16 April 2013

Hirsute (2007)

Hirsute (2007)


Director: A.J. Bond
Writer: A.J. Bond
Genre: Short movie
Country: Canada
Language: English
Duration: 14 min
Year: 2007

Stars: A.J. Bond




Leaves You Interested In More
21 December 2008 | by Franco-LA (United States) – IMDB

This short, by a gay filmmaker, has both some science fiction elements (time travel) and some gay elements, but to be considered either a sci fi or gay short both would miss classify and suggest something other than what this short actually is about - a very clever and interesting story about identity and self-perception.

This is the type of short that makes you want to see a longer feature by the writer/director, and also makes you want to know more about what happens to the protagonist. This is also the flaw, typical of shorts, that it is somewhat oblique and unresolved. Unfortunately, this is frequently the "nature of the beast," so to speak, due to funding and other time constraints. However, many aspects of this short are well handled, such as the time travel elements, with cleverness and imagination.



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