other guy which begs the question why is she sexing up her ex-boyfriend, who by his own admission is a womanizing asshole. He wants to know, we want know, but alas the only one of the tales that could possibly offer some insight into anything fails to do so, leaving us to care little about what they have to say.


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