03 October 2013

Derek And Cameron (2013)


Derek And Cameron (2013)
An Unconventional Gay Love Sory

Director: Branden Blinn
Writer: Branden Blinn
Genre: Web ( TV) Series Country: USA Year: 2013
Stars: Thomas Adisi, Brandon Crowder,Samantha Stewart, Gregory Shelby, Matheieu Forget, Julia Kellis
Derek and Cameron are not your typical gay couple. For starters, in his 26 years on the planet Derek has never been with a man sexually, thought about men sexually, or fantasized about them in any way sexually or romantically; although now he finds himself ensconced and in love with one. Cameron on the other hand is an avid athlete, former high school and college jock, outgoing, politically active, outspoken gay man who has been out to everyone around him, proudly, since he was 15. Cameron's biggest political statement is he can't imagine why any gay man would demonstrate anything as low in self esteem as chasing after str8 men until he himself finds himself in love with one. Brought to you by the team that brought you the Award winning "Thirteen or so Minutes..." and "Triple Standard" DEREK and CAMERON is a web series about an unconventional gay couple and their extended friends and families. Sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, often times unnerving, DEREK and CAMERON proves that really, bottom line, it is love, honesty and connection that make a relationship work, not all those things we say we are or who we pretend to be.

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